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Life nowadays is going very fast. People hardly find time for themselves from their busy schedule.they have become mechanical and digital in approach. Most of them do not have time for their families, siblings and kith and kin, It appears to me that we all are lost in a monstrous world where we ourselves are the monsters. A communication gap has taken place which has lead to strained and bruised relationships. Communication is an lubricant which removes frictions in relationships but today we all have become technological savvy. We are lost in our latest gadget gizmos and forget our own families. We can have ample time to chat with a friend who is thousand kilometers away from us,but we stay in background while chatting with our own family members. Where is all this leading us???
when i was a baby i used to have crayons, sketches as my playthings but nowadays 6 year olds have a face book account and spend most of their time watching television, playing games and using mobile phones at the cost of their studies. What i concluded from my observations is that parents also have no objection, they feel elated when their kids crack every level of a video game and know every detail of social networking sites. Youth today spend most of their time in college canteens and amusement parks rather than libraries or museums. They are totally distracted from their roots. The youngsters have very little respect for their parents. They usually give one lined answers to their parents on being questioned. They have almost abandoned the habit of reading books. a day will come when there will be no public libraries and people will just have rotten knowledge. There occurs an unending feud between cramming and creativity and most of the children cram whatever they have been taught throughout the year. They do not go in depth reading of the topic, that is the main reason why most of them do not make it out to the competitive examinations. There exists a bug in our society that Google solves everything but the true and clear picture of the topics can be gained only through reading books. Most of them prefer to follow the cool lifestyle of having expensive tablets in their hands, ear-phones stuffed in their ears, puffing cigarettes. How can the parents be so negligent of this???Smoking has become a major problem to deal with. Few days back I was travelling, which turned out to be an ugly experience. A man who was seated next to me started smoking. The nebulous smoke enveloped me, being highly allergic to smoke I started coughing badly but it had no affect on him, he continued smoking. There was a sort of protest in my stomach and skin. I requested him not to smoke but he reacted in an unpleasant way. his grinding speech was of some monstrous machine running without oil. He was just like a corpse waiting to be sent back to the grave. All the co passengers pleaded him not to smoke but he was so arrogant!!! Such people defame our society. They are like fossil bones which turn up in the wrong stratum and destroy a geological theory.
Values have totally been eroded from our society. It is because we are lacking spiritual knowledge. We have become materialistic in our dealings. All spiritual knowledge is beyond our ken. As it is mentioned in The holy Quran:”the clouds of dust typify the ignorance and confusion in minds of those who oppose faith”. We are living in the times where ignorance has clouded our vision; we are corrupt to our bones. We are crossing the parameters and boundaries of our religion. We have been westoxicated!!!! Improvement in technology has taken place, no doubt, but it has only added to the agonies of common man. Why to let negative and toxic people rent space in our mind??Instead we should raise the rent and kick them out. If we will adopt western culture, the ramifications would be too disastrous.
To put it in a nutshell, we need to introspect our lives. We should discover ourselves and stop stepping into the shoes of others. We need to be more sanguine and live our lives within the parameters of our religion. Allah SUBHANAWATALLAH has showered infinite blessings upon us would like to wind up with the verse of SURAH AR-RAHMAN:”and which of the favors’ of Lord will you deny”, certainly not even a single one. it is high time we peep in to our lives and live a pure and righteous life.{amen}


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