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Tiny ideas to encourage girls to explore mathematics and physics - 2: A highlight of the context

Feeling encouraged or discouraged to follow a science (more specifically mathematics or physics) career is just one aspect in the more general personal development path.

I feel it's important to state a model of this context, to help any further investigation and solution finding. And to place mathematics/physics into it.

It's all very tentative, but let's try.

You may find my own version of the context model in the PDF file included (which is the "real juice" of this Solution).

Thank you all for attention and, I wait your feedback.



JaniceW's picture

Love this

This is definitely worth exploring and considering. I was wondering if you could take the text and paste it into a new personal journal entry, as I fear many may not benefit from this interesting discussion as they may not open your pdf. Wonderful food for thought.

As they say.... uno, due, tre – tanto tocca a me!

Mauri's picture

I'll try!

Janice, you are so kind to encourage me.

I'll try posting the new entry, as soon as I have time.

May you suggest me some more inclusive way to post? Some of the next will contain formulae, and I may try including them as separate graphs in a text-based post. Do you know any other way in Pulsewire?

Thanks, and love


JaniceW's picture


hi Mauri,
Unfortunately, right now there is not a good way of including your graphics other than to attach the files as you have been doing. This is a feature we are looking to add in our product development plan but for now, it is best to post the text in the appropriate place, whether that is in your journal (which has the broadest reach), ResourceExChange, SharingSolutions, etc... and attach the graphics.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Also, when responding to a comment, it is best to hit the word "reply" at the bottom of the comment box as that way, the commenter is notified by email when you post a response. Buona giornata!

Mauri's picture

Your suggestions are very welcome!

Thanks, Janice, for the time you devoted to me.

I tried doing my little homework and, it seemed to work. At least, I was able to post (in my journal) the revised sections 2 and 3 so that anyone can see.

I've also deleted all formulae in section 3. I considered they were all but essential. After all, it is possible to tell stories mathematical with no use of equations. Equations, also, often look very "authoritative" much beyond my intentions.

I'm learning!

(It's so exciting. Thanks, Janice, Thanks! And thanks the Pulsewires all, too)

As I had a bit of additional material, I've posted also a "section 4". This is the first of the "practical tiny ideas". Others, I hope, will follow. Sure, this is the by-far-amusing part.

I'm realizing the way the posting engine of Pulsewire has many powerful features I am actually underusing, like HTML tags. It's amazing! I feel this encompasses (almost) all things I may like to do. I'm adapting, this too a learning process.

Again, thank you and a hug.


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