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An Introduction to Tags and How to Use Them on World Pulse

by World Pulse

A tag is a “keyword” or term assigned to a piece of information, such as a journal or blog post.

A tag is used to describe or identify the content of a journal, and to make it easy to find and connect with other journals on the same topic. Tags on World Pulse journals become links to pages that list all the content with the same tag. This helps you find content on a particular topic or place, such as “human rights” or “Colombia”. By tagging your journal with appropriate keywords, you allow your post to quickly be found by members who are browsing or searching for information on those specific topics.

How to use tags on World Pulse:
When you create any kind of post on World Pulse, you will be asked to identify the main topics relevant to the content of your post. You will see a list of topics from World Pulse, as well as a box where you can enter your own topics, countries, and regions not found on the list.

  • You can select and write in as many topics as are relevant to your post.
  • When you click on a topic from the list, it will change color to signify that you have selected it.
  • If you click on a topic by accident, you can un-select it by simply clicking it again (the background will turn back to white).
  • When adding other topics and regions, type the keywords, countries, or regions in the box under “Other Topics and Regions.” You can click the green “+” symbol or press “enter” to add them. If you’re adding more than one at a time, be sure to separate each tag with a comma.
  • Under “Other Topics and Regions,” your submissions will appear as boxes with a red “x” next to it. If you made a mistake or would like to remove that tag for any reason, just click the “x”.

The topics, keywords, countries, and regions you choose serve as tags to categorize your post on World Pulse. This way, if someone is searching for information on one of your chosen topics or regions, your journal will come up in the search.

For example, if you are writing a journal about an amazing woman named Sally Nguyen who runs a shelter for victims of sex trafficking in your community, you could tag your journal with the following keywords: Sally Nguyen, sex trafficking, human trafficking, shelter, women, rehabilitation. This way if someone is searching for information on human trafficking, your journal will come up in the search.

Once posted, the tags will appear in a list on the right side of your journal post, under your profile picture. If you are interested in reading more on one of those topics, click the tag to go to the list of posts with that same tag.

Formatting Tags
Just a note about formatting tags:

  • Unlike Twitter or some other social media sites you may be used to, on World Pulse you do not need to put any symbol (such as #) before your tag, just write out the words.
  • If you are participating in a World Pulse program and the staff has given you a specific tag to use, make sure you copy it exactly and do not put any symbols or quotation marks in it.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Additional tags you might want to use:
Below is a list of keywords that World Pulse has identified as popular World Pulse tags. Please use these words, and any others you find appropriate, as tags for your posts.

Arts and Culture
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Food and Recipe
Artisan Handicrafts

Disasters and Emergencies
Prevention and Preparation
Disaster Relief
Internally-Displaced Peoples

Economic Empowerment
Fair trade
Social Entrepreneurship
Business Development
Financial Management

Education and Training
Primary Education
Secondary Education
Higher Education
Vocational Training
Professional Development

Environment and Sustainability
Sustainable Development
Natural Resource Management
Climate Change
Wildlife Conservation
Environmental Refugees

Faith and Spirit
Tradition & Ritual
Faith-based Activism
Inter-faith Dialogue

Gender-Based Violence
Female-genital mutilation
Child Marriage
Domestic Abuse
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Violence
Honor Crimes
Rape in Conflict
Survivor Stories

Health and Healing
Inner Wellbeing
Family Planning
Maternal and child health
Mental Health
Community Health
Communicable Diseases
Drugs and Alcohol

Human Rights & Law
Criminal Justice
Rights of the Child
Human Trafficking
Indigenous Peoples
Minority Groups
Widows' Rights
Land and Property Rights
Labor Rights
Women's Rights
Press Freedoms
Freedom of Speech

Leadership and Empowerment
Leadership Development
Mentorship and Coaching

Media and Communications
Social Media
Citizen Journalism
Digital Storytelling
Information, Communication, Technology (ICT)
Media Literacy
Documentary Film

Men and Boys as Allies
Ending Gender-Based Violence
Fatherhood and Caregiving
Sexuality and Sexual Health
Men and sexual exploitation

Peace and Security
Conflict Resolution

Politics and Society
Civil Society
International Organizations

Technology and Innovations
Mobile Technology
Internet Access


You can also use these two websites to help you identify tags: copy and paste the text of your post, and the program will generate a list of suggested keywords.

Empowering this community with information is a key priority for World Pulse. If you found this information helpful, let us know how by posting a comment or sending us an email. Click here for a list of other World Pulse toolkits currently available.


usha kc's picture

Thnak you Breeze for kind

Thnak you Breeze for kind information. It really helps to all of us.

Breese's picture

I'm so glad, Usha!

I'm so glad, Usha!

usha kc's picture

same here :):)

Ariee's picture

Thanks for the info

thanks for the info Breeze. Tags make more sense to me now. :)

Astha Joshi

Breese's picture

I'm so glad :)

I'm so glad :)

sunbo55's picture


Thank you for this educative toolkit.

A Celebration of Women's picture

Tags List

How very kind of you to share this information, as it truly is the Key to getting one's piece read.

Blessings, Catherine Anne Clark

A Celebration of Women™
WORLD HUB of Women Leaders that Care

Zin Zar's picture

Saying thanks and asking more questions!

Thank you , Breese !

I have already copied you suggestion on how to use Tags because on that day ,I was so confused about Tags. This helped me a lot but I still have Questions .
(1) My assignment is that just I have to write my journal ,right? Do I need to answer any questions .
(2) Though I wanna request my friend , I don't know how to do ?
(3) I want write about the cries of women who left by their husband without giving any reason.In my journal,
I will firstly write about their feeling and hope for their husbands and I will find that is there any law which is standing by the women .But I can't choose my Tags yet .
Women's Right or Domestic abuse or anything else?
Please, don't be mind !
With a lot of Hopes!
Zin Zar

Breese's picture

Dear Zin Zar, I will attempt

Dear Zin Zar, I will attempt to answer all your questions as best as I can.
1) This post about tags is not an assignment, it is a set of guidelines for filling out the "tag" section on each post. We encourage PulseWire members to post as much as possible in their journals, but nothing is assigned unless you are participating in the Voices of Our Future program.

2) Here are the instructions for how ot add friends to your network on PulseWire, from our Frequently Asked Questions page:
Review the FAQs for any other questions you have about using PulseWIre, and the Getting Started guide is a helpful toolkit to get an introduction to using PulseWire:

3) Since I haven't read your story, I'm not well equipped to help you pick out more tags, but you can use the two websites linked to in my post above to get some ideas. Copy and paste your story in the box provided, and click "submit". It will generate a list of keywords that you can get ideas from.

I hope that's helpful!

Zin Zar's picture

Thanks a million !

Thank a million Breese ! You helped me a lot to get better situation of my blogging assignment because this is the very first experience for my life.I would like to the representative of my community to promote them so that I devote on this program , sister.
Please read my journal and post the comment freely.
Then I have still one question to ask you is that how to add my new friends .I have tried to read their article and posted them comments and tell them to be friends but I just still have a few friends so that please suggest me.

Best wishes!
Zin Zar

Breese's picture

Hi Zin Zar, Here are

Hi Zin Zar,
Here are instructions for adding friends:
Find a member whom you wish to add to your "Friends" listing.
Click on their username.
You will be taken to their profile page. Under their photo, click on the "Add to my community" button.
Write a personal message inviting them to be your friend and click "Submit". Your message will appear at the top of their pending friends list.
They will receive an email, at which point they’ll either "accept" or "deny" the new connection. To check the status of your friend invitations, click on "My Friends" under "My Pulse" on the right side of the screen. Click on the "Edit List" tab where you can view the friend requests you have received, the friend requests you have sent and a listing of your current friends. Click on a friend’s photo for quick access to their profile and journal.

Since you're new to PulseWire, don't forget to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page:

And the Getting Started Guide:

If your questions aren't adequately answered, please fill out this form to send us a message via e-mail.

sibongile zgambo's picture

Hey Breese, About the the

Hey Breese,

About the the assignment, where do i have to paste it? Am kind of abit confused on this one. Please advise.

Breese's picture

Hi Sibongile - what

Hi Sibongile - what assignment are you referring to? Is it for Voices of Our Future? If so, you should post it in your journal. There should be detailed instructions in the VOF classroom, and if you have questions, check with the VOF program team, Scott and Rachael.

For information on how to post a journal entry, see the Frequently Asked Question on that topic here:

sibongile zgambo's picture

Thanks dear.

Thanks dear.

Paulina Lawsin's picture


Now I know what tags should i assign to my posts. I used to just put women, VAW, empowerment . With your samples, I can already assign the proper tags.

Breese's picture



busayo's picture

Thanks Breese

Thanks so much for this Breese, it will be so helpful

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Monica Clarke's picture

What is LGBTIQ?

Forgive if this is a daft question, but what is LGBTIQ (under human rights and law) - please Breese ?

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.
I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well.
(A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

Breese's picture

Hi Monica - of course it's

Hi Monica - of course it's not a daft question! LGBTIQ stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning or Queer.

Nezed's picture

Hi Breese, a quick one.. How

Hi Breese, a quick one.. How do i tag friends in my articles so that they can read them as soon as i post and i can also read theirs if am tagged in? Thanks...

PS Your name, (Brees(z)e sounds....Free. Lol

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

Breese's picture

Hi Nezed - there isn't a way

Hi Nezed - there isn't a way to tag friends in articles. You can see what your friends are writing easily by going to "My Pulse" and clicking on the "Friends" tab. You will be taken to a page with all your friends' recent activity. If you want your friends to see a particular post you've written, copy the link and send it to them in a message. I hope that helps!

Celine's picture

Hi Breese

Hi Breese,

Is it possible to get notification emails on activities at Pulse Wire Lounge? I sometimes do get from other communities.


Breese's picture

The PulseWire Lounge is a

The PulseWire Lounge is a group, so you can get emails about activity in the PulseWire Lounge, just like other groups you may be a memebr of. Here is a link to the FAQ on how to manage your notifications:

We are working on developing more customizable notifications features so you can stay up to date on the information most relevant and interesting to you. Stay tuned!

WILDKat's picture

Tags for greater connection

Thanks for this easy to understand encouragement to use tags to amplify our sisters' voices. I will be using this as the 2011 Citizen Journalists make their tour throughout the United States.

Naturally grateful,
Kat Haber

"Know thyself." ~ Plato

nabwire joyce im amother of four children my parents died's picture


Hi Breess
you are doing agood job espacialy some body like me ihave learned so many things through you god bless you please just teach me about Tags am so slowly to understand.

nabwire joyce im amother of four children my parents died's picture


Hi Breess
you are doing agood job espacialy some body like me ihave learned so many things through you god bless you please just teach me about Tags am so slowly to understand.

Breese's picture

Thank you,Joyce! I'm so glad

Thank you, Joyce! I'm so glad you found this helpful. If you have any questions, you can always email me.

nabwire joyce im amother of four children my parents died's picture

thank you so much

Hey Briess thank you so much iwas asking can istart to write to using atag god bless you.

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