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Need: Looking For Mentors

Jambo everyone from Malindi found at the rural Kenya. I am currently looking for mentors who can mentor young girls between the age of 15-20 on different aspects ranging from career, reproductive health among others.

Most young people in the rural lack access to information and other benefits and that's why I am starting a project within my community to empower girls to be leaders and role models in their society. Mentorship will be done through social media like facebook since many of them have access to it. This will also help them understand that actually social platforms like facebook can be used for positive change among others.

Please if you interested feel free to buzz me and will talk more. I am open for suggestions to



mrbeckbeck's picture


This is a great idea Helwa, I am sure you'll get some responses. Have you thought about pairing it with the curriculum that I have just shared in Sharing Solutions ( Could be a powerful combination!

Thanks for sharing this with the community.

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Rahmana Karuna's picture


Helwa, what a wonderful idea. i am a nurse and a midwife. I am most willing to work with you on this. lets talk.

Helwa's picture

Most Welcome

Dear all,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for the great support am receiving now on my project that am working on right now to make sure rural girls in Malindi have equal opportunities.

Currently Lea have been very supporting in sharing ideas with me and suggesting ways on how the project can be and am excited to tell you that currently am working on doing a needs assessment which is scheduled to start tomorrow till Saturday. I have also been able to recruit willing volunteers who will assist me in making sure this dream comes true. Tomorrow Thursday will first visit the local community person to hear what they have to say about challenges the girls face in accessing resources.

On Saturday we have arranged to have a focus group with different group of girls who will share with us their views and from their we will be able to come up with a program that suits them but most importantly mentoring is the priority.

So by next week, I will be able to share with you all via email the feedback and as usual please feel to inbox me any ideas, opinions and suggestions on concerning the project.

Another things kindly all mentors inbox me your details so that once we are ready can share with you all the details, information and way forward

Thank you all for your support in deed at pulsewire we are a family full of loving sisters



Rahmana Karuna's picture


will you be connecting with us thru world pulse? or private email?
your dream vision is awesome and great. hope i will be able to help in some way.
rahmana karuna

Helwa's picture

Mode of Communication

I prefer the mode of communication can be either here at Pulse wire and email via group. Here we will be sharing ideas and feedback.
As for now am working on the question to be discussed at the focus groups

Nina_Tee's picture

Hi Ayshah, I'd love to help

Hi Ayshah,

I'd love to help with this! How shall we go about connecting with you? Excited to hear what the focus group and needs assessment revealed!



Helwa's picture

Once Finished

Dear Amina thank you so much the support once it's ready will share it out sawa

Hannah B's picture


Hi Ayshah,

I am interested in mentoring if you still need people!
Let me know if I can help with that, or anything else.

Thank you,


Helwa's picture

Asante (Thank you)

I am soo excited with the great support and ideas am receiving so far from everyone thank you. So far am collecting questions that can help me and the volunteers get as much information as possible. Please share some if you have?

Kindly inbox me your email


dromesburg's picture


I would love to help.

Dee Romesburg

Natasha Welsh's picture

Love to help

Hi Ayshah,
Id also love to help with your idea of mentoring young women in your community.
Im Australian and I live In Indonesia.
I have alot to share..
let me know how we can connect.
I also hope 1 day soon to visit Kenya with my son

Hi Ayshah-
I was alerted to your post, as I am interested and am acting as an informal mentor to some of the girls and women on this site. What you are doing is needed, and is a wonderful thing. Scott mentioned the curriculum above, which I can assist any interested person with and help them along the way. I am also working on a curriculum for WP to assist with this very issue. I will private message you with more details.

Thanks for posting this!

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


Sandra Nassali's picture


Good to meet with you here.


Dear Ayshah

i do not know how to help you in this your effort of ' minimizing dependency and moving ahead with loads of strength'

i am sure you can identify the 'RESOURCES' the community OWN

some have the thinking ability than the others
some have will power than the others
some have the strength than the others
some have 'labour power'
some have the understanding abilities than the others

some have the sharing abilities
some have the listening abilities
some have the 'lets do it no matter what ever obstacles may appear before our community project' - ' POSITIVE THINKING

some have NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS' but only have 'who says we have no resources in our community' ' we have many things in our hands' ' we can use them with confidence because all of them are ours we do not have to hire them therefore we depend less on others ' such words in our vocabulary

some have the fresh ideas like you

some have the 'speak up' abilities when ever necessary but stay quite when we do not have to talk ' have you experienced this in your focus group discussions ( how was it ?)

after finishing the FGD

i am sure

now you have an idea as to who can do what who has some above abilities, strengths, how to use such strengths and abilities for the benefit of your project ( project = your community) , for the sake of your people for of the success of the project


i understood that you have a huge helping network after reading the comments that have come and touched your inbox

will keep in touch

so all these 'IN' s might help you to send something out to the other communities that may need some ideas to start something fresh of their own

i am sure that others will follow this your 'we have some strength' ' we are not afraid of obstacles' - COMMUNITY PROJECT

wish you all the success

this is Sandika ..........................................

La situation socioéconomique dont est victime les filles en milieu rural laisse à desirer
Cela s'explique par le fait que , la culture n'a pas laissé espace à une fille d'avoir accès à toutes les informations sociales , politiques , sanitaire , religieuse et éducationnelle
Raison pour laquelle vous allez voir que plus de 85% de filles et femmes en milieu rural n'ont pas étudié c'est ce qui bloque l'épanouissement de la fille et femme en milieu rural
Pour contourner et promouvoir la fille dont l'age varie entre 15 et 20 ,nous avons créer une association de femmes et filles appellée F.E . D; Femmes et Enfants en Danger nous faisons
- L'alphabétisation des filles et femmes adultes
- La sensibilisation sur les gender based by violence GBV
- Encadrons ces filles et femmes dans l'artisanat , coupe et couture , tressage de sacs
Sorry , because I am not good in speaking English and writing
You'll teach me how can I do
Je serai content de vous lire regulièrement

Anselme Mafundwe

HOPE tOWELA's picture

awesome news

This is really something that is amazing it is sure a very compassionate thing to do for our future generation, I would love to be part of this family, that is am not late to join.




Leonida's picture

Mentoring Girls

Hi Aysha

Count me in , this is a wonderful idea

Leonida Odongo


Gwewasang's picture

Challenging for Change

Hi Ayshah,
I am interested and willing to help. We need to encourage and empower young people all over the world to utilize their skills to contribute and give back to communities in simple but very valuable ways. This way it will open up windows and doors of opportunity for them. You can contact me at for discussions on how to get started.

Dr Gwewasang

Moon's picture

will love to help

Hi.........I am just fourteen..................but I would really like to help.......................I think I will be helpful to my Kenyan sisters who are around my age.............I am very aware about these issues.........I have a facebook account............And I have some simple ideas which I would really like to express.................Maybe I cannot be a mentor,But just an understanding friend...................PLS feel free to mail me........

Paulina Lawsin's picture

Hi Helwa.This is a wonderful

Hi Helwa.This is a wonderful idea. Count me in! I used to manage an Empowering Girls Project, a lifeskills and adolescent reproductive health project that reached out to 600 girls in our city. We can also connect the girls to our Adolescent Team Educators (ATEs) who are now professionals.

Helwa's picture

Tell me More

Wauh am soo happy to read your message today please tell me more about the project how did you contact the ATE's

Paulina Lawsin's picture

The ATEs were girls who

The ATEs were girls who volunteered and were trained to organize and facilitate learning group sessions on range of topics- visioning and goal setting, sexuality, communicating with parents, relating with the opposite sex, violence against women, community, environment, world of work and sisterhood. They also serve as role models to the girls.

Let's connect on Facebook and I will introduce you to some of them so you can get to know more about their experience and its impact to their present lives.

By the way, the term ATE is the Filipino term for big sister which was a very appropriate acronym for Adolescent Team Educators.

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