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Need: Support Young Women in the South Bronx End Violence In their Lives Mind, Body and Spirit!

Casa Atabex Ache-The House of Womyns Power/La Casa del Poder de la Mujer

Casa Friends and Family,

We are excited to take this time to introduce ourselves to you via our new online virtual fundraising event. Tying our local struggles to a global movement is what is bring us to World Pulse today and asking all of you for support. We created an online virtual event so you can all attend. We know that with everything happening in the world right now, politics, elections, death in our communities and lives, economic crisis, loss of jobs and relationships,global warming, hurricanes and war , we are too angry for words. Please read one young womens story on how she is taking her anger and transforming it into action.

There is something you can do about it too! And there is a way we can support you through hat ever your going through !

1. So, please join us for our upcoming online virutal event Too Angry For Words! Click for more information.

Too often Anger has kept young and adult women silent and not being able to dream.

Over the next two months, Casa will be working hard to make sure that no young women looses their voice to violence & experiences abuse this holiday season. With the economic crisis there has been a rise in relationship abuse, domestic violence, and stress in families. Unfortunately, women & LGBTQ youth have become the punching bags of their homes and communities.

For the past 16 years, Casa has supported young and adult women, communities and organizations through these rough times, however, the economic crisis has hit home and we need your support to keep Casa open. BUY A TICKET AT YOUR OWN PRICE and help us raise money to support CASA in Healing and Transforming the World ONE Women at a time, so they are not too angry for words

2. We are also currently building our contact list! Please click so we can get acquainted with you. Send us your info so you can recieve monthly newsletters, calendar of events and take the opportunity to also share with us in what ways we can support you, your family, your community or organization.

3. We are also recruitng board members to join our family. If you are interested or know of anyone who would be please contact Casa @ 718-585-5540.

Thank you for your generousity!
The CASA Collective



For 16 years, Casa has provided a critical refuge and safety. It has been a place of re-birth for young girls and women like Natalia (read her story below). At a time when funding for community-run programs like Casa are being slashed, we are making a special appeal to you today to support our work. Casa is one of the few for and by young women led organizations still operating in New York City. We invite your partnership and request that you consider making a tax-deductible donation that will help us reach our goal of $10,000. Your investment will allow us to increase our capacity to meet the growing needs of young women and girls in the South Bronx.

Below you can read of one young women's story....

A Young Women Grows in the South Bronx!

Traveling from Brooklyn's shelter system Natalia attended the Fuerza/Power Program in the Bronx without missing a day. A daughter of the South Bronx, Natalia has and her share of challenges. Living in a home full of alcoholism and drug addiction, Natalia at the young age of fiveand her three baby brothers where put in foster care . It was there that Natalia came face-to-face with child abuse, both sexual and physical. Her foster mother would beat her and then cover her bruises with nice clothes when the social workers would visit. Her foster brother sexually assaulted her; a secret she vowed to never disclose because of the shame that she felt.

These experiences became nightmares that haunt her till this very day. In spite of all of this, Natalia the oldest of four siblings at eight, had to be strong for she would take on the roll of mother of three too early, too fast.

" I was in foster care at the time but my grandmother had guardianship of my brothers and I. Prior to that we was originally in a foster home and away from my family. It was a really heavy-hearted part of my life. Protecting my brothers and being the eldest of them three, I felt I was their mother for the time being"

At the young age of 10, Natalia would walk by Casa and stare through the windows wishing she was one of the young women on the floor laughing and creating friendships. Natalia didn't understand why she couldn't be in the program because all her cousins were. For two years, Natalia would come downstairs and ask if she could go on trips and attend workshops. When she finally turned 12, Natalia became a participant of the Fuerza/Power young womens program of Casa Atabex Ache. Natalia was shy due to the trauma she survived as a child and she was too angry for words, so she was silent. Instead of being an angry young woman she kept to herself and hid all of her feelings. The violence she had experienced had also taken away her ability to dream. Finding herself in the shelter system again, at 15, Natalia gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on November 6, 2005, adding teen mom to her life experiences.

" I would walk past and I could hear them laughing from downstairs and how excited they were to be in the space. That was something I wanted so I went for it. These girls spoke about their bodies, sex, relationships, leadership skills around organizing and more. Topics that I never had heard of or even thought of. This was a place for me to find myself and who I was and who I wanted to be."

For the next couple of years, she followed her female cousins and friends on a journey of self-healing, determination and empowerment. Graduating from the young women's leadership program, Natalia became a peer educator and community organizer taking her experiences to the streets of the the South Bronx. She produced a documentary called "Yo Tengo Fuerza, I Have Power", using her story of child sexual abuse and foster care to empower other young women across New York City. Over the past ten years Natalia has reclaimed her mind, body, and spirit and as a consequence her voice and her family. While in the program she was reunited with her mother, who with her support recovered from addiction and was able to get her children back.

Ten years later, Natalia is a student of Social Worker at Hostos Community College and is back at Casa as the Youth Program Coordinator ensuring that the Fuerza/ Power program is available for other young women in her community. She is proud mother of a five year old daughter and remains committed to making sure another world is possible for her daughter.

"I came back to make sure that young women like myself have an opportunity to reclaim themselves and get out of poverty! Natalia, Young Women's Leadership Program Coordinator"


Our GIFT TO YOU! A Fall Meditation to our ancestors...

Many of us are feeling hopeless, scared and wondering how can I support, when I need support myself. It is in these times that are faith is tested, it is in these times we need eachother to make sure that the our sacred spaces, the organizations and people we love are around to support us through the journey. So today, Casa is making a plea and asking everyone to build your spirit and ancestral altars, light a candle and ask for abundance, prosperity, peace, love and compassion for yourself and the world. Ask your spirit guides and ancestors to help you forgive and connect to your higher self. Take the time to thank your ancestors for paving the way and for walking with you every day, Ask the winds of change to be gentle this season with your heart so you can love yourself and others unconditionally. Ask for the gift of introspection so you can find your purpose, passion and path in life. Know that you are never alone for Spirit is always in and around you wherever you are. Know that everything you experience in life is for your highest good and in them you will find wisdom from your past and healing in your present. Trust that your inner wisdom will guide you perfectly on your next journey through life. And finally open up to love your life and love yourself exactly as you are!

For more information please contact CASA @ 718-585-5540.

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