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We Can Fight It!!


Every morning I rise up to the thought of the inequality that women and girls go through in this world....
Iam no stranger...

I have made up my minds not to let anyone person intimedate evr again...
I equip my young children with what is right, how people should treat them and what is wriong.

To protect them from the certain abuse that may occur, I tell them to trust almost no one and be open to share their experiences no matter how humiliating because then they will have no secrete.

Ensure that as a mother everyday you give your children a bath it is a good way to establish a good relationship and in a way you will have first hand information on were it hurts, if it does.

Don't leave anything to chance, Let you and your children be first in your agenda.

WE can change the world.


Maria de Chirikof's picture

Beautiful idea!

I agree with you that we do need to put ourselves and children first. I also believe that this seemingly little thing will change the world. Each child deserves to know they are special and worth the whole world. That belief in themselves will make the difference when they become adults themselves.

I really love that I found this place where we can see a difference with people from all over and know that the world is a good place yet.


Sharo's picture

Beautiful idea

How lovely to know that other people fell the same as I do.
I know we can make a differance Maria, So let us equip our beautifull and innocent creatures put in our care.

Thank you for sharing.


sanjukta.choudhury's picture

Our future hopes!

I appreciate your idea of transforming your little angels into responisble world citizen. In every culture we believe 'charity begins at home'. The values which you inculcate in them today would go a long way into making them thinking individuals rather than just stereotypes of a particular generation. Today we are deliberating so much on degradation of world enviornment in terms of pollution, unequal sharing of natural resources but at the same time we tend to forget about our biggest asset i.e. human resouces. If we really want to make the world a better place for living than we have to show our offsprings the path of hope. In this endeaver, your simple approach is effective as well as realistic- we do and we learn.

Thank you for sharing your idea.


Sharo's picture

Our future Hopes

Dear Sanjukta,

Thank you so much that you feel the same about this issue.
Iam sure you can make a difference in your community and help change our attitudes.

Thank you for your passion.

busayo's picture

Wonderful thing

Infact, this is another beautiful way of achieving the equality we are craving for, if every mother train their child ren to be responsible citizen. the boys trained to know that women right should be respected and girls to be trained that she is a unique creature who can achieve success like her male counterpart and that at every point in time she should always speak for herself since nobody would speak for her.Before we know it, since these children of today would be the future leaders of tomorrow, we will get to where we are aspiring to be.

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Sharo's picture

Wonderful thing

Dear Busayo,

you have brought to me another way I never thought of.
Telling the boy child that a woman should be respected! Thank you for that beautiful thought.

Let us go forward and use what we have to make the change.
Like Obama.."Yes we can"


nahar's picture

You have done it!

If every woman felt like you, then our condition would not be the same. You make me think differently about the solution which you have given at the end. This two sentences have already started to make some differences; I can feel it from myself.


Sharo's picture

we can do it

indeed we can fight it my dear Nahar, yet I do realise that if i did this alone I would be invinsible, Let us work together towards this common go.
Thank you that you feel this way and that it is starting to make a difference in your life.


I am very glad to know about your idea because your are bring up your children in proper way. Really, it is very important to have a close relationship between mother and children. I think mother is the best teacher of a child. Well wishes


Sharo's picture

we can do it

Dear Tanusri,

Iam glad that you do acknowledge to my idea, I hope you will also help in making a differance in that way or you probably already have.
alone I become invinsible, together we can make a change.


Sharo's picture

we can win the battle

Iam impressed by the number of women who i share a passio with.
Iam sure at the heart of every woman is a child, and maybe it is us who have created monsters or rather helped our husbands create such in our children.
we can change this around and make this world a better place for the next woman if we change the attitudes of our children towards each other in a positive way.

Lets go Ladies and make the differance. I believe we can- I know we can!!


Carole's picture

Change of attitude

Its great to know you are working against the history of intimidation.This requires alot of patience . Change begins from inside going outwards and it starts with ourselves. We need to walk our talk because children learn alot through observation. They are one of the best imitators. We cannot control them but give direction so that they have a free will to make choices. Having a positive attitude towards life goes a long way. Someone put it very well mathematically that the word A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100%. Other things we seek for like happiness, success, money always lack some elements to complete.

This can be a great game for your children as a reminder. Keep up with the spirit!!!

Sharo's picture

Lady! you are brilliant! I

Lady! you are brilliant!
I love the A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E!

aliĝngix's picture


You sound very much like my mother. She is the same way with communicating with us, and tells us nothing is too bad to keep from her. I'm sure your children will grow up to be strong in spirit just like you... Thanks for sharing.

Sharo's picture


Thankyou so much for the compliment.
You made me laugh at the way you put it...but I know it helps to have a good communication.
I only hope my children though young will come to appreciate it the way you do.

God bless you


aliĝngix's picture

Helping Hand

We help other to help ourselves. Thanks for sharing!

Anita Muhanguzi's picture

Thank you so much Sharo

Thank you so much for sharing this. It is very important that we are able to instill certain behaviors in our children when they are still young because they are our future and so we need to start at an early age so that they are more aware an dit also helps build their confidence. I am the way i am and where i am because of my mother she was there for me and i thank her. we should be able to learn from our mistakes and our parents' mistakes in order to be better parents and have children who will be better than us in the future. Thank you and God bless you my sister.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Head of Legal and Advocacy
Centre for Batwa Minorities
Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

Sharo's picture

Thank you Anita

I get inspired when i realise that iam not alone. I know together we can achieve our dream of a safe world for our children and women.

Thank you for sharing the passion.


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