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Offer: AWID Global list of women's -JobsMonday, November 05, 2007

CONTENTS: 1) Moderator / The Association for Women's Rights in DevelopmentAWID) / Home Location / Deadline extended to: November 09, 2007. 2) Programme Specialist / UNIFEM / Bujumbura, Burundi / Closingdate: November 23, 2007. 3) Coordinator, UN Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict /UNIFEM / New York, NY, USA / Closing date: November 20, 2007. 4) Programme Specialist, Latin America and the Caribbean / UNIFEM /New York, NY, USA / Closing date: November 13, 2007. 5) Social Development and Gender Advisor / UNDP / East Jerusalem,Palestinian Territories / Closing date: November 16, 2007. 6) Microfinance Country Resident Advisor / UNDP / Lilongwe, Malawi /Closing date: November 16, 2007. 7) Chief Technical Advisor / UNDP / Skopje, Macedonia / Closing date:November 27, 2007. 8) Women in Leadership Program Officer / UNIFEM Afghanistan / Kabul,Afghanistan / Closing date: November 11, 2007. 9) Project Coordinator, Participatory Governance Programme / CIVICUS/Johannesburg, South Africa / Closing date: November 19, 2007. 10) Gender and Media Knowledge and Research Manager / Gender Links /Johannesburg, South Africa / Closing date: November 16, 2007. 11) Advisor on Family and Community Health with focus in Sexual andReproductive Health / Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) / LaPaz, Bolivia / Closing date: November 26, 2007. 12) Regional Adviser (Gender, Women, and Reproductive Health) / WorldHealth Organization (WHO) / Manila, Philippines / Closing date:November 11, 2007. 13) Technical Officer (Gender, Women and Health Department) / WorldHealth Organization (WHO) / Geneva, Switzerland / Closing date:November 17, 2007. 14) Executive Director / The International Women's Rights ActionWatch Asia Pacific (IWRAW Asia Pacific) / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia /Closing date: November 30, 2007. 15) Centre Manager/Senior Lecturer in Disaster and Development //School of Applied Sciences, The Northumbria University // Newcastleupon Tyne, UK // Closing date: November 12, 2007. 16) Program Manager / The Egyptian Center for Women's Rights / Cairo,Egypt. 17) Director of Development / International Women's Health Coalition(IWHC) / New York, NY, USA. 18) Evaluation Consultant / Rights & Democracy / Closing date:November 12, 2007._____________________________________________________________________ 1) Moderator / The Association for Women's Rights in DevelopmentAWID) / Home Location / Deadline extended to: November 09, 2007. DESCRIPTION: The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID), aninternational feminist organization, works to strengthen the voice,impact and influence of women's rights advocates, organizations andmovements worldwide. As part of an ambitious new strategic plan, AWIDis hiring a Moderator to undertake outreach to women's rightsadvocates and organizations in the Middle East and North Africaregion, research and compile information, resources and announcementsfrom the region and produce cutting-edge analysis in English oncontemporary issues in gender and development and women's humanrights. The new Moderator has excellent networking skills and strong links towomen's organizations and networks in the Middle East and NorthAfrica region. The Moderator is also an excellent writer with in-depth knowledge of women's human rights issues and is fluent inArabic and English. KEY TASKS INCLUDE: -- Networking and conducting outreach to women's rightsorganizations and networks in the region;-- Compiling information on women's rights related resources andannouncements from the region;-- Conducting interviews and producing analysis on women's rightsissues in the region;-- Participating in editorial meetings; and-- Providing general Arabic-language support to other AWIDinitiatives. This is a part time position with a one-year contract. The Moderatorwill work from their home location as a member of an internationalteam who connect virtually through email and online conferencing. AWID strongly encourages applications from the Middle East and NorthAfrica. NECESSARY QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: -- Fluent in written and spoken Arabic and English;-- French language skills an asset;-- Outstanding research and editing skills;-- Demonstrated ability to write in a manner that is clear,accessible and engaging to a diverse international audience;-- In-depth knowledge of issues related to gender and developmentand women's human rights on a global scale and particularly in theMENA region, and strong gender analysis skills;-- Demonstrated creativity and critical thinking;-- Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to conductin-person and telephone interviews and to chase a story;-- Strong networking and outreach skills with links to women'srights organizations in the MENA region;-- University degree or related experience with a focus on women'srights and/or gender and development;-- Experience (paid or voluntary) in activist or programmatic workfor gender equality, women's rights and/or sustainable development;-- Ability to work independently, meet deadlines and plan ahead. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: -- Candidates must have reliable daily access to the Internet,email and word processing software. TO APPLY: To apply for the Moderator position, please send a cover letter,latest CV and one-page unedited writing sample on a women's humanrights issue in English issue to Allison Jack at: ( BY NOVEMBER 09, 2007 (EXTENDED DEADLINE). Please include the positionfor which you are applying in the subject line of the email. No calls please. We thank all those who apply, but only thosecandidates who are short-listed will be contacted. For more information please visit http://www.awid.org_____________________________________________________... 2) Programme Specialist / UNIFEM / Bujumbura, Burundi / Closingdate: November 23, 2007. RESPONSIBILITIES: Under the overall supervision of the Regional Programme Director, theexpert will be responsible for: -- Provide substantive guidance and advise to the Government ofBurundi , within the framework of the PBC programme (Peace BuildingCommission), on issues of gender equality and Women Human Rights.-- Design and formulation of programmes/projects for differentfunding mechanisms including Peace building funding.-- Monitoring ongoing projects both substantively andfinancially to ensure efficient and timely delivery and realizationof results.-- Enhancing UNIFEM's participation in inter-agency and inter-governmental process, with particular emphasis on Peace buildingCommission, UNDAF, Poverty Reduction strategies, Internationalconference for the Great Lakes among others.-- Managing , coordinating and providing guidance for reporting inorder to ensure efficient implementation and compliance with UNIFEMand donor requirements.-- Developing effective and innovative strategies for resourcesmobilisation , networking with other UN agencies, donors andinternational organisations.-- Any other duties that support and strengthen UNIFEM's inBurundi in the framework of the Peace Building Commission Fund workas assigned by Regional Programme Director. SEE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION AT:( REQUIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: -- Masters degree in Economic, Social and Political Sciences,International Development or other related areas.-- At least seven years work experience in any of the followingfields: Human right, humanitarian issues, rehabilitation, gender anddevelopment, Economic security, strategic planning or related fields.-- Experience working with UN joint programming frameworks andresult-based management systems is a particular advantage.-- Experience with international organizations, the UN system andcivil society is particularly desirable.-- Fluency in French and English is required.-- Knowledge of local language is an added advantage. TO APPLY: Please apply ONLINE at: APPLICATION DEADLINE: 23 NOVEMBER 2007._____________________________________________________________________ 3) Coordinator, UN Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict /UNIFEM / New York, NY, USA / Closing date: November 20, 2007. BACKGROUND: UN Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict (UN Action) unites thework of 12 UN system entities (DPA, DPKO, OCHA, OHCHR, UNAIDS, UNDP,UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNIFEM, WFP and WHO) with the aim of bettercoordinating the work of the UN system in response to sexual violenceduring and after conflict. UN Action seeks to galvanize global concern about rape as a weapon ofwar, and speed up the response of the peacekeeping, humanitarian anddevelopment communities to violations of women's rights in conflictand post-conflict settings. UN Action is (i) supporting a globaladvocacy effort to end sexual violence during and after conflict,(ii) amplifying the international community's efforts to prevent andrespond to sexual violence, and (ii) building a knowledge hub mappingthe extent of sexual violence in conflict and effective responses tothe needs of survivors and their communities. UN Action aspires tobuild upon existing collaborative efforts, including the work of theInter-Agency Standing Committee and the humanitarian response"cluster system". RESPONSIBILITIES: -- Monitor the strategic framework for 2007 and prepare astrategic framework for 2008 with clear goals, operational targetsand outputs, securing agreement and support from all 12 UN entities;Establish an effective operating structure and procedures for thejoint work of UN Action; -- Update the fundraising plan for UN Action - this will includedeveloping funding proposals for discussion with bilateral donors,Foundations and private sector partners; -- Help to convene Working Groups created to drive advocacy,support joint programming at country level, and stimulate knowledgegeneration - negotiating clear objectives and deliverables for each;Identify upcoming advocacy opportunities in relation to peace-keepingmissions, resolutions of regional and international securityorganizations, conferences on SSR, GBV, SEA, peace talks involvingwomen, for focus from UN Action; -- Prepare analytical briefs with recommendation for the SteeringCommittee of Principals from the 12 UN entities, and ensureappropriate follow up;-- Prepare reports for donors and investors on UN Actionexpenditure and achievements;-- Help to secure support for UN Action from key allies such asnational governments, NGOs, military spokespersons, celebrities - andstrengthen the partnership base of UN Action;-- Organize regular (virtual) meetings of the focal points fromthe 12 entities as well as bi-annual strategic review meetings; -- Engage, as appropriate, with other humanitarian coordinationmechanisms such as the cluster system and the Inter-Agency StandingCommittee (IASC) and its Sub-Working Groups on Gender and Gender-Based Violence, to ensure clear delineation of responsibilities andvalue added; -- Support the Chairperson of the UN Action Steering Committee toengage, as appropriate, with Executive Committees (ECPS, ECHA, andUNDG), and the Secretary-General's Policy Committee where necessary; -- Liaise with other inter-agency initiatives, such as theFramework Team, the Coalition on Adolescent Girls, the GlobalCoalition on Women and AIDS, etc. to ensure cross learning andsharing of effective inter-agency procedures;-- Supervise the work of the UN Action Secretariat, including thepreparation and circulation of informational materials. REQUIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: -- Masters Degree in development studies, gender studies, publichealth, international relations, political sciences, internationallaw or related discipline.-- Experience and track record in inter-agency programmemanagement, coalition building and fund raising.-- Minimum of 10 years of experience in the UN and /orinternational system.--- Experience in humanitarian response and GBV programming atcountry level.-- Fluency in English, fluency in another UN language an asset. -- Excellent writing and communication skills. SEE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION AT:( TO APPLY: Please apply ONLINE at: APPLICATION DEADLINE: 20 NOVEMBER 2007._____________________________________________________________________ 4) Programme Specialist, Latin America and the Caribbean / UNIFEM /New York, NY, USA / Closing date: November 13, 2007. BACKGROUND: Under the supervision of the Chief of the Latin American and theCaribbean (LAC) Section in New York, the Programme Specialistprovides the day-to-day operational and technical support to thesection programme and corporate responsibilities. In closecollaboration with UNIFEM colleagues from the field and HQ, theProgramme Specialist is responsible for the management of theSection's portfolio on Reducing Feminized Poverty and Women'sEconomic Rights for programmes, projects and other initiatives andactivities, including full substantive, financial, administrativesupport, following UNDP/UNIFEM procedures. RESPONSIBILITIES: -- Formulating and finalizing programmes/projects within the LACregion, including preparation of concept papers on women's economicrights, organization of technical inputs and management of theconsulting process amongst RPDS, Thematic Advisors, Consultants andHQ, ensuring the preparation of quality project documents andfacilitating the approval process; -- Under the guidance of the Chief, coordinate the design anddevelopment of LAC-wide programmes related to reducing feminizedpoverty and provide substantive, technical and administrative supportfor timely implementation and monitoring of those programmes,including reviewing and monitoring of work plans to ensure timelyimplementation, overall management of regional programmes ensuringtimely disbursements of funds and adherence to policies andprocedures and facilitating communication to develop synergies andcommon approaches to programme development and implementation. -- Facilitate communications between UNIFEM's Thematic Advisorsand RPDs and provide substantive inputs for global initiativesensuring that the LAC perspectives are reflected. -- Maintain on-going monitoring, reporting and feedback onprogramme and project implementation with the LAC region with theview to identifying and resolving technical and management problems,capturing and extracting results and lessons learned, and ensuringtimely reporting to donors and Headquarters on programmeimplementation. -- Coordinate gathering of information on LAC activities fordocumentation, including dissemination of information among regionaland sub-regional offices and liaising with sub-regional offices. -- Develop working relationships with other UN organizations,multilateral and bilateral agencies, NGOs, donors, foundations,governments and other relevant networks; and develop, organize and/orparticipate in panels and workshops at regional and global levels, asnecessary. SEE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION AT:( REQUIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: -- A Masters degree in International Affairs, Law, SocialSciences, Economic and Political Development, and/ or a closelyrelated discipline. Gender studies a plus.-- At least 5 years of progressively responsible experience ininternational development work preferably focused on, or stronglyinvolving gender equality at national, regional and internationallevels.-- Knowledge of and experience with the LAC geographicspecialization.-- Excellent written and spoken English and Spanish is required;working ability in at least one other LAC language (Portuguese,French) would be preferred. TO APPLY: Please apply ONLINE at: APPLICATION DEADLINE: 13 NOVEMBER 2007._____________________________________________________________________ 5) Social Development and Gender Advisor / UNDP / East Jerusalem,Palestinian Territories / Closing date: November 16, 2007. BACKGROUND: Since the late 1980s and more recently the Second Intifada, the oPthas experienced a steady decline in its economy, in human and socialdevelopment and in security. Key obstacles to progress include theoccupation, the lack of a clear road map to peace, imposedrestrictions on the movement of people and goods through out the oPtand the deterioration of Palestinian government institutionsfollowing the 2006 elections. These factors amongst others haveimpeded the development and implementation of pro-growth and socialpolicies including efforts to reduce poverty, provide access tosocial services and protect human rights. Human security hasdeteriorated in the oPt with the increase in intra-Palestinianviolence, including gender based violence. In June 2007 Hamas seizedpower in Gaza, further isolating this densely populated area andrendering it almost completely aid dependent. At the appointedPalestinian Authority based in Ramallah is now preparing nationalplans, policy tools and priority interventions in order to resume thereform process in the West Bank with a view to boosting the economy,increasing employment, reducing poverty and improving security. In support of UNDP/PAPP, the Bureau for Crises Prevention andRecovery (BCPR) fielded a scoping mission in February/March 2007which highlighted strategic areas of intervention for increased BCPRsupport to UNDP/PAPP to advance conflict sensitive developmentplanning within PAPP's portfolio of programmes. A project document,"Building capacities for conflict development analysis and sensitiveprogramming in the oPt" has been developed. Mainstreaming poverty,vulnerabilities and gender perspectives in Crisis Prevention andRecovery is emphasized in this project reinforcing UNDP/PAPP's recentefforts to mainstream gender and social development perspectives intooperations, policies and programmes and to dedicate specificinterventions that empower vulnerable groups, including women. The application of a conflict development perspective, sensitive togender and social development in UNDP/PAPP's planning and programmingprocesses is critical to ensure positive impact. POSITION SUMMARY: The social development and gender advisor under the authority of theSpecial Representative and the direct supervision of the DeputySpecial Representative (in a matrix management arrangement with theSpecial Representative), will be responsible for providing analysis,strategic advise and expertise in relation to social policy, strategydevelopment and programming, covering gender, poverty, socialexclusion, community participation, vulnerability, and human rightsperspectives. The incumbent will collaborate with the Senior Economist, the Peaceand Development Advisor, programme managers and analysts to: increasePAPP's understanding of the environment it is working in, includingthe development of a dynamic knowledge base; develop a comprehensivestrategy to improve the socio-economic conditions of the oPt thatensures gender and poverty-related perspectives; identify and promoteefforts to build peace for and with Palestinian women; informprogramme development and implementation; and provide expertise onmonitoring, evaluation and lessons learned. SEE FULL POSITION DESCRIPTION AT:( REQUIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: -- Masters degrees and/or PhD in Gender and Development, SocialScience or related fields. -- A minimum of 7 - 10 years of professional experience at thenational and international level in advisory, and/or managerialpositions including experience in crisis and post-crisis countries.minimum of 7 - 10 years of professional experience at the nationaland international level in advisory, and/or managerial positionsincluding experience in crisis and post-crisis countries. -- Substantial work experience and knowledge on gender anddevelopment; experience with gender related work in crisis or post-crisis situations is considered an asset. -- Excellent interpersonal skills and proven networking skills,able to establish and maintain effective partnerships and workingrelations in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment. -- Communication skills, ability to convey challenging issues andpositions to senior officials, sensitivity to local cultures,experience of facilitation and training is highly desirable.-- Understanding of the UN system, policies, practices andprocedures.-- Ability to work with high level government and donorcounterparts.-- Preference will be given to persons with working experience inArab States.-- Excellent speaking and writing skills in English.-- Knowledge of Arabic is an asset.-- Familiarity with Crisis Prevention and Recovery Issues.-- Excellent computer skills. TO APPLY: Please apply ONLINE at: APPLICATION DEADLINE: 16 NOVEMBER 2007._____________________________________________________________________ 6) Microfinance Country Resident Advisor / UNDP / Lilongwe, Malawi /Closing date: November 16, 2007. BACKGROUND: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the UnitedNations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) developed a Programmeentitled Building an Inclusive Financial Sector in Malawi (FIMA) withthe aim to contribute to poverty reduction by increasing access tofinancial services (loans, savings, payment services, moneytransfers, and/or insurance) for poor and vulnerable populations, inparticular women, with priority given to increasing access to ruralareas where demand for services is greatest. The project takes a sectoral approach, situating the development ofmicrofinance in the overall financial sector including banking andcapital markets. JOB DESCRIPTION: Within the Project Management Unit in the Ministry of Finance, theResident Advisor will implement the strategy for inclusive financialsector development described in the Programme document, the moredetailed working documents, and the approved Programme workplan inorder to achieve the set up key results. At the country level, the Resident Advisor supervises up to two (2)professional national staff and up to two (2) administrative staff ofthe national programme; and s/he guides one (1) Programme Officer onFinancial inclusion matters as well as a Financial Inclusion teamassigned to each programme. The Resident Advisor works under the direction of the UNCDF RegionalTechnical Manager, Financial Inclusion Unit for Southern and EasternAfrica, and in close relationships with the UNDP Country Office, theDirectorate of Economics Affairs within the Ministry of Finance andeventually the Coordinating Unit of the National Strategy forFinancial Inclusion. S/He provides technical leadership andmanagement to the microfinance programme in the country, includingresponsibility for managing the project cycle. The Resident Advisor is responsible for the effective development andexecution of the Financial Inclusion in Malawi programme in thecountry (FIMA) in order to achieve the set up targets. At the corporate level, the Country Resident Financial inclusionAdvisor receives overall technical leadership and policy directionfrom the UNCDF Financial inclusion Regional Technical Manager,keeping him/her apprised of programme opportunities and relationshipdevelopments with key stakeholders. The incumbent receives guidanceand support from the Financial inclusion Portfolio Advisor onportfolio management, including disbursement of resources, financialand performance management and programme coherence at the nationallevel; from the Regional Unit on corporate operational issues; andregarding business development/resource mobilization strategies,intelligence and tools. The Country Resident Advisor serves as technical advisor to the UNDPcountry office in the area of Financial Inclusion. The incumbentpartners with UNDP practice areas on policy and knowledge-relatedinitiatives in the country, and works closely with the UNDP CO toensure integration of Financial inclusion activities into the annualwork plan of the UNDP CO annual work plan according to the objectivesset up in that Programme. The incumbent represents UNCDF and UNDP onFinancial inclusion policy and programme matters, first and foremostwith the governmental bodies, the Financial inclusion industry,central banks, donors and other investors. S/he builds strategicpartnerships with key donors and investors, promoting the comparativeadvantages and strategic niches of UNCDF and UNDP and the Financialinclusion line of business, enhancing UNCDF and UNDP as preferredpartners in the area of Financial inclusion and accelerating (non-core) resource mobilization. SEE FULL DESCRIPTION AT:( REQUIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: -- Masters degree in economics; finance, business administration,or related field.-- A minimum of 10 years experience in progressively moreresponsible positions in microfinance, preferably in LDCs and withUN, UNCDF or UNDP experience.-- Demonstrated success in building strategic partnerships andresource mobilization.-- Fluency in English is required. Working knowledge of French isdesirable. TO APPLY: Please apply ONLINE at: APPLICATION DEADLINE: 16 NOVEMBER 2007._____________________________________________________________________ 7) Chief Technical Advisor / UNDP / Skopje, Macedonia / Closing date:November 27, 2007. BACKGROUND: The main objective and focus of the One-Voter One-Ballot programme isto help strengthen the democratic character of Macedonian electionsand promote women's electoral rights in communities whereirregularities are traditionally observed. Through working withnational and international partners - mainly the State ElectionCommission (SEC) and local non-governmental organizations, politicalparties and international organizations that have activities in thefiled of election support and election reforms, the programme aims atstrengthening democratic institutions, improving the standards oflocal electoral practices and change of deeply-rooted culturalpractices. The programme - which essentially is a multi-donor integratedprogramme with various components - consists of distinct components(each of them with a scope/complexity and eventual size (when fullyfunded by prospective donors) of what could constitute a separateproject) that require strong coordination to ensure coherence of thedeliveries and impacts in the programme's entirety... . The programme is intended to provide a dynamic forum to raise publicawareness, sensitize leaders and target vulnerable and marginalizedgroups on women's disenfranchisement. It has been designed as aframework through which proxy and family voting will be addressed andactive collaboration sought among stakeholders, principally the StateElection Commission, to eradicate the problem. FOR MORE BACKGROUND INFORMATION, PLEASE SEE:( POSITION SUMMARY: Under the overall guidance of the Resident Representative andsupervision of the Deputy Resident Representative, and in closecollaboration with the UNDP Programme Officer and the designatedmember from the State Election Commission, the Chief TechnicalAdvisor will be responsible for implementation of the multi-donorintegrated programme of "One Voter One Ballot - Addressing familyand proxy voting in Macedonia". S/he will be responsible to manage the broad range of areas relatedto evolving strategic planning of the programme activities,identification of innovative measures to overcome issues as theyarise, and management of groups of professionals who will providetechnical assistance (and to ensure they generate mutuallyreinforcing and coherent impact). They should be built on his/herexcellent political judgments skills, ability to build relations withhigh-level officials and donors, ability to undertake timelycoordination of activities with all necessary stakeholders, inaddition to his/her capacity to exercise oversight on operationaland administrative aspects of programme management. S/he will be based at the premises of the State Election Commissionand is expected to provide support to the Commission in theimplementation of the project activities. This will facilitate theownership and leadership of the State Election Commission. REQUIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: Education:-- A post-graduate degree in Political Science/Law; -- A qualification in, and/or substantial experience ofdevelopment studies/international relations highly desirable; Experience:-- At least 7 years work experience in democratic governance witha strong focus on electoral processes and human rights/women issues;-- Proven experience in handling gender/electoral issues in theinter-ethnic sensitivities.-- Experience in developing and conducting training programs tocivil servant and/or civil society representatives is an asset.-- Experience in implementing advocacy campaigns on human rightsand gender issues is an asset.-- Proven experience in managing the project funded by theEuropean commission funds is an asset.-- Experiences in programming and project management, resourcesmobilization, monitoring and evaluation would be asset is an asset.-- Understanding of national government processes in multi ethnicenvironment is essential; substantial work experience in agovernment context highly desirable. Language Requirements:-- Fluency in English is essential; -- Working knowledge of Macedonian and/or Albanian language willbe desirable. SEE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION AT:( TO APPLY: Please apply ONLINE at: APPLICATION DEADLINE: 27 NOVEMBER 2007._____________________________________________________________________ 8) Women in Leadership Program Officer / UNIFEM Afghanistan / Kabul,Afghanistan / Closing date: November 11, 2007. BACKGROUND: UNIFEM, over the last 4 years has been actively involved ininstitutionalizing gender equity. This process has contributed to thepresence of Afghan women in Parliament and provincial council. It isimportant to fully capitalize on the human resources available inparliament, government agencies and civil society to promote asustainable democracy which also prioritizes gender equity and gendermainstreaming. The empowerment of women as political leaders andpromotion of women's political participation are crucial to meeting<

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