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Need: HOT: Helping Ourselves Together, A Peer Counselor Training Program for queer young women. Curriculum Development


my organization, the Queer African Youth Networking Center is developing a peer counselors training program, Helping Ourselves Together (HOT) to build the capacity of LGBTQI youth peer counselors to effectively disseminate information on sexual education, gender identity, sexual orientation, substance abuses, behavior change and to provide basic psycho-social counseling services in their communities in Africa. The training workshop will be conducted once a week for three hours, for a total duration of two months for the core training and an extra two weeks to train future trainers of peer counselors, those individuals who exhibit skills and commitment to peer counseling. The two weeks training will provide more in-depth information about peer counseling training techniques. After completion of the training, Certified Peer Counselors are assigned districts in their area to conduct outreach sessions for six month.

The goal of the program is to:
•Provide free one-on-one and group peer counseling to 800 queer identified youth in the LGBTQI community in Lagos (Nigeria) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) over the next two years, who struggle with a unique set of challenges particular to their sexual orientation and gender identity.

•Develop a bond of trust between youth of similar age, experience, values and culture. It connects youth to LGBTQI community resources and provides education about gender identity, sexual orientation issues, behavior change, healthy relationship and harm reduction.

•Strengthening the social networks of youth, especially girls and young women to speak for themselves, share and explore their experiences in a supportive and safe environment.

•Build the capacity of peer counselors to help their peers with dealing with stressful and traumatic life experiences.

Help: The organization is operating with no funding and we are in desperate need for support to develop the curriculum.
If you have a background in counseling and can help help us with the curriculum or know of any organization that has similar program, please let me know. I have pasted a copy of the first draft to give you an idea on where we are at. Any help and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

In solidarity,


QAYN-Center Peer Counseling Curriculum Outline, Draft

8 sessions, 2 months
Participants ages 18 – 29 years old

1)Session – Introductions, Icebreakers, Trust/Community building activities, Creating Sense of Purpose
a.) Activities to create sense of partnership
b.) Activities for sense of commonalities in group
c.) Activities to share why participants want to be in group, as well as goals

2)Session – Icebreaker, Health topics: Gender, Sexuality, Stigma
a.) What do you want your community to know?
b.) Myths & Facts
c.) Coming Out + Harm Reduction
d.) How health topics are important to you?
e.) Why is it so hard to talk about these topics?

3)Session – Icebreaker, Internalized Oppression, Self-Esteem
a.) Pyramid of Oppression: Internalized, Interpersonal, Institutional, Acts of Violence
b.) Self-esteem worth, how we combat oppression on a daily basis
c.) What are our strengths as individuals and as a team

4)Session – Icebreaker, Women’s Health
a.) Anatomy & Hygiene
b.) Myths & Facts
c.) Safer Sex and Sexually Transmitted Infections
d.) Pregnancy

5)Session – Icebreaker, Healthy Relationships, Consent, Sexually Assault/Rape, Commercial Sex
a.) Practice Negotiation Skills
b.) What is consent?
c.) What is a healthy relationship?
d.) Self-Care around violence and harm reduction skills when in the moment

6)Session – Icebreaker, Harm Reduction & Substance Use
a.) What substances are popular?
b.) Why do we use?
c.) What is harm reduction and how can we apply it to our lives?
d.) HR Triangle

7)Session – Icebreaker, Boundaries, Redirection techniques, Role Plays
a.) When asked personal questions, how do they make you feel, what crosses your line?
b.) Different tools to redirect inappropriate questions, how to say no
c.) Practice skills

8)Session (optional) – Icebreaker, Facilitation skills
a.) Task Instructions
b.) Lesson Plan Goal Setting
c.) Framing & Debriefing
d.) Applying knowledge in interesting activities
e.) Icebreaker Mania
f.) Role Plays


Each session has time for sharing of week’s experiences, check-in questions, and team-building exercises.

Sessions will be around 2.5 hrs once a week

There could be take home assignments or not depending on the personal lives of participants (all assignments would be safe and easy to do without outing participants.)


JAnn1027's picture

Wonderful Outline


This is a very exciting plan! The outline looks like a great start.

If you can't find a single person to volunteer to work on complete the curriculum, you might find individuals who can help with developing individual sessions.

For the sessions on domestic violence and rape, you might try contacting local rape and violence crisis centers to see what type of curriculum they have developed. Planned Parenthood also does a program for youth on violence in relationships and safe sex. They might be able to assist.


Julie Humphrey, Executive Director
Her Star Scholars

marmisen's picture

Dear Julie, thank you very

Dear Julie,

thank you very much for these great suggestions.
It's true that seeking help with individual sessions might be a great way to get several people or organizations to support the project.

Again, thank you.

In solidarity

Mariam Armisen
The Queer African Youth Networking Center

Pan African Youth Network for Social Change (PAYN-SC) and Queer African Youth Networking Center

vivian's picture

Hi Mariam This is an exciting

Hi Mariam

This is an exciting work and i will be plead to be part of the team to help you develop your curriculum. I have a well developed manual on Life skills with could also fit into your program.

Well done. This is nice.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

marmisen's picture

Dear Vivian, how wonderful to

Dear Vivian,

how wonderful to hear from you.
I would love to learn more about the manual you developed.
How can we get in touch?
My email is

In solidarity,


Pan African Youth Network for Social Change (PAYN-SC) and Queer African Youth Networking Center

Funke Arogundade's picture

Dear Vivian, This is a great

Dear Vivian,

This is a great work. I would be too glad to be a part of this. I have had this vision for some time trying to figure out how to go about it. I think the development of this curriculum and the implementation would bring about a positive attitudinal change in our girls. I believe some of these topics could be moderated to fit into the concept of our local communities. A lot could be done. I think this is the beginning of a great work.

In solidarity,

Project Officer, Gender $ Vulnerability with EKCSDA Nigeria.

marmisen's picture


Dear Funke,

I am so happy to hear from a sister in Nigeria.
The curriculum is still being developed and getting the input of people on the ground will be highly valuable.
One of our main objective is to work with local communities to adapt the project to reflect their needs.

Please get in touch with me so that we can further discuss how you can take part in this project. My emails are: and
I look forward to our collaboration.

Again, thank you for interest and support.

In solidarity,

Mariam Armisen
Pan African Youth Network for Social Change (PAYN-SC)
Queer African Youth Networking Center (QAYN)

Pan African Youth Network for Social Change (PAYN-SC) and Queer African Youth Networking Center

naijaboi's picture

peace mariam, this sounds

peace mariam,

this sounds amazing. thank you for taking this on. as a queer nigerian seeing things like this excites me to the possibility of acceptance with queer youth and society.

i will add some links to support you with each section as was recommended.
i have also facilitated some workshops with queer and straight kids here and could be of some assistance if needed.

to support with piece on domestic violence and they can provide curriculum
they work to end family, intimate and gender violence. they also have an analysis on same sex violence

avp (anti violence project)
they work with queer folks, gender non conforming/ transgender folks are very much included.
they do mental health, look at community organizing, works shops etc.

day one
looks at teen dating violence and believe w queer eye

sylvia rivera law project
curriculum on legal issues/ coming out/ stigma and believe they partner with ors internationally also

st. ann's corner of harm reduction
great work and good resources

i hope this information is helpful. i would love to find out how the work is coming. connect with you as another queer african and collaborate. im wanting to do a film project in nigeria, and would love to do work out there with you.

my email is

be well and peace
oluseyi toyin adebanjo

I am Legendary!

naijaboi's picture

1 more thing

i forget. there is an organization in the bronx that works with only queer youth, on such issues as prevention,
coming out, homelessness, etc.
Temi Aregbesola is nigerian and straight. she is the Director of the Street Smart Plus project,
she does Prevention & Outreach. i am sure she would share resources, curriculum etc. she has connect with folks
is west africa about being queer and african, prevention etc. ya should talk.
her email is: she is also on Facebook.


I am Legendary!

marmisen's picture

Dear Oluseyi, I will inbox

Dear Oluseyi,

I will inbox you tomorrow, but thank you very much for all these links!
Please let's connect. I am on FB as well:

I look forward to connecting.


Pan African Youth Network for Social Change (PAYN-SC) and Queer African Youth Networking Center

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