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Web2.0 allow congolese woman to access information

Article for worldpulse
 Decades in the Democratic Republic of the Congo The woman was condemned by the customs and traditions to keep silent in the face of differences violation of their rights woman are still victims. Unfortunately, many of them do not even know they are right and are still victims because they cant have inherited these customs and practice since the time of the ancestors. Through the Web2.0 I find an opportunity to talk with other women about what is happening in the DRC, the different violations experienced by women but also to talk to women themselves to see how little we arrive at a solution deal with this situation which continues to marginalize Congolese women.
 While around the world, the emergence of new communications technologies and information on Web2.0 allow people to access information, Congolese women are lagging behind as regards the use of these media and even Web2.0.
 Web2.0 will share with other women on issues affecting women, especially gender and empowerment of women remains a major obstacle to the independence of women who majorities expect much on men financial plan.
 What excites me as it is to know what women think of the various violations of their rights and put us all together to find strategies to establish our rights are respected.
 Web2.0 is a possible solution in cases where women in North Kivu and the DRC will be able to connect to the Web2.0 and be able to break the silence imposed on them by the customs and traditions Congolese prevent the woman to say what she thinks, and even demand their rights.
 "Unity is strength", say Web2.0 will be a force if we manage to create this network, through our publications information which will revolt the women themselves and their awareness to make all promoting our rights.
 In my case, these tools will allow me to get in touch with other women around the world, share their experiences with them and see how they got to overcome the difficulties related to stigma and discrimination in against women. And also how to make women's rights are respected. We can also see the appearance of the empowerment of women remains for me the greatest challenges for women as being at hundred percent dependent on men economically, they have difficulty enforcing their rights.


Katalina's picture


Hi Passy,

Thanks for sharing your story. It is very inspirational to hear how women in Congo are connecting using Web 2.0 despite the difficulties. I was born and raised in Eastern Congo, Kamalia, Dungu and Niangara. My heart goes out to all of you throughout these years of war and abuse. Unity is strength is so true.

All the Best,


Neema's picture

Unity is Strength!

Well said Passy, unity is strength! You lay out our struggle very well, the same struggle that too many of our sisters around the world are up against. But you also reveal our overcoming Power - UNITY!

We are TOGETHER sister, and TOGETHER we will make the difference in our beloved Congo because WE ARE THE DIFFERENCE!

IN Love and with regard,


surfgirl-CA's picture

can you tell us some more?

Hi, Passy - I am yr listener for week1. Plse see your inbox for other comments. I enjoyed learning a bit more about the situation for Congolese women.

Re. your point "Congolese women are lagging behind as regards the use of these media and even Web2.0.... " -- can you tell us more about this? Why is this occurring? What solutions are being discussed? What do YOU think would help to increase access to the web for Congolese women? What factors are preventing access & digital infrastructure?

If there were more access in Kivu, for example, how would the women be able to access it,pay for it, feel able to use it? For example, if the access were enabled, can the women USE the web? -- what is the literacy rate? If they are not literate, can a program w/ pictures possibly be created? Will their families allow them to go to an internet cafe? etc etc...

You have identified the issues to work on. Now, what are some possible factors that perpetrate these issues? And what are some possible solutions? You do not have to have all the answers. You have permission from everyone at WP to "think outside the box." I will write a post on thinking outside the box as soon as I can.

surfgirl-CA --
When we come from the willingness to love, not fear, we will see the best and highest materialize in our world.
Quand nous venons à partir de la volonté à l'amour, pas la peur, nous allons voir le meilleur et le plus élevé se matérialise

mrbeckbeck's picture

Unity is strength

Yes, you're right, unity is strength! Connected together, through technology, we can learn from each other and support each other. Together we can make this world a better place for women, and men and children too!

Thank you for speaking out from the DRC, your voice is important and I'm glad you're here.

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

Theresa's picture


Your story is strong and there is so much change that needs to happen for the women in your country. Unity is strength and keep working to build upon this, reaching out as there many of us who are listening. Your voice is being heard.

Kind regards.

Theresa VE

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