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How To Overcome Negativity With Positive Thoughts and Words.

So you want to change the world, your community or traditions,but are having trouble with all the negative from others or your own doubts? You can start by changing what you think and the words you say.

It may sound silly, but the way we think impacts every part of our life. Have you ever called yourself fat or ugly? Do you wish for different hair, a perfect nose, to be taller or shorter? Do you think you are dumb and not good at anything? It is very common for girls and boys to feel the need to be perfect. You have the power to stop this way of thinking. What you don't realize is that you already are perfect.

When we are with our friends it can feel good to talk negatively about ourselves and know that our friends have similar insecurities. This allows us to bond. This is NOT a healthy way to bond and create relationships. When we only focus on the negatives and spend our free time striving to change our appearance and wishing we were perfect, we waste a lot of time. This a big energy zapper. How can we enjoy life when we are complaining about how unfair it is? Instead you can spend your time having fun and loving yourself for all your wonderful qualities.

The next time you think a negative thought or start complaining, Stop! Just stop that thought right there. Banish it from your vocabulary. Look at your situation and find what is positive. Repeat that positive thought a few times. When your friend starts saying how ugly or stupid she is interrupt her. Tell her "That is NOT true." Remind her of how beautiful she is. Tell her about her best features. Remind her of how much she has accomplished so far. Don't let your friends be negative towards themselves.

Now is the time to be aware of your feelings in uncomfortable situations. Ask yourself, is this negative feeling necessary? Is it true or am I simply frustrated? What positive feeling can I focus on instead?

Don't let negativity rule your world. Be aware of the words you think and say out loud. Change the way you think and you will change your situation. Your world won't change overnight, but soon you will see changes. You will see how much more confidence you have when you focus on the positives and not the negatives. You will have more energy and time to live for your passions and enjoy life.

You can use a positive affirmation when you feel scared and incompetent. Try this simple exercise each day as you follow your dreams. Repeat the positive affirmation that is below as often as you want. Write this affirmation in your journal. Decorate a shirt with these words. Post it online where all your friends can see it and use it for themselves.



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