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October 12, 2013

Meera Rasadurai

About Me: 

Ego represents the little things that I take for who I am: My likes, dislikes, love, resentments. They are the history that I can’t let go of. They are my memories, my hopes and dreams. They are my little habits, my hobbies, my mannerisms. All these, each one a mark, combine to make my personality, my ego, my identity.

But what is my personality? It is something that I have mistaken for myself. Almost everybody does - they don’t know any better. Ask anybody who they are, and most likely they will tell me their name, their age, their job, their race, their gender, their history, dreams, likes and dislikes. They define themselves by these.

These are all part of my personality. They are merely about me. But they are not me. They merely describe me, somehow we have reduced ourselves to these descriptions, these little details. We have forgotten who we are; we’ve forgotten the true core and consciousness that has been covered by all these details.
And it’s sad, because the core contains everything we seek - everything we look for in the goals we chase - eternal peace and joy.

Stop the thoughts before they overtake us. Stop the emotions before they take us over. Stop the ego from telling us that things shouldn’t be this way.

They all lead to one teaching - stop the ego from marring our peace.
Most methods, from old religions, to modern psychology, are based around this - they just describe it in a different ways. Either that or they are ignorant of the core consciousness and don’t mention it not wanting us to know it.
When I speak about ego, I am not using the term in the psychological sense, which usually refers to what we could call a self-organizing function in the psyche.

In an enlightenment context, the word ego refers to something else altogether.
Ego is the deeply ingrained, compulsive need to remain separate and superior at all times, in all places, under all circumstances. In contrast to the inherent freedom of the Self Absolute and the fearless passion of the authentic self, ego is experienced as an emotional predicament of fear and attachment. It is the part of us that has no interest whatsoever in freedom, feels victimized by life, avoids anything that contradicts its self-image, is thoroughly invested in its personal fears and desires, and lives only for itself.

Ego is an anti-evolutionary force of powerful inertia in human nature—attached to the past, terrified of change, and seeking only to preserve the status quo.
Ego is the one and only one obstacle to enlightenment. If we want to be free, if we want to be enlightened, we have to pay the price.

The great wisdom traditions have always told us that the price is ego death, and in evolutionary enlightenment it is no different: if the authentic self is going to act through us as the uninhibited expression of evolution in action, then our attachment to ego must be transcended.

Religion can loosely be described as the formalized ideas held by a group of people to define their understanding of God and their relationship to the creator and creation. In some shape or form, religion has been present in human civilizations since the beginning of time. Throughout history cultural development has been inextricably linked to people’s view of the world and their relationship to the mysterious and the unknown dimension of life that we’ve come to call God.

Along with religion, came a certain level of power – especially for those who ‘made the rules’ and who were believed to be appointed by God to rule the people. In the early Christian church, the religious leaders were also the politicians and they ruled by fear, violently imposing their ideas upon the people and the same with hindus . We were told what to believe and how to behave in virtually every aspect of life. Blind faith and after life punishments .

Misinterpreting Karma as pass life or next life when the fact is what you do today you pay tomorrow , the next minute or hour. People forgot to live in the now.There was absolutely no room for really getting to know God, because those who claimed to know God were the only one who can speak to God, and be spoken to by God. Huh ?

True freedom and a profound sense of liberation comes from this personal relationship to God and knowing that you don’t need to be saved, that you are in fact born a good person and that God cares about us regardless of whether we comply to some religion’s rules. Spirituality will lead us to the realization that you are whole, complete and magnificent in every possible way and that we are all unique and special with our own grand mission in life. My purpose in life in not to live up to the expectations of others in order to be a good person, but rather to live up to the expectations of my self, my spirit and to become, in form, the kind of person I am destined to be.

I was born a hindu , still am but to hold on to it clamming it to be the best religion is ego talking. Being religious or holding on to religious beliefs is an easy way out from misery. The Vedanta has taught us well but no one reads it . We simply get conditioned by our ancestors who lived in fear, brought down to our parents and eventually we, to our children.As human beings ,we have always accused others or God for the mishaps in our lives. We then start seeking alternatives; a guru, some priest, incantation, Shamans, voodoo, black magic etc.

Somehow since childhood I am a non-believer of such substitutes. I knew that all those were basically playing with the weak minds of distressed people in despair.

I had to search for answers within.

Being spiritual is, becoming aware and more conscious.
My life is designed by me, nothing is accidental and everything is deliberate. God force is in everyone and everywhere I go. I knew this all the time but just couldn’t place it.

Constantly feeding my ego did not give me liberation , it was misery when I couldn’t satisfy a certain sensation of fulfillment , when something didn’t get done or things didn’t go my way . Mere expectations , Why me? Playing victim was so satisfying. It fed my paining ego attracting to myself more pain bodies and pain. Yet I didnt budge . Complaisant .

And then a sudden stumble in my brain altered my mind. Everything that I had read became lucid. I knew that I am the narrator of my story therefore I should be the author of my book. I dictate my life; I paint my masterpiece …..
Life became easier. I took charge and live by the day. Lots of hard work though ,the mind wonders back to habitual patterns and comfort zone but I keep policing my thoughts.

Good thoughts bring good experiences. Good deeds bring good feeds. Good conducts brings abundance of everything. Rich by all means . I live, I love, I give, I dance to the music of life and sing with the birds , I smile at the sun , welcome the rain, I get a whiff of nature , sense the breeze on my skin .I plunge into challenges and learn from the lessons that life’s teaching me everyday .

If this is liberation then I am liberated . Ego please die :-) I wish to empower everyone I meet !

Love and Light to all ....

My Passions: 
Reading , Meditating , Healing , Empowering , Alternative Therapy
My Challenges: 
Being a woman in a mans world
My Vision for the Future: 
World Peace , Liberation , Freedom of Speech !
My Areas of Expertise: 
Healing/ Consultation
My Languages: 
English, Tamil , Bahasa Malaysia

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