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Announcing Our Prize Winners!

Over the last year, our global community has rallied around the crucial issue of women's digital inclusion through the WWW: Women Weave the Web Campaign. You have shown us why digital access is key to empowerment, why the tech sector should be more responsive to the needs of women around the world, and why women must be on the front lines of this conversation.

To empower our community to continue speaking out on this issue, we offered you two unique opportunities to create an even stronger ripple effect with the incredible work you are doing. We are now proud to announce and acknowledge the powerful community leaders who have been selected! Read More »

Highlights of the 2014 World Pulse LIVE Tour

What a tour! World Pulse hit the road this fall and spoke at major forums in New York, Portland, and San Francisco.

We would like to offer special thanks to our speakers Jampa, Olanike Olugboji, and Ynanna Djehuty for their dedication and energy on this cross-country tour, as well as all our community supporters and participating partners. Without them, this tour would not have been possible.

For those of you who couldn't attend an event—or if you want to relive the experience or share with friends—we are thrilled to present some of the highlights of an incredible few weeks filled with stories, inspiration, connections, and unforgettable moments. Read More »

A Powerful Force for Change.

"A woman with a laptop can be more powerful than a man with a gun."
Iryna, World Pulse community member from Ukraine.

All women have the capability to be a powerful force for change. Technology can strengthen their power. For tens of thousands of women worldwide, that first profound experience of leadership happens when they connect with World Pulse. Read More »

EMAGAZINE: Bridging Borders

"Working together is our strength." —Passy Mubalama

Our news cycle is dominated by the conflicts that divide us: ISIS, Syria, Congo, South Sudan, Ukraine. Our identities are defined by categories that separate us: religion, political affiliation, nationality, ethnicity. But on World Pulse we are witnessing a quiet dismantling of borders and rejection of narratives that keep us from our collective power. Read More »

Your Voices for Digital Inclusion at the Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul

When the ninth annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) commenced last week in Istanbul, Turkey, World Pulse was there to bring your voices and solutions to the table. Read More »

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Our Programs

World Pulse LIVE 2014

Relive the Tour!

This fall, three amazing global women leaders traveled to New York, Portland, and San Francisco to speak out on global stages and at influential forums.

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Women Weave the Web

Women Weave the Web

Join us in supporting women who are using the Internet to transform the world. Read submissions from our Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign!

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Voices of Our Future

2013 Voices of Our Future Program

Read the Correspondents' inspiring biographies and stories!

Our Video

What does a global movement of empowered women change leaders look like? Watch our new video to find out.

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