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Sister Keepers: Are You One?

Written for Being Single Magazine Online

Sister Keepers:

Are You One?

By Sonia Jackson Myles,
Founder of The Sister Accord

It would be hard for me to imagine a workplace without other women to talk to or enjoy lunch with. We can sometimes take these relationships for granted and not understand how blessed we are to have “Sisters” in our lives. I founded “The Sister Accord, The Promise That Will Transform Your Life!” to remind women of three things:

(1) The importance of giving love and getting it in return

(2) The importance of treating our sisters like the rare, precious gems they are.

(3) The power of living a life that is balanced and fulfilled physically, mentally and spiritually through strong relationships with other women.

If you are “Keeping Your Sister” and taking good care to nurture your relationships, love will be at the center of all of your thoughts, words, and deeds. If you love your sister, you will ensure that your every action towards her will do good and not harm. As The Sister Accord states, your every encounter should be uplifting. Who wants be around negative people who drain and suck the life out of you with every conversation? If you are determined to “Keep your Sister,” you will give her love each and every day.

Remember the three E’s: Engagement, Encouragement, and Enlightenment.

Engagement…If you love your sister, you will find time to talk to her, time to listen to her, time to just “be” with her. Engaging your sister shows that you love her. If you love your sister, you will encourage her and lift her up when she’s feeling down. You will be the wind beneath her wings, giving her energy to face her fears with courage and strength.

Encouraging your sister shows that you love her. If you love your sister, you will share your knowledge of all that is good. You will connect her with other good people who will continue to build her network and skills. Enlightenment and constructive conversations will show your sister that you love her. Love is a two way street ~ you have to give it to get it!

Do you have emeralds or rubies, sapphires or diamonds? What do you do to preserve these precious gems? How do you treat them? What do you to show how much you value them? Whatever you do to take care of your precious gems is what you should do to take care and nurture your relationships with your sisters. In order to keep them in good condition, you may clean your gems. It’s important to keep your relationships with your sisters clean.

Do you know what types of things can dirty a relationship? Gossip, Lies, and Deceit are just a few things that can make a relationship dirty. Vow to keep your relationships clean with your sisters!

Another way you may take care of your gems is to have insurance on them in the event that they’re lost. You should also have insurance on your relationships with your sister(s). The insurance policy for your relationships can be summed up in one word…Forgiveness.

Forgiveness doesn’t have a high deductible and doesn’t cost anything from month to month. Forgiveness will ensure that you never lose your sister!

Living a life that is fulfilled physically, mentally, and spiritually will give the balance that is needed to be happy. Strong relationships with your sisters are the foundation of having Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control.

When our bodies aren’t working in sync and if any one aspect is out of control, we will not be able to live life according to our purpose.

Sisterhood is the gift that keeps on giving and our daily actions will either keep these relationships in tact or break them at record speed.

I will ask the question again….Are you a Sister Keeper? If not, perhaps you will begin today to become one.

Please join The Sister Accord movement by going to and signing up to live the principles of The Sister Accord! Please share with all of your friends and family!


millly's picture

Thank you

Those are encouraging words,Sonia,it has put me on the spot.Yes i want to be a sister keeper.
All the best

linet bitutu's picture


Hi Sonia,

Thanks for this good message. I agree with you Sonia. Sisters, we should live for the others. That is the only way we can say that we are really sisters. it is better to be your sister keeper, this will bring understanding and togetherness among us. wish you well.

everlyne isoe's picture


hi Sonia

this is the best article for sure, being your sister keeper means a lot, so ladies, we should love our fellow ladies and always tell them what is right at the right time. we should be encouraging and always ready to help others.

Sonia, i will be from today. thanks again.

frederica Maima David Gibson's picture

The FACT !!!!!

We are our own enermies, the key to failure is trying to please everybody, this is real truth, our attitude towards others, some times don't help, and attitude is about everything,
Be yourself, do unto others as you like them do to you, i didn't say it !!!! the good old book said it,let us all help to stay motivated,and live in our dreams,
lots of love,

This my new email address
note that freddygibs is no longer my email address as it was hacked,

nkinyanjui's picture

Amen to that!

Amen to that!

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