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Mulheres Republicanas de Mozambique

About Me: 

I was born in Milange, Mozambique at Muloza border-Malawi. When I was 10 years old, my life introduced me to the first episode of crime in Politics. A bomb exploded in our houses Balcon and Mano Rene died there. I was left with unpainful sores similar to pimples. Painful was to see the body of Rene that way. In 1977 the first Danish Citizens from WUS and CASA - Soliologists entered Lichinga. In 1982 there was over 250 Danish Cooperantes less than 100 Swedish citizens and few Norwegians. Scandinavians connected to FRELIMOS Government, are the Politicians behind the Constitution of Mozambique constructed most of new Ministeries and Governments in the country since the death of President Samora Moises Machel.

In 1982 I had to choose between death and any marriage. Since FRELIMO decided to control Guarderobes of every woman and girl in the country as they announced something like every female unless married with a revolutionaire, Politician or Police Officer should were clothes two sizes above a their true size. I, choosing to wear clothes that my mother had to me in my Guarderobe and not accepting to be used as sex object for FRELIMOs leaders brought myself into conflicts with high ranked politicians. Rapted and Captured into a police office for 3 days I was transfered to a prison where over 20 female prisoners were raped in one night, by their male room mates and was placed in a reeducation camp for 6 months.

I entered The University of Copenhagen in 1996. As Cand. Lind Merc sSudent of European Ethnology I found Sociology the most suitable for my second disciplin. According to Copenhagen University, Denmark does not graduate foreign politicians, and that disciplin such as sociology, ethnology Anthropoligy are thought to study the poor. Not the opposite.

In the year 1996 I bought land in Maputo Marracuene. In 2000 I bought another property in Milange and in 2005 I bought a farm said to be over 4300 Hectars of land. When President Armando Guebuza heard about my project he moved to the district for 3 days and mobilized people against me. When I went home in 2007, my life was in danger. I stayed only 9 days and went back to Copenhagen broken hearted. In 2012 I gained courage and went back to Mozambique, this time the army and the Police had to use 990 ammunitions to save my life form over 8.000 people, most of them children in all ages who were sent to break my house, destroy it completely and kill me. The plan of Mozambican Government organized and executed by Political Chiefs or Secretarios de Bairros was to get me killed by the population of Mozambique more or less like it happened for Moamad Ghadafi. But that Campaign since the assassination failed is turning to me a propaganda for Republican women of Mozambique.

Denmark does not like its foreigners to feel and confortable free in Denmark. Actually foreign especialy those not from EU or whites should not visit their family and country without asking. My trips to Africa and 1 to 2 14 yeas I spent at the University signifies that I am now convicted 20 monthes prision for terrorism. Hope the Minister of Justice of Denmark Mr Morten Bodskov will make justice.

Today I do not exist. Convicted no ID and no acess to medical care. That means also that should I get ill the only medial assistance will be from a prison. I do not know why Danish authorities want me so much in prison for something I did not do.

My bank accounts have been closed in December my driving lesson is being hunted by traffic police that and ordered my bank to take if away me whenever I how up in the bank. According to legal authorities I was declared vanished and out of the system. Actually I do not exist anymore at the same time Danish police say that I am registered as a wanted criminal.

To be wanted as a criminal in Denmark a person just have to be black or foreigner specially Muslim- what I `m not because Iam Catholic. Being a Currier or a Passapoprte de Mozambique or a Mozambican citizen and active political activist does not help the situation either. My passport hs been hardly injured on 20 june 2014 Govs Campaign agains Digita Libraries.

My EU`s travel ducument. My Allien`s Passport is as well wanted by Danish Police. An Emigration Officer say that I perhaps can be allowed to get out of Denmark and say God Bye to my 30 years in Denmark stamped as a Treeorist extremely dangerous woman in possession of Guns and bombs ans shutting skills.


I am only a mother a Student an Ethnologist a politician, a grand-mother. I accept to be comic a Star a dancer, but I do not accept Terrorism or anything similar as a position nor qualification.

Assistant in from a Danish Bank I have my closed accounts advised me not to try to present my Alien`s Passport if I want to travel again before the police decide to act Injustice. She said " The fact is there are orders to take the Allie`s Passport and phone the Police so think about"

Last month I catched cold. I phoned my Doctor asked him for medicin he said I shold shouw up in the clinic with my passport. There was something wrong with that communication. My professor advised me to run away get out of the country as soon as a can

My cold was cured by the strength of my Immun Defense. 6 month ago I break a Rib in the train on a trip to Paris, my Rib was cure by the power of God and my Immun defense. I do not thin I`m stron enough. This situation have been like this since 2009 10 june. Please help me Gud.

Yesterday I went for shopping. As I arrive a little car with a young man and a young woman was entering the Supermarket Parking area. Few minuts after inside the Supermarket Facta the Young man was attacking me " Black pig with the N word" He said he hates my Hat, He had so much to say. All clients sorounded me like crowds in poor countries, looking at the young man. I went to the cashier without saying a word and ask for security to follow me all over the food shelfs but the young did not take his eyes from me. A elder man come o me outside and said, " the best you did was not to respond. He was up to something ugly"

I needed the Police, but could not call the Police. Because calling Authorities for rescue can signify being beated by police because that is what is being done to selected black women in Denmark. All I want is to go back home fulfill my plans and be visit my children, the country i lived most time of my life and friend.

A Personality Director for Sunday Times advised me in Finland, year 2000 to get rid of of the Alien Passport and argummented his advise. I promised him for my own best that I would do that but that was the time I had to use all my energy pay high prices on Swiss boarding Schools only to keep my Son away from Danish Authorities. The said " You are African. We do not allow you to raise your children alone. We must educate your children and teach them our culture and tradition". Both I an my Children went through hell for decades.

In Denmark According to a certain Attorney there is a Paragraf that judges Racism and Racial discrimination and reward the discriminated with a minimal amount of 100.000 Danish eaual 10.000 USDollars only for being discriminated.

Justice Ministers have Joined the government one of them lost his position accuse of false information, but no one dares or have the power and courage to do the right thing regarding my case and reprend the Officers and the Dean and the student accusing. Because they are the ones who have terrorised my life and the life of My cjildren during 5 entire years. Theychanged the alligation they placed false, the obliged the Dean nkot to tell the trues, the Littl Dean from Grondland was in the same situation as I was. She was not white Danish a Dane from Gondland. Justice Murder comited by Police Offices Students of the same faculty as far as I`m informed connected with the involved.

I do not know How long this going to last.

My Passions: 
Politics, Journalism, Film Farming dancing and writing
My Challenges: 
Elections 2014, CNN TV in Milange create homes jobs and health care for Mozambican people in rural areas,
My Vision for the Future: 
Be elected the next President of Mozambique
My Areas of Expertise: 
European Ethnology, Political/cultural sociology, Administration, Languages, Fashion, Dancing
My Languages: 
Portuguese, English, Danish, French

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