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May 14, 2012
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Veronica Smith

About Me: 

My name is Veronica and I hail from the center of the universe, also known as America. I realize that America just likes to think of herself as the center of the universe, and really isn't. America also likes to think that she has countless admirers and that no one can touch the likes of her superiority. She swims proudly in her fishbowl thinking about how everyone is watching, so she must always uphold her reputation. But I do have good news, which is also very sad news, and that is that many Americans don't stand with America like they used to. Of course, there are some who have decided that ignorance and oblivion are the only ways they can live in a country so hazardous to the planet earth. And some don't choose ignorance or bliss, but they are instead victims of it. Many Americans are raised in a bubble, believing only what their parents or other role model figures have taught them. Many are under this influence their whole life because they were born and taken care of by privilege, in which nothing ever needs to be questioned or earned, but will always be had because nothing else is known to exist. There are a large number of us who feel like we aren't welcomed in our country, and deal with that reality on a daily basis. Some feel like their individuality is not accepted by the people around them, and in turn are isolated and have hatred for humanity and usually themselves. Many are like me, and have parents who had no idea how to raise a child. My mother has three children with three different men, all of whom are alcoholics, sex offenders and straight up sons of bitches! My mom told me only the things she wanted me to know about the world, and acted like the rest didn't exist. She didn't teach me anything valuable, but instead she distracted me with toys and television. She didn't let me socialize normally with other children. My mother is dealing with her terrible childhood which is a product of American society and culture and has no ability to properly raise children. Broken families are a very big problem in America. Once I was old enough to leave my mother's bubble of oblivion, I realized that the world is nothing like she had taught me. Because I was at one time in my life, for many years of my life, viewing the world through my mother's lens, I have become very aware of any influences that are having their way with me. I am waking up and I have a hunger for truth. I have found that this country, the one that has given me all of this privilege, is taking it at the expense of other's health, happiness and wealth and worse of all, their human rights. I live in guilt because by being a member of my society I am enabling acts of cruelty. I am supporting this awful system. We have a degrading anti-everything culture that picks on the little people and rewards the already wealthy. We are all made to feel like we have choices, and where we end up as people is our choice. That is a lie! We don't have choices, we have options. You can either go to college and make something of yourself as America sees fit or you can end up on the streets, lonely, pitiful and shunned. Many people are smart and milk the system the best they can because it's fucked already, but that is exactly what America wants you to do. America wants you to do your own thing and be distracted with your freedom because it's easy to manipulate you when you have everything you could ever want. In America, there are sick, poor, dying people co-existing with healthy wealthy people on the city streets, and the sick are ignored. I have seen so many faces turn at the site of pure helplessness. I ride the bus almost everyday and I see the same people suffering from starvation, helplessness and drug addiction get on the bus and start mumbling aloud to themselves and wave their hands around as if they see something that is clearly not there to anyone else. All witnesses just look away and pretend that these people are not there. I always stare, in amazement that this is happening right in front of me. That there are people who don't have an identity, who don't have a home. And then I question why America is so great when there are so many people suffering on its own land. And in the end, what could I do to help this person out? It feels hopeless and I wouldn't know where to start. I constantly think about the world and try to make sense of it because I realize that I have more privilege than most in the world and I don't want to waste it. I want to use my privileges of education and freedoms to educate myself and learn the tools to changing the world. I don't want to be the American who turned a blind eye to my country's faults because I was benefitting from its skewed system. I'm not going to ignorantly hold my wimpy flag on the fourth of July in a lawn chair with my gun by my side and my phone on vibrate. That is not a real American, that is an American dream. A dream that will never apply to everyone, even in America. And if you're reading this and believe that you are in fact living the American dream, ask yourself who you're hurting in the process. I want to be a real person and connect with others around the world. I want to imagine a million different ways of living on this planet, because the way I'm forced to live now is not ideal, and let's not forget it definitely is not sustainable.

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