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Need: need funding for our project

Section A- Our organization

1. NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION: Youth Organization for the Prevention of AIDS
2. ESTABLISHMENT DATE: 1st April, 2008.
3. CONTACT PERSON: Abdikadir Issa- Program Manager.
4. ADRESS: Mogadishu – Somalia.
5. TEL:+25250916593.
6.E-MAIL Address:
8.TYPE OF ORGANIZATION: Community - based Organization.

VISION: To assist people to live HIV/AIDS free lives.
MISSION: To educate People about HIV/AIDS, how to prevent it and control its spread regardless of their race, sex, religion,color and their political beliefs.
Principle: to equip people with the necessary preventive measures to help them protect themselves against HIV/AIDS.
Motto “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

to increase public awareness on HIV/AIDS.
to educate people, especially youngsters about how to protect
themselves and others from HIV/AIDS.
to moblize a large number of volunteers in remote rural areas so that villagers will be helped to understand what HIV/AIDS is and how it can be prevented.

A capacity-building programme was offered to our staff for a start. The programme was designed to strengthen the YOPA staff capacity through regular staff meetings, training workshops, forums and consultancy.

Local groups help.
a) well-wishers
b)business community
c)membership fees
d) temporary buildings and equipments by some organizations to which we are affiliated.

10.The annual income
Our annual income is roughly $2500 which is the
equivalent of 87500000 Somali Shillings.

Section B- Our Project.

The project has been aptly titled “Aids Awareness and education – enhancing project.”

The project will be implemented in Somalia, specially Banadir and Lower Shabelle Regions were selected for the project implementation areas, as they are currently within our area of Operation.
Besides, these two regions were chosen because they have better facilities than other regions have.
After having realized that AIDS is one of the great taboos in Somali people’s culture, YOPA has decided to set up this project, namely “Aids Awareness and education – enhancing project.” For the purpose of breaking this taboo,of course, giving full consideration to the social expectations, roles, and attitudes and activities that conform to the society.
YOPA administration has noticed the wide spread ignorance of the ordinary people on HIV/AIDS, hence the need for the initiation of this project. Following this, YOPA has constantly consulted experts to take their medical advice with regard to HIV/AIDS prevention and education. Likewise, it has increased its efforts to reach out more people with respected positions in the society for their advice and collaboration in creating public awareness on HIV/AIDS.
The project plan is a number of activities all directed at preparing people for the protection of HIV/AIDS against themselves.
It will move through the following two stages:
Training of trainers stage.
Mass Education Campaign stage.
It is a simple and sustainable project.
1. Its main goal is to give people a true picture about HIV/AIDS so that they will have better understanding of it, as they will be equipped with the necessary knowledge that will help them to defend themselves from this killer disease.
The prime objectives are to enable the recipients to:
acquire the necessary skills about HIV/AIDS.
appreciate facts and issues related to HIV/AIDS.
develop life skills that will lead to HIV/AIDS- free life.
identify appropriate sources of information on HIV/AIDS.
make decision about personal and social behavior that reduce risk of HIV/AIDS infection.
show compassion towards and concern for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS .
to be actively in activities aimed at prevention and control of HIV/AIDS.
communicate effectively with others about issues and concerns related to HIV/AIDS.
a) Training of trainers
5 days HIV/AIDS training workshop will be organized for 120 people who will come from different areas of Banadir and Shabelle Regions in Somalia.
They will include:
(a) 20 youngsters from young people.( Boys and Girls) as trainers for young
People in youth clubs and community centers in the selected regions.
(b) 20 Imams as trainers for the congregations in different mosques.
(c) 20 young girls as trainers for traditional midwives in the target areas.
(d) 20 Primary school teachers as trainers for pupils in upper primary classes.
(e) 20 skilled orators as trainers for open - air gatherings.
(f) 20 Village elders as trainers for villagers in remote areas.

Activities planned to be used for meeting the intended objectives during the workshop include:
interesting presentations by experts.
brochures, leaflets, cuttings of newspaper articles on HIV/AIDS and short messages on HIV/AIDS recorded on a tape recorder, all giving information about
HIV/AIDS prevention.
short stories or poems about HIV/AIDS .
role playing .
Singing etc.

b) Mass Education Campaign

Mass education of one year duration to educate public about AIDS prevention though intensive mass education via the media, posters, billboards, drama, videos and films, public gatherings, congregations, enternet, athletics, puppets, story-telling,games,etc.

The intended beneficiaries of the project amount to 120 persons.
Gender: 70females
50 males.
Age: The village elders are all middle-aged individuals, but the rest of the participants are young people aged between 15 to 26.
However, People in general will benefit from this project through mass media campaign to which they will be exposed for one year.
Cultural factors are their HIV/AIDS challenges we want to help them overcome.
Cultural traditional believes affect their understanding of aids e.g bewitching.
Cultural Practices such as religion, age group, circumcision and using the same knife /razor.
Transmission association of HIV/AIDS with laxity in social morals.
Lack of personal initiative to seek information about HIV/AIDS.

YOPA will continue striving to keep this project going in collaboration with all its willing helpers in and out of the country together with the help of the people it is going to train.

It would be important for the project administration two measure project achievements by means of agreed achievement indicators.
This might include:
Public awareness on HIV/AIDS – Raised or not?
People’s understanding of HIV/AIDS- improved or not?
Number of people tested for HIV/AIDS – increased or not?
People’s attitude towards AIDS Victims – changed or not?
The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate among people – declined or not?
Anti-health traditional practices –stopped or not?
If the data collected shows that the project has produced the desired results, then it will be considered to be a great success, but if it doesn’t achieve what was intended, it might be abandoned.

10. The project we are applying for is a new project not for the continuation of an existing project.

Section C – Budget.

It has been estimated to be around $14,000.
2. The amount we are applying for is $11500.
We have received $2,500 from the Business community for conducting a capacity building program previously organized for YOPA staff.

Start Date: As soon as funded
End Date: Within 12 Months from day started

Line Item Budget

Item Qty Per Unit Time Total
1. Workshop Participants 120 $5 a day 5 days $3000
2. Refreshments for 128 $4 a day 5 days $2560
3. Security Guard and
lady Cleaners 4 $3 a day 5 days $60
4. Master Trainers 2 $50 a day 5 days $250
5. Supervisor 1 $30 a day 5 days $150
6. Rental charge for 1 large hall $50 a day 5 days $250
7. Training materials & equipments Lumpsum 5 days $ 530
8. Transportation expenses (for people from remote areas. 40 persons $1 a day 5 days $200
9. Mass education Campaign for one year Lumpsum One year $7000
10. Grand Total $14000.00

Abdikadir Issa,
Age: 26
Gender: male
Education/qualifications: General Certificate in Secondary Education.
Certificate in teacher training
Second year medical student
Employment: YOPA Program manager
HIV/AIDS activist
Rakia Ahmed Mohamed,
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Education: Diploma in business studies
Employment: Financial Controller
Ahmed Mohamed Abdurahman
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Education: Diploma in three years nursing course
BA in English language
Post graduate diploma in English language education.
Employment: chair of YOPA board of trustees.
4.Fahma Abdullahi Warsame
Age: 18
Gender: female
Education: High School graduate.
Certificate in first aid course.
Employment: cashier.
5. Mohamed Amin Ahmed – Personnel Director.
Education : High School graduate.
Certificate in gardening.
After having realized that:
HIV/AIDS spreads unabated in areas where there is conflict e.g. war.
HIV is the most common cause of infection in Somalia’s neighboring countries.
YOPA leaders felt duty bound to get involved in this project in order to increase HIV/AIDS awareness and sensitivity among their people, particularly the teenage girls and their male peers who are the most vulnerable group of the society, as they have no or little experience about HIV/AIDS.

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