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World Pulse Toolkits Available!

At World Pulse, we recognize the need for ongoing learning—for you and for your community! Our toolkits are all available here.

We are especially excited to share our signature Citizen Journalism and Digital Empowerment Curriculum. Start learning today!

World Pulse Citizen Journalism and Digital Empowerment Curriculum

World Pulse is thrilled to release our Citizen Journalism and Digital Empowerment curriculum from the Voices of Our Future training program to the entire community! These materials are posted below as PDF files, and they will allow you to boost your skills and confidence as you guide yourself through the same learnings that the selected 30 Correspondents will receive.

At your own pace, you have the chance to learn about journalism ethics, how to conduct interviews, how to structure your stories for impact and recognition, how to write an op-ed and get it published, how you can best use Facebook and Twitter to amplify your voice, and even how to make a multimedia story.

The World Pulse team is eager to see where these tools will take you! We are confident that many of you will benefit from this resource, and your voices will rise to new heights as you continue to grow your skills and connections here with us.

We highly encourage you to consult our Safety and Security Toolkit before launching into these materials.Your safety and the safety of those around you should always be a top priority.

Module 1: Principles, Profile and Practice
Module 1, Part 1
Module 1, Part 2

Module 2: On the Frontlines
Module 2

Module 3: Write to Change the World
Module 3

Module 4: Multimedia Storytelling
Module 4, Part 1
Module 4, Part 2
Step-by-Step Guide to Photo-slideshows
Step-by-Step Guide to Video

New Media Materials
New Media Materials, Part 1: Using New Media to Amplify Your Voice
New Media Materials, Part 2: Streamlining your online experience and Storing Information Online
New Media Materials, Part 3: Everything Google, and Mobile Phones
New Media Materials, Part 4: Twitter and Facebook for Journalists and Activists


TJ's picture

thank you

Thank you for sharing the information! Looking forward to downloading and reading :)

loretta's picture


Thank you for sharing this with us mrbeckbeck, this offers every member an opportunity to participate at the same level as the chosen 30.

Am looking forward to downloading and getting down to writing again.

Hope we'll interact again.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

Yosra Akasha's picture

Thanks mrbeckbeck & WP team

This is really helpful.

Yosra Akasha, Sudan

Nechesa's picture

Much appreciated

I've been wanting some resources on citizen journalism and look forward to reading all the materials you provided.



Sharontina's picture


This is going to very useful to all of us here. Thanks for sharing Mrbeck.

Your eagerness to see where these tools will take us will never go in vain dear WP.

Merlin Sharontina

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Thank you so much for sharing Scott. I am going to download the material and get started with it. I really look forward to explore these tools and I will surely take advantage of this course.

This came at a perfect time and I am so glad that you guys made sure we all participate and take advantage of the course material whether we are selected to receive a mentor or not. And luckily there are a lot of great people who are willing to offer mentorship and I am so happy to know that the selection only does not constitute being published but all candidates have the chances to be published if they improve their journalism skills. You guys here at World Pulse are so awesome.
I am so interested in the leadership program and I will work hard to reach that level.

Again thank you Mr Beck.


calupo's picture

Great job

This is great. Thank you mrbeckbeck.


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My best gift

I am presently working as a graduate intern with The Nation newspaper, Nigeria and I can say confidently that being a part of this great team has informed and inspired my views as a journalist.
Making all these materials available for free is such a great gift. Deeply appreciate this, it is surely an empowerment.

H.O. Verve

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I am so so happy to get this. Thank you very much Mr. Beck.


My pen speaks

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This is owesome! Thanks

Lilian Khatondi

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Thanks for this, its really hekpful

Sharonelizabeth's picture

Thank you!

As a new member to the community, I'm excited to see such a truly collaborative spirit! Thank you so much for sharing your resources. I look forward to reading through the material.

Best wishes,

Rochelle White's picture

Thank you

Thank you for these resources



Nelly Bassily's picture


Hi Scott,
How wonderful that WP is offering an "open source" version of the Citizen Journalism and Digital Empowerment curriculum. I'm wondering if there is a "one stop shop" pdf document that has all the modules gathered in it?
Would be lovely to have such a doc.
Many thanks,

Nelly Bassily
"We must become the change we want to see in the world"
(Mahatma Gandhi)

mrbeckbeck's picture

No, because

Hi Nelly,
I haven't put everything together in one document just because it would be a very large file and I don't want to overload folks with slower connections.
But, if that's what you're looking for, I'll try to make some time to stitch that together!
Glad you're excited about it...

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

Ok, I can see how that would be a heavy file. Hmm, wonder if that file could be compressed somehow. I'd be happy to help find that a solution that would make it a file that's not too heavy for slower connections and that everyone could benefit from. Especially if someone is working with the documents offline, would be nice to have the modules in one place. Just a thought. Let me know if I could help.

Nelly Bassily
"We must become the change we want to see in the world"
(Mahatma Gandhi)

mrbeckbeck's picture

We can make it happen

We can make it happen, that's for certain. I think you're right that it would be a good option for people to have.

PDFs in general are pretty compressed already, but let's look into options for that!
Thanks Nelly!

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

Osai's picture

Great idea

I think one of the things that stands WP out is sharing resources. Well done for extending the knowledge & skills to others.

Twitter: @livingtruely

ola.mahadi's picture

cant access the resources

Dear Scot
Thank you for sharing the resources but for some reason i cant open the link as it give me message that the access is forbidden, any help ??

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

mrbeckbeck's picture


Hmm...that's surprising Ola. I wonder, have you been able to access other documents that are stored on Dropbox before?

It could be that the service is blocked in your country, or maybe it was just temporarily down. Could you try again or let me know? I will be happy to find another solution for you if needed, such as sending the files through email.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

Mukut's picture

Thank you


The files are of great help. Thank you so much for sharing.


Mukut Ray

Y's picture

What a wonderful gift! Thank

What a wonderful gift! Thank you.


Sheela Daskara's picture

Thank you

Hi Scott,

Thank you for taking this step to share your valuable resources with the rest of the community. I was very enthusiastic in joining your program and was sorry for not being able to get a chance. But, now with your resources available to all members, I still can gain the benefits of the training. Thank you for your generous act.

HOPE tOWELA's picture

Many Thanks

Thank you very much, this will definitely help us to learn and be able to help our community. God bless you for the work you are doing.
Stay Blessed.



otahelp's picture

just tanx

This will go a long way to offer us another beautiful opportunity to participate.

thank you WP and mrbeckbeck

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative
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Marah Mbine Ngole Epie's picture

Thak You!

Thanks, very much, for this special gift!
I am proud to say I'm one of the 30 + 01 selected!
Can I ask questions as I exploit these tools?
You are a wonderful team!

mrbeckbeck's picture

You're welcome!

You're very welcome, thank you for being here and for making use of these tools!

Yes, you can certainly ask questions. In fact, I can put you in touch with an informal guide/mentor from the community here if you would like that! Just let me know.

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

vivian's picture

thanks for sharing, i need it

thanks for sharing, i need it to update mine


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Betty B. Ackah's picture

Great stuff

This is really great! I eagerly look forward to learning and sharing, thank you!

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cad_communication's picture

Cant download

Hi Scott,
I seem to be having challenges in downloading the modules. Is it possible to have them sent via email.


Queridos irmãos, este material é muito especial. Lendo-o com disciplina e relendo-o o quanto for necessário cumprir as tarefas fica muito mais fácil.
Caso você não saiba inglês precisará apenas ter um pouco mais de dedicação.
Eu sou brasileira, sei apenas o idioma da minha pátria o português. Eu consegui ler os textos e cumprir todas as minhas tarefas.
Como fazer esta leitura ? Eu separava todo o texto em parágrafos e traduzia este paragrafo. Depois de traduzi-lo no Google eu os copiava e os colava até ter o texto todo, inclusive os que estavam dentro das formas.
Como escrever em inglês sem saber o idioma? Eu escrevo normalmente e depois traduzo para o inglês, depois colo o texto em inglês embaixo do mesmo em português e traduzo-o novamente, releio. Faço esta dinâmica até concluir o texto e ficar clara a tradução do meu texto.Caso o texto traduzido não fique para mim claro, eu troco as palavras sem perder o sentido do que eu preciso falar. Traduzo para o inglês até ficar legível nos dois idiomas. Como estou fazendo agora para escrever pra vocês.
Sejam bem vindos! Que vocês tenham um aprendizado cheio de amor e participação coletiva.
Com amor.

Dear brothers, this material is very special. Reading it with discipline and rereading it as necessary to fulfill the tasks is much easier.
If you do not know english only need to have a little more dedication.
I am Brazilian, I only know the language of my country the Portuguese. I managed to read the texts and fulfill all my duties.
How to read this? I separated all the text in paragraphs and translated this paragraph. Once you translate it in google I copied them and pasted even have the whole text, inclussive those who were within the forms.
How to write in English without knowing the language? I usually write and then translate into English, then lap the English text under one in Portuguese and translate it again, reread. I make this dynamic to finish the text and get a clear translation of my texto.Caso the translated text does not become clear to me, I change the words without losing the sense of what I need to talk. Translate into English until readable in both languages. How am I doing now to write to you.
Welcome! May you have a learning experience full of love and collective participation.
With love.
Valéria Barbosa

Mulheres Republicanas de Mozambique's picture

Thank you so very much. This

Thank you so very much. This is exactly what I needed. I have not been very active on this page, but here I`am back and look frorwards co continue working with World Pulse.

UWA/ United women of Africa. SADAC - Mozambique

papycimanuka's picture


Thank you Sir for these opportunities. you have posted materials worth learning,


Lwesso's picture

Merci pour avoir partagé avec

Merci pour avoir partagé avec nous ces messages.Nous allons en tenir compte dans la formation de nos membres du Centre médiatique MAMAN SHUJAA


ccholai's picture


haven't been here for yonks! and looking at the materials - the course has changed much since VOF 2011. :) That's how fast this technology is evolving!!
I'm downloading and going to have a look through also - thanks for making them available for all of us to access.


-We all have a special purpose in life. It is up to us to pause for a while, identify it, grab on to it and follow through -

Tam's picture


This is an extraordinary gift, all the more powerful as it is offered to us all!. The more I explore what worldpulse is offering, the more encouraged I am. With time, I plan to do this course. Thank you for this extremely practical and visionary tool.


Dear Scott and World Pulse training team,

What a useful and crucial resource material this is, it is almost as if my prayers have been answered! Thanks so much. I am keen to go through each module because each looks so promising! Thank you Scott for sharing and for the World Pulse Training Team to have consolidated such a guidance for us !

Much love
Urmila Chanam

It takes just one to change many

ahdihassan's picture


would you like to guide me in journal ?

Emily Garcia's picture

How can we help you?

Hello Ahdi,

Thank you for your comment. How can we help you?

In partnership,

Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Associate

ahdihassan's picture

How can i write better

How can i write better jounral ? kindly hsare me information

Emily Garcia's picture

Training Resources

Hello Ahdi,

Here are links to two sections of the World Pulse journalism curriculum that explain how to write stories, a frontline journal and an op-ed:

I hope these help! Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Best wishes,

Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Associate

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