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About Me: 

One Planet. One Environment. One Humanity: Hi Everyone. Returning with Gusto !!

I am a visionary and 24/7 global eco designer/activist working to awaken humanity to the dire plight we are in on Planet Earth and to bring some common sense back into the dialogue. My goal is to see respect and dignity restored to all species - both humanity and our natural world. Most of my life has been involved with indigenous cultures and international affairs.

I speak from this platform:
First and foremost, we are all humans of the human species. Before we break into statistical male/female; black/white; old/young; fat/thin; before any political, religious or socio-economic status, we are all humans of the human species. And, as such, we all depend upon a healthy balanced natural world for our own well-being...and survival. Without exception.

I believe that the well being of Nature and the human condition are integrally tied to each other; and that we must put Nature first and foremost in all our decision-making criteria. For without Nature We Do Not Exist. Period. I also believe that women, youth and indigenous peoples will make major contributions in forming the new paradigm of change that is upon us. The old-age patriarchal "yang" systems and structures have run their course and are disintegrating before our eyes. It is now time for the "yin" qualities to arise, bringing balance and reformation to Mother Earth and our business models, social and economic lives. The grounded, common sense solutions that benefits all life, will come from all four corners of the world with a primary thrust from the "emerging" and "developing" nations.

I further believe that one of the greatest healing and reconnecting powers is recognizing the beauty and wonder of our natural world that is all around us–supporting, giving and sheltering us, every moment of every day. Nature is the common denominator among all living things regardless of our perceived divisions and separation - and right now she is sick, very sick. This is reflecting in the human condition around the world. Restoring Nature to health and balance is also the most pressing need for all living things on the planet. Our reconnection of heart to Her has great purpose. As we all pull together to restore Her to health (which we must) we will come home to our fractured selves, to each other, our communities and our communion with the greater holistic whole.

I am in the (slow) process of developing a transformative global project that reconnects humanity to the magnificence of Nature Celebrating the great symbiotic web of life. It will celebrate global cultures; women, youth and indigenous peoples with a vision of restoring respect and dignity to all species to reach the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time.

MY WEBSITE (Please see Blog: "Urgent Memo to the World" - The Perfect Storm )
MY TWITTER @pdjmoo http://twitter/pdjmoo
I TWEET 24/7 on substantive global socio-political-economic-health issues affecting humanity and our natural world for the two are integrally tied to outcome.

World Pulse is a has a very important role to play by providing an exceptional forum for women's voices worldwide. Please join me in this worthy cause of bringing balance and commonsense back into all of our daily lives, no matter where we live or what our circumstances. As the old structures fall and crumble around us (See my Urgent Memo to the World ), we must come together under one human flag, with mutual respect to re-engage a world that will be battered, bruised and looking for mature, nurturing leadership with new guiding holistic principles for reformation in all its dimensions. Let's Restore Respect and Dignity to All Species...NOW.
With Great Respect

My Passions: 
Nature and her inhabitants; indigenous cultures; strengthening women, gentling men
My Challenges: 
Getting through to the billions about our urgent planetary plight and refocus on restoring respect and dignity for all.
My Vision for the Future: 
A Rapid Awakening and Coming Together to Course Correct our Ravaging of Nature and Humanity
My Areas of Expertise: 
Speaking, transformative eco design; global strategy; marketing/pr, consulting

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