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Special Edition — December 1, 2007

Women Connecting to Transform Global AIDS

In Honor of Positive Women Worldwide on World AIDS Day
A Letter from the Founder

A dramatic increase in support and partnership with HIV-affected women has the potential to breathe new life into the continent of Africa and elsewhere. It's an exciting vision we can't turn away from. At World Pulse, we're making AIDS solutions a priority. You'll continue to taste it in our coverage, and soon, you'll be able to connect with grassroots HIV/AIDS leaders yourself on our new social networking site

Read more from Jensine Larsen.


Brazil's AIDS Policy is Remarkable

Brazil: AIDS Policy is Remarkable (BBC News)

More than 180,000 Brazilians have access to Aids treatment.

Global: Educational Breakthrough (THD Blog)

"I want to alert you to something we prefer here—solutions, problem solving, technology, and creative thinking." —Piya Sorcar, Stanford doctoral student

India's Pink Vigilante Women

India: Pink Vigilante Women Unite and Act (BBC News)

"We are not a gang in the usual sense of the term. We are a gang for justice." —Sampat Pal Devi, leader

India: Talking HIV/AIDS Through Fun Games (India eNews)

"People in rural areas relate very quickly. We introduce discussions on topics like why should a woman be considered inferior, her role in home building and the need for men to be faithful." —Shankar Choudhary, program officer, HIV/AIDS Unesco

Curious? Try your hand at: "What Would You Do?", an English/Swahili game from UNICEF's Voices of Youth.


Yoga 3

Rwanda: Basking in the Glow of "Après Yoga Bliss" (Two Muzungus Teaching Yoga in Rwanda)

A joyous photo collection from Yoga in Rwanda, an initiative of WE-ACTx.

Global: HIV and AIDS: A Women's Security Issue (World YWCA)

We strongly recommend that HIV and AIDS be integrated into the four key issues of climate change, economic justice, terrorism and the duty to protect.

Global: Experts and Editors Respond to New Report on HIV/AIDS Estimates (Kaiser Network)

Wisdom from Helen Epstein, Margaret Wente, Adrienne Germain and more.

Voices of PulseWire


Featured Leader: Leah Okeyo, username: "Auma"

"I have so many dreams, and now, I'm going do them all! [...] If we can be trained, then we can begin training others. That is what we want. We are ready to change the future here, we women. So please, share my story with everyone." —Auma, HIV+ leader and caregiver for 16 HIV+ women

A founding member of PulseWire, Auma posts using her cell phone and her local internet café in the rural district of Migori, near Tanzania.

Today, World Pulse celebrates Auma as an emerging grassroots leader in the fight against AIDS.

Read Auma's inspiring story.

Gracia Violeta Ross

Bolivia: Gracia Violeta Ross: Inspiring Women to Take Leadership in the Response to HIV (World YWCA)

An outspoken survivor of sexual violence, Gracia Violeta Ross Quiroga works tirelessly to change the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV.

PulseWire is proud to welcome Gracia Violeta Ross as a founding community member.

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