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Today I put it in writing,tomorrow I will see it in action,it will not just be a thought or a dream but a reality.
This is an idea developed to help mainly the disadvantaged and at-risk girls have a successful future.

I got inspired by the lives and stories of other girls my age(am making 27 this April:)),not tales anyone with a thoughtful heart could be proud of,but stories of pain,anguish,anxiety,broken hearts,bondage and addiction.some of these are my former classmates,people i grew up with,friends, but with time life separated us,whenever we meet i always expect a story of hope like mine,but the faces show hopelessness,shame,sorrow and pain.i delve into their lives from from when we last met and it's more painful than i can imagine,others dropped out of school due to poverty,others became orphans,others prostitutes and then single mothers whose babies' fathers just abandoned them,others have suffered violence including rape,they are then meant to believe it's the end of the road for them,slowly they succumb to the life of lowliness because they are convinced there's no way out for them,after all even society brands them as rejects,with no place to call home,some end up on streets,in abusive marriages because there's no place to go,no body seems to care about them and this background has turned some into thugs,robbers,not because they wanted but because circumstances dictate upon them.

And then I remember that I could have been them,I could have gone through the same because much as I may not have lost my parents,suffered severe poverty,there are circumstances I went though that could have put me on the same page as them.But some how I hang on and kept the hope alive that it will be alright someday.May be in their case they even lost the will power yet I know they are not crashed beyond repair,something can be done and it starts with all of us who have this common vision and it's this that I want to share with them,that no damage is permanent,that even through the scars there's healing,there's hope,there can be transformation but it takes energy to get there,it takes will power to keep on top even when there's reason to go down,you dont succumb to the pressures but hang on.

This drive will focus mainly on girls from all walks of life,single mothers,school girls,those in brothels,slums and will aim at addressing issues pertaining culture, education, social, economic, recreational and professional opportunities through mentoring,educating on decision-making, financial literacy,leadership,giving hands on skills such as vocational trainings for especially single mothers,setting up small business to enable them earn incomes to sustain themselves and because this is a revolution of change in the life of girls also inclusive as part of this drive will be teachers,parents,the community and it’s leadership body, policy makers, legislators and the government who all play a big and vital role in the life of a girl in society.
There will always be extensive mobilization and implementation of these programs,including thorough follow up so as to see this mission till the end.

How can it be achieved?-Through utilizing the media such as the internet,live talk shows on radio,television,organizing school visits that will include trainers and facilitators,meeting with even those on the streets,slums,brothels,abusive homes to educate them and find lasting solutions,there will also be use of music,dance and drama to put this message across,filming and documentary will be involved and also recreational and leisure activities such as sports,get together parties will be organized always and these will help in cases of follow up to know how the girls are doing and how they are impacting the society.

We can make it come true,give a better life for all girls,a life of hope,satisfaction,achievements,success and happiness.

You can all be a part of this,may be it will start in the smallest corner of the world but just as a small film of oil dropped in water that spreads and gives a huge covering,so will this revolution spread even further.

It will take everything you have,it could be that vital idea,that decision,that thought,may be you are a talented speaker,trainer,counselor,you can offer spiritual,emotional or even physical healing,finances just about everything,the ground is tilled,the planting must start,Iet's not wait for the sun to go down with this but lets rise with it to a new day.
thank you


ClaireFenlonMay's picture

thank you

I like that you are saying and I AGREE.thank you more later.

May our lives connect in a way that we help each other bring forth a better, more sustainable and healthy world for the future of All Children and ongoing support for those who need water, food and shelter.

patricia obima's picture

Hello Claire

Thank you very much,i agree with you too and the feeling that together we can bring a positive change gives me the drive to thrive on.
i know that it is possible..


ClaireFenlonMay's picture

i know that it is possible

Good to hear from you Patricia.

together people can do Good Things, I always feel women , mothers sister...are a very good starting point since we are on the front lines of raising the next generation.

When I became a mother of a son, I encouraged his nature to be kind and compassionate and he is now 34 and a good man.
When 9/11 happened I want to make a video of "WHAT MOTHERS HAVE IN COMMON...the love of their child. All around the World, all cultures would be included, so they could talk and share the SIMILAR FEELINGS and HOPES we all have inside of us.
I thought it would be a good idea to look at...maybe I will get to work on this idea someday. For now I am happy to share the idea. Life is like a garden, we CAN plant to the seeds we want to nurture. PEACE.

May our lives connect in a way that we help each other bring forth a better, more sustainable and healthy world for the future of All Children and ongoing support for those who need water, food and shelter.

Hello Claire,thank you for the encouragement,i am not yet a mother but i can only put my self in a mother's shoes,feel her pain,worry,anxiety and at the same time feel her joy and excitement.every day i encounter a new experience that i wish so much i could change and make better,to day i saw a sad tale of two mothers and i broke down and wept with them,i have posted about them in my new journal,it was painful,i feel down right now that i can do nothing but i know that something can be done and i will do all it takes to see these women and more like them have the best.
thank you for being a partner in this,together we can champion the desired change for all mothers,women and girls out there
lots of love


byamungu bahati pascal's picture


Je ne peut que t'encourager dans cette longue lutte. Je suis persuader que ton objectif sera réalisé. Oui!! tu as besoin du soutient,de l'aide. Que la perssonne de bonne volonté te vinne en aider pour l'accomplissement de tes idées. Ton message fait vivre la réalité des choses aux lecteurs. Nous sommes tous derière toi dans la lutte pour la promotion de la femme et de la jeune fille. Je te remercie particulièrement pour ton initiative et je sais que vas y arriver.


patricia obima's picture

Hello Byamungu

Thank you very much


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