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Math Support Gals

Group mission

Mathematical, physical and scientific knowledge is an essential empowering tool in a technological World like this one. No one, to date, may claim first-class citizenship not possessing instruments of logical thinking and quantitative reasoning.

And this all not mentioning mathematics, physics and science may be a lot fun, too!

Accessing scientific instruction and knowledge may be troublesome in our society especially for girls, so often discouraged to undertake an "unfeminine" career, or even to follow a strong, spontaneous personal passion.

This space is dedicated to anyone sharing a commitment in encouraging girls not giving up in the fields of physics, mathematics and science: as future women, their thoughtful passion is just indispensable for we all, and our descendants, to have a future.

In particular, this group is aimed especially to teachers and parents willing to share experiences, find ideas, and work together joyfully and peacefully to invent new girl-friendly ways to learn, and teach, the "hard" sciences.

We're open to you girls, too: your experiences, wishes and untold dreams about scientific instruction are indispensable.

Who we are

We, the "Math Support Gals" group, are people passionate about children and young. We strongly believe, and maintain, the right to grow, blossom and thrive as full fledged, first-class citizens is as a fundamental right as food and shelter for young people all over the World.

We know from direct and personal experience that one of the obstacle of forming as first-class people in a world like this one is having no way to develop a mathematical, physical and more generally scientific knowledge.

As parents, teachers, decision-makers and, of course, gals we are very concerned about this, and we strive to do our best, all together, each one carrying a specific bit of experience and sensitivity.

There is another thing, of no less importance. Mathematics, physics and science are not only essential tools to survive and thrive in a complex world, but also beautiful. Unfortunately, some people (many girls especially - but some boys too) don't imagine this, and one of our most important tasks is eliciting, as far as we can, some sense of this beauty, so that all may decide what to do in greater fairness.

Our main lines of action

We are quite concrete people however, with some immediate and urgent dreams and aims:

- Preparing (and receiving, too) class material which anyone may download, use and distribute free of charge

- Promote the diffusion of mathematics, physics and sciences, through presenting them in ways girls may find especially useful, compelling, respectful and, yes, fascinating

- Do, encourage and support class and teacher teaching on mathematical, physical and scientific issues likely to change the mind about these subjects

- Denounce and fight against any direct or indirect attempt of excluding girls from schools, or from scientific and technological learning

- Connect with women, men and institution interested in our same goals, to imagine and deploy new ways

- Identify books, artwork, movies which help presenting physics and sciences and mathematics in the positive light they deserve

- Find free tools helpful in class activities, and provide (as much as we can) some help on its retrieval, installation and use

- Pursue a vision of science which is passionate and loving, in touch with us as human beings, and not as arid as it often seems

- Last, but not least, to go on learning ourselves, of course, as Nature is so large and fascinating, and a lifetime so short to know it all

- And other things we're not yet stated, but in the same line.

As you see, we are a lot ambitious - and only your lovely help may allow us to turn these dreams into crumbs of reality. But, we are committed with all our souls, and know you too may help.

Focus on girls, but not forgetting boys

Our main focus is on girls (just because this is a bit easier for us - to be effective, we have to "return to childhood" ourselves, a little bit) but we don't forget boys, too.

The "sense of beautiful" in physics, mathematics and science hits any sensitive soul, and no one should be in principle excluded.

Additionally: envisioning science not only as an instrument of domination, but also of comprehension and lovely understanding may help the world become a place a bit less arid - and we all, a bit more passionate, sensitive and thoughtful.

We wish this to be true for any human being, of whatever gender or any other set.

On joining the group

We strive to connect. And lobby all over the World, trying to help making it better our way, the little (and infinitely important) any of us can.

And, we’re waiting for you too, if you like to join.

The only "requirements for application" are you belong to the human race, and feel our same urge.

As an open community based on sharing experiences and will, we urge ourselves, and anyone who wants to join, to carry a little crumb of wiseness (an experience, an issue, a desire, an "I'd like being teached this way", a difficulty, whatever everyone might find useful). And once joined, to participate in free and open spirit, contributing bits of materials, actions, feedbacks, the way you can and want.

For this reason, membership requests are "moderated", that is, they will need approval by a moderator. This, in our view, as a way to provide you with instructions on how to share your "initial bit of experience". We all, the existing members, have made, the moderator included, and you may find our tiny or big contributions in the group space here on Pulsewire.

Just be a bit patient: the moderator and group members all have their complicated busy life as professionals, or parents, or spouses, or ... If we answer you in a bit of time, forgive us the tiny inefficiency, but please stay assured your request will be considered, and serviced as soon as possible.

If you don't feel ready to apply as a group member, but are also interested in the group activity and material, that's also OK. Read access to the group space and sister site is free, in line with our philosophy of sharing. We encourage you to connect, however: your experience is unique, and precious.

The sister site

The group has a "sister site", at

This site is meant to be a provisional repository for class material and other documents we imagine might be useful. Now the site is small, but will grow with ideas and materials we'll provide. The group main space, where all personal exchanges will occur, will remain however the Pulsewire. The reason having opened a sister site was just to not clutter the Pulsewire server with huge files. But who knows: as technology advances, maybe one day all material will find a home in this group' space.

All material in the sister site will be "copyright-free", to encourage sharing and adoption also in places where funding is scarce, but needs are no less that anywhere else.

An unconventional organization?

This group is not modeled after a traditional command-and-control organization: we don't find ourselves at ease in this traditional frame.

We strongly believe powerful results can emerge from person-to-person interactions, once a set of basic concerns, feelings and aspirations are shared. Like ants, each of us does little things, in the time and way we can afford.

And, we like to try new ways. The stake is too high to not allow ourselves the freedom of doing mistakes. We'll do our best to remedy to, and learn from them.

Scientist participation

We welcome the contribution of scientists (especially women scientists, but once again, we are open to anyone) willing to share some pearl of experience and vision, or to volunteer copyright-free class material pertaining their research field / experience.

A wishful closure

That's all, more or less.

We hope you, if interested, will join.

We'll be glad to welcome you soon.

The Math Support Gals

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