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About Me: 

My worst Experience in Dubai.United Arab Emirates

It’s been 2 years now, i visited Dubai as tourist visa for 40 Days.

I was very excited about visiting dubai and seeing myself working in United Arab Emirates.

I got deported on the base of chest scar. I had tuberculosis in the past but at present i am fit and healthy. I did read articles in which its said that any one had tuberculosis in the past has only 10 percent chance of developing it again in their life which is equal to a normal person developing tuberculosis in future.

That time I was too scared, I was having no idea what will come next to me. Later Dr. Mubarak at Dubai Health Authority told me to go with him, we went to one big room with few people in Blue Gown wore Mask, was staring at me, they told me to sit, they put some band on my hand, I asked them “what is going on, please tell me “? Then they told me the thing which was not at all acceptable for me.

They Told me that I m having TB Scar in my X-Ray, but I was absolutely Fine, I told them “I was having T.B when I was a Kid, but I have completed all The Medication and I am fine now, than how could you say that I am having T.B??” they told me “Here in Dubai, we don’t allowed T.B patient to stay and to work, it is rules of Dubai?” I asked “But it is in my Medical History, In present I am absolutely fine, u can see me, even I have put on some weight”..

They just refused to listen even once and told me to stay in Medical centre and admitted me in Muhaisnah Medical Centre.I was depressed and very sad, didn’t know what to do, whom should I call, where to scream? Everything was Black in front of my eye.They didn’t allowed me to go home or office to informed them at least that ‘I will be admitting in Medical Centre just because of the scar...’

Everything was become so silent. my dream was finished to live luxurious life in Dubai, I was total stunned .I didn’t know what to react. I wore that blue gown and mask on my face n went to one room having two beds in opposite direction and two tables near each bed... curtains in window and next to beds....

I spend 35 days in medical centre, in every morning they used to gave me 8 tablets for no reason before breakfast which I had to take in front of Nurse. The smell in the big room was so stinky,it was not tolerable for me still for obey their instructions I used to go every morning and used to ate 8 tablets with water in front of them.

24 hours I used to wore masked, My sister visited me twice than she stopped visiting to me, what every settlement was there with my company they settled they deposited all my compensation in my sister’s Bank Account which she didn’t returned to me....

Morning I used to ate 8 tablets without Breakfast and after breakfast I used to take bath and in breakfast every day they gave me one egg, 2 bread, milk, Juice and butter and in afternoon and Evening they used to gave mutton and sometimes fish with rice, which I don’t eat, so in afternoon and evening I used to ate Rice and Daal sometimes Rice n cured.....

I actually felt like I was in jail, every week they used to check all patients with weight and Sputum, but they didn’t gave me copy of my report, whenever I used to asked the nurse about revisit to Dubai she used to say “yes you can come once you finished with six months medicine “ but actual fact was different. Few days later me and the other patients went to airport for eye checking, that time the person told us to not wear mask, if we do so, people will scared of us. I was feeling so sad for me n other patients who were sitting with me in same van. The light of the sun was hurting my eyes because after so many days I was watching brightness and this time it was looking so ugly. We did eye scanning and back to Centre.

On May 01st 2012, the medical Director visited to Centre because it was A International Labour Day, they came and gave us Green T-shirt and had photo with me and went off, she didn’t even asked how we were? On same day I got the news that they realising me, I was feeling so relax and my company sent one lawyer and he was telling me that he had booked my tickets and all, I can go home after 5 days, this 5 days I can go and enjoy in Dubai, but there was no one whom I knew in Dubai, I decided to stay in centre only and I requested the lawyer to droop me at airport,

Finally I released from that place which I used to called it Jail... I felt very sad and very guilty and disappointed, but one hope was still in my heart that I can come back, my heart was not allowing to come back but my brain told me that whatever you lose at least, can recover once I will come after 6 months. I Spend a lot to visit Dubai I was having Rs.20000/- in my pocket when I entered in Dubai, but I returned with having only AED100/- in my pocket which I had saved from many days...

I returned to home, with tearful eyes and lots of pain in my heart, I consult doctors in Mumbai-India, in Safi Hospital, doctor told me I am fine and no need to take medicine, I told him that doctors of medical centre recommended to take medicine for 6 months, I show him admit card which muhaisanah Medical Centre gave me when I got Discharge. Doctor wrote some medicine for 6 months.

After six months when I tried again, they refused my visa, and didn’t even told me the exact reason behind it.....

We should stop this kind of discrimination; I faced a lot during Dubai and after coming from Dubai.... I am survivor and I am fighting for it, for Dubai I am dead , but for India I am going to give birth to a child who is going to be future of India in few months later.

Sent email to Dubai Health Authority twice on their contacts and i got few reverts stating that you have active tuberculosis which is completely false, I am sharing the email addresses for your information.

Anyone facing deportation may contact them perhaps their appeal may reach to the right person and they can re-enter United Arab Emirates. Hope is everything in life.

My Passions: 
Love Humanity
My Vision for the Future: 
Help others
My Areas of Expertise: 
My Languages: 
Arabic, Urdu

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