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Offer: Bridging Spirituality and Social Justice consultancy services for young and adult women ...Healing Truama!


I have dedicated my life’s work to the transformation of young and adult women of color because I have experienced firsthand the impact that lack of proper care, injustice, human right violations and continuous poverty and neglect has on their mind, body and spirit and as a result on poor immigrant communities in NYC, across the United States and the world. I am a lesbian, teen mother of two, immigrant, working class, Dominican woman living in Washington Heights and I have learned via the passing down of information from the women in my family to take my communities health into my own hands.

As a result I have developed a race, class and gender analysis, prevention and response healing model to trauma and violence against women in communities of color. It addressed the impact that poverty and internalized oppression has on the mental, spiritual and physical health of communities, families, activist, organizers and women on the frontline.

My goal is to support women of color, non profits and social justice movements to,
1. explore issues of power and oppression in a safe space
2. use self healing concepts and techniques to liberate our selves and our communities from internalized oppression trauma, violence and poverty
3. Understand the interrelationship of self healing within community and community organizing by sharing within a collective experience
4. Increase the capacity of organizers for critical thinking and seeing through a political lens to be able to identify and challenge systems of oppression.

Utilizing an inter-sectionality analysis, participants explore how institutional racism, homophobia, classism, sexism and xenophobia impact the lives of women of color.

In addition, my goal is to support women of color, non profits and social justice movements in building sustainable long term impact by having health, wellness and spirituality at the core of their work. I believe that our communities can only be as strong as the people within them.

MY EXPERTISE: I am a healer, curandera, practitioner in emotional release and hands on healing, organizer and activist, journalist and author

I provide Consulting Services in Life Skills Planning and Self Empowerment Coaching and Training , Leadership Coaching ,Personal and Organizational Capacity Building, Self Care action planning, Spirited Activism for Team Building, Health and Wellness for Organizational Development and Staff Training, Empowerment/Healing Workshops and Retreats, Emotional Release Healing Circles and Support Groups, Reproductive Health and Wellness, Violence Prevention working through internalized oppression, Youth Development and Trauma Prevention Workshops

For the past ten years, I have worked at Casa Atabex Ache and have been the Executive Director since 2004. I have been with the organization since its inception in the Mott Haven community of the South Bronx, the poorest congressional district, ranked the unhealthiest of NY states 62 counties n the United States with the highest teen pregnancy and infant mortality rate. As the Executive Director of Casa Atabex Ache I have had the opportunity to develop an organization rooted in spirituality, healing and health and wellness, reclaiming a communities innate ability to restore itself within it ancestry, culture and political climate. Additionally, I have over ten years experience supporting communities in NYC, nationally and internationally in reclaiming their reproductive and community health. I have worked on various projects and developed models integrating complementary healing modalities, alternative health and social justice; these include self healing retreats for child sexual abuse and domestic violence survivors & days of healing for HIV/AIDS and cancer survivors. I have also traveled to Cuba Vieques, Puerto Rico& New Orleans; facilitated a weeklong holistic conference for young and adult women sexual assault and rape victims.

In addition, I researched their reproductive health education models, trainings, and health care systems. In January of 2006, I organized the first Women of Color Delegation comprised of 21 young women activists and leaders of NYC, to Chiapas, Mexico. Together we spent ten days in dialogue, research, practice and touring of indigenous communities More recently, I organized a healing team of women to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina and Haiti for Disaster /Trauma Relief.

MY WORK IS IMPACTFUL with lasting change because I use my life story as a platform. As a single mother, child sexual abuse survivor, adopted, lesbian, domestic violence, abortions in my youth, HIV/AIDS, alcohol, prostitution, drugs, the prison industrial complex, raising a son and a daughter, being a Dominican Latina immigrant and many more.

My life story is about healing self love, sisterhood, justice, and transformation. My life has many lessons and stories that every women can relate to, so through my work I share my lessons, successes, challenges and what’s to come.

I am available to do consulting, workshops , presentations, conferences, speaking engagements, empowerment and healing retreats, organize support groups with young and adult women, youth, LGBTQ community and immigrants on any topic that has been a part of my life.

I am a recent graduate in the Masters of Public Health program at Columbia University currently attending NYU School of Social Work for a certification in Clinical Approaches to Addiction. My areas of study was in the Reproductive, Adolescent and Family Health where I focused on research and evaluation methods, program planning and systems mapping to strengthen my ability to develop a theoretical framework that integrates self healing and community organizing. It was important for me to identify the interconnections and impact of poverty, oppression, violence, neglect, abuse and trauma on community’s mental physical and emotional health while findings alternative ways to address the root causes of inequitable health outcomes within a human rights framework and social justice analysis for a communities survival.

With your support, I want to be able to bring to you and your community, a model where the individual is responsible for her own healing process. By this is meant that mental/ emotional healing is an act that the client looks within herself to find the answers. This is contrary to Western models of Classical Clinical counseling or therapy in which the client seeks answers from an authority outside of herself. Using this model the participant becomes empowered because she is taking an active role in her healing.

A model that fosters collective healing between people breaking the pattern of individualism, isolation and self-blame—creating effective and successful alternative models of training's, which have collectivism and holistic health and spirituality at its core.

A model that counters the existing models of health institutions & address the serious healthcare problem in our community, where people are not clients or patients, but active participants in their well being.

A model that challenges the accepted societal norms that only acknowledges “experts” or “credentials” and not the right to handing down knowledge—the way of many immigrant cultures and their human right to create liberated and autonomous communities.

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