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Laura Sherwood

About Me: 

Whats The Point!

The purpose of Real Girls 411 blog is to say Wake UP AMERICA! Have we become so desensitized as a culture that placing women/young girls in ads in highly suggestible/sexual pose's has become the norm in our society. We don't even question it when a women's body parts are being objectified. I"m by far no conservative, but I have spent that last few years studying the influence media has on shaping our values and beliefs about culture. I have had to assess my own ideas about being a women and how much emphasis I placed on my own looks and worth associated to body image. Where did those messages come from, and how did I come to believe in such limiting views? As I looked at my life I could see the long stream of media and cultural influence. Girls are pressured from the time they are born to look pretty, be thin, be the object of male desire. What are the effects that this is having on the way women/young girls are viewed and valued in America? For one It creates the belief that we are only as good as our bodies! Why is this such an issue, why is there so much value placed on the female body The fact is women/girls are constantly comparing themselves to these images of ideal beauty, thereby leaving them feeling inadequate. I know first hand that no matter how much makeup or dieting I do, that I will never look like the girls in the media. That's the point, Hello! Did you know that only 5% of women fit the body type that is displayed in the media. Yes that's right 5%, why do you think that is? Well let me tell you why, so you can understand how this media thing works. It's all about consumerism, buy more products, sale you more crap, so that you too can look like those girls in the ads. REALTY CHECK! they don't even look like the girls in those ads. As a photographer I can tell you that anyone can look like a cover girl. Lighting, makeup, posing, and Photoshop is all it takes to created a flawless image. OK! so we know all this right! so why is it then that we are still competing with these fake ass images? Repetition! The same Images, same body types, same messages, over and over. The media knows the power of the subconscious mind, even if you think your too smart to be influenced by the media, think again. (unless you live in a cave, and if that was the case you wouldn't be reading this now would you!) You may not even be aware of the messages that are being absorbed into your subconscious mind as a result of the mass amount of advertising/media we are exposed to each day. This affects the choices we make, because we create associations to these images, it's imprinting into our subconscious and thereby creating the lens which we view and judge the world through. This is the power of the media! We need to become more aware of the impact it is having on shaping our society, rather then blindly soaking it in like a sponge and letting it shape our society. Take a Stand and be part of solution the supports Implementing media literacy into our education systems and communities. How? start with being part of our blog, sharing your story and how the media impacts your own body image.

My Passions: 
Women's equality, raising awarness in our youth and giving them a voice.
My Challenges: 
Letting the negative voice be louder then the divine.
My Vision for the Future: 
Women's Empowerment

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