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An Introduction to Tags and How to Use them on World Pulse

Tagging on World Pulse

by World Pulse

A tag is a “keyword” or term assigned to a piece of information, such as a journal or blog post.

A tag is used to describe or identify the content of a journal, and to make it easy to find and connect with other journals on the same topic. Tags on World Pulse journals become links to pages that list all the content with the same tag. This helps you find content on a particular topic or place, such as “human rights” or “Colombia”. By tagging your journal with appropriate keywords, you allow your post to quickly be found by members who are browsing or searching for information on those specific topics.

How to use tags on World Pulse:
When you create any kind of post on World Pulse, you will be asked to identify the main topics relevant to the content of your post. You will see a list of topics from World Pulse, as well as a box where you can enter your own topics, countries, and regions not found on the list.

  • You can select and write in as many topics as are relevant to your post.
  • When you click on a topic from the list, it will change color to signify that you have selected it.
  • If you click on a topic by accident, you can un-select it by simply clicking it again (the background will turn back to white).
  • When adding other topics and regions, type the keywords, countries, or regions in the box under “Other Topics and Regions.” You can click the green “+” symbol or press “enter” to add them. If you’re adding more than one at a time, be sure to separate each tag with a comma.
  • Under “Other Topics and Regions,” your submissions will appear as boxes with a red “x” next to it. If you made a mistake or would like to remove that tag for any reason, just click the “x”.

The topics, keywords, countries, and regions you choose serve as tags to categorize your post on World Pulse. This way, if someone is searching for information on one of your chosen topics or regions, your journal will come up in the search.

For example, if you are writing a journal about an amazing woman named Sally Nguyen who runs a shelter for victims of sex trafficking in your community, you could tag your journal with the following keywords: Sally Nguyen, sex trafficking, human trafficking, shelter, women, rehabilitation. This way if someone is searching for information on human trafficking, your journal will come up in the search.

Once posted, the tags will appear in a list on the right side of your journal post, under your profile picture. If you are interested in reading more on one of those topics, click the tag to go to the list of posts with that same tag.

Formatting Tags
Just a note about formatting tags:

  • Unlike Twitter or some other social media sites you may be used to, on World Pulse you do not need to put any symbol (such as #) before your tag, just write out the words.
  • If you are participating in a World Pulse program and the staff has given you a specific tag to use, make sure you copy it exactly and do not put any symbols or quotation marks in it.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Additional tags you might want to use:
Below is a list of keywords that World Pulse has identified as popular tags. Please use these words, and any others you find appropriate, as tags for your posts.

Arts and Culture
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Food and Recipe
Artisan Handicrafts

Disasters and Emergencies
Prevention and Preparation
Disaster Relief
Internally-Displaced Peoples

Economic Empowerment
Fair trade
Social Entrepreneurship
Business Development
Financial Management

Education and Training
Primary Education
Secondary Education
Higher Education
Vocational Training
Professional Development

Environment and Sustainability
Sustainable Development
Natural Resource Management
Climate Change
Wildlife Conservation
Environmental Refugees

Faith and Spirit
Tradition & Ritual
Faith-based Activism
Inter-faith Dialogue

Gender-Based Violence
Female-genital mutilation
Child Marriage
Domestic Abuse
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Violence
Honor Crimes
Rape in Conflict
Survivor Stories

Health and Healing
Inner Wellbeing
Family Planning
Maternal and child health
Mental Health
Community Health
Communicable Diseases
Drugs and Alcohol

Human Rights & Law
Criminal Justice
Rights of the Child
Human Trafficking
Indigenous Peoples
Minority Groups
Widows' Rights
Land and Property Rights
Labor Rights
Women's Rights
Press Freedoms
Freedom of Speech

Leadership and Empowerment
Leadership Development
Mentorship and Coaching

Media and Communications
Social Media
Citizen Journalism
Digital Storytelling
Information, Communication, Technology (ICT)
Media Literacy
Documentary Film

Men and Boys as Allies
Ending Gender-Based Violence
Fatherhood and Caregiving
Sexuality and Sexual Health
Men and sexual exploitation

Peace and Security
Conflict Resolution

Politics and Society
Civil Society
International Organizations

Technology and Innovations
Mobile Technology
Internet Access


You can also use these two websites to help you identify tags: copy and paste the text of your post, and the program will generate a list of suggested keywords.

Empowering this community with information is a key priority for World Pulse. If you found this information helpful, let us know how by posting a comment or sending us an email. Click here for a list of other World Pulse toolkits currently available.



This information is so useful because it help us to know things we ignored. We thank you so much.

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

EK. Chemorion's picture


Thank you for educating me more on the use of tags on our community.

EK Chemorion

surfgirl-CA's picture

tagging our WP posts

great & clear info - thank you Mr Beckbeck! I appreciate the list & also the 2 websites for auto-tag-generation.

surfgirl-CA --
When we come from the willingness to love, not fear, we will see the best and highest materialize in our world.
Quand nous venons à partir de la volonté à l'amour, pas la peur, nous allons voir le meilleur et le plus élevé se matérialise

Gracious's picture

Thank you is not enough

I am grateful because this information will help know how to tag my world pulse posts. I really appreciate the good work you are doing.


Muna yemen's picture

thanks شكرا


Ahmed Mohamoud's picture

This still is complex

I am happy but sometimes this Tags comes me confuse.
thanks for your doing this.

Precious M's picture

I need it

Dear Mr. Beckbeck, thanks for your post. From now on I'll tag my articles with a greater understanding. It's a square peg in a square hole for me.


My pen speaks

hayibo safiatou's picture


thank you for educating us.we are gratefull

Chioma Agwuegbo's picture


Thank you!

@chiomachuka on Twitter

otahelp's picture

made easy

so many of us have to read a set of rules and instructions more than once before it sinks but these are a lot more easier to understand and follow. thank you for being there and assisting us all the way. our voices must be heard.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative
Lets keep the light shining

Felevyn's picture


Wonderful post. I have learn a lot about tagging. Will make goo use of it

Kika Sylvie Katchunga's picture


merci pour tout ce que vous entre des faire pour nous aider


Rhobai's picture


I am now happy I can try to do it myself. I had it rough on how to tag assignments 1, 2, and 3 and I had to be assisted by the group. I will now try to tag week 4 by myself.

Nice to go through this

Jan Afza's picture

Can't post

I completed my assignment but I can not see any orange button to say "Post in your Journal".
I will be so happy if anybody can help me through.
Thank you

Jan Afza

mrbeckbeck's picture


Hi Jan,
I'm thinking that the problem might be that you're not logged in to your account. But, if you were able to post this comment you had to be logged in! Hmm... Try going to "My Pulse" on the right of the top menu bar, and a drop down will appear with the option to post to your journal. If those don't resolve the challenge contact me directly and I'll help you out.
Best wishes,

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

Jan Afza's picture

change in color

Dear sir,
Actually there was a slight change in the color of the button. The orange color seemed white to me. However, I could manage that and successfully posted to my journal.
Thank you for your support

Jan Afza

ANNE CHIRUME's picture


OK, thank you for your caughting that will truly enable us to improuve our interaction that aimed to change the world. For us it will be better to explain it in franch for having some leverage. I'm so sorry for my bad english.


HazelM's picture


the voices rising area moves fast like a river and it is it difficult to keep up with conversation on it, does the tag work to put information/discussion on to the group member cafes, so people can look there for data that is related to these?

mrbeckbeck's picture

Yes, somewhat

Yes, you can use tags as a way to see all community voices on that topic. If you're in a journal, just click the tag you'd like to see more voices on. For example, on this post here, if you click the tag "World Pulse Toolkit" you'll be taken to this page ( which has the list of everything with that tag.

In the future we will work to improve the display of this information, and make it easier for everyone to find exactly what they're looking for. For now, this is the best way we have!

Thank you for your comment! See you online.

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

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