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Welcome, Women in the World!

Inspiring women leaders from around the globe have gathered together in New York for the fifth annual Women in the World Summit (going on today April 3rd through the 5th). World Pulse Founder and CEO Jensine Larsen is attending and supporting World Pulse Community Member Neema Namadamu—Founder and President of the Synergy of Congolese Women's Associations—as one of the summit speakers.

To the summit attendees who are visiting our site, welcome! Please read on for how you can get involved in our work. Read More »

Announcing the Digital Literacy Phase of our WWW Campaign!

The World Pulse community continues to blow us away! Throughout the first phase of our WWW: Women Weave the Web Campaign, we have received incredible stories of how women are championing access to the Internet and driving home the need for a free, open, and universal web. Now, we are excited to announce the launch of the Digital Literacy phase of our campaign! Read More »

EMAGAZINE: Flip the Script!

"The solution is not for women to stop doing what we do. The solution is to make our communities places that accept us for being ourselves." —Shahd Majeed

There are women and girls all over the world who grow up learning that women shouldn't jog in public, that girls have no worth without their virginity, that disabled women shouldn’t talk about sex. There is no end to the harmful messages. But there is also no end to women’s strength. Read More »

$20,000 to Bring Your Vision to Life!

World Pulse is honored to announce the inaugural Lynn Syms Prize in partnership with sculptor and philanthropist Lynn Syms. In 2014, the prize will be awarded to an outstanding grassroots woman and visionary voice using digital tools to effect change and advance her community work. Read More »

Sharing the Success of the 2013 Voices of Our Future Program!

Over the past six months, 31 audacious grassroots women have made the journey of a lifetime to become empowered leaders and loudspeakers for their communities. They have raised their voices on critical issues from the most forgotten regions of the world in order to increase awareness and bring their visions for change to life. From Iraq to Mexico, India to Nigeria, Ukraine to Tibet, we have witnessed their tremendous courage to overcome barriers and speak unheard truths. Read More »

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Women Weave the Web

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2013 Voices of Our Future Program

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