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Need: Her Voice.... Open call for letters from women all over the world for an Exhibit in NYC.... Lets hear your voice!

I find all womens stories, letters, poems and notes inspiring and they can touch on every emotion. I am an Art Advocate.... I educate and bring awareness thru the arts and voices of others by using visual arts, dance, music, letters and poetry writing. I just closed an Art exhibit titled FEMICIDE which took place in the New York Area and included artwork and support from women all around the world. I am currently curating a show titled "Her Voice" which will include letters from women all around the world speaking on subjects like love, peace, hate, fear, politics, rape, culture, disabilities, family, abuse, suicide, economics and so much more. They must be written in the english language and will be the exhibited in the gallery during an ALL women’s poetry performance supporting women empowerment.

I am hoping that someone will read this post and be interested in participating in this project and forwarding this information for all to see and hear. I am accepting letters from anywhere in the world.... written on any paper and in any format. It is the voice that I am trying to reach, the energy of the words and the feeling from the heart.
We has so much to learn from one another... if we can bridge the gap of fear and the unknown that seperates all women then we can become a powerful unity. The show is to take place in the New York area in October of 2010 and the deadline is the last Saturday in September.

My name is Mia Roman Hernandez and I am from the New York area. Hope you will join us in peac and unity thru the arts and creative writing!!!
Thank you, Peace and Harmony! Mia


nilima's picture

Thank you for such a nice

Thank you for such a nice information, wish you all the best for your exhibition.

ArtByMia's picture

Thank you

Thank you for your well wishes!!!

silviavinas's picture

Such a good idea!

This is great! I just tweeted this to spread the word. Thank you for sharing this with us!

ArtByMia's picture

Thank you

Thank you for sharing this with your network!!! The show will be impactful!!!

lenka1st's picture

Mia, it will be letter

Mia, it will be letter writing on paper or it can be e-mail? what is address to send a paper?

Я твайго не вазьму, я свайго не аддам! - I shall not take your, i shall not give my.

ArtByMia's picture


It can be written in letter format or poetry ... one page limit and can be submitted via email or snail mail. The paper mail send to...

Art By Mia
103-25 113th street
Richmond Hill, NY 11419

Thank you for your interest.

ArtByMia's picture

Letter writing

Hello Lenka,

Hope youa re well. I hope you have decided to join us in the effort of sharing women's voices through letter writing. Please let me know if you have any questions for submission.


lenka1st's picture

letter writing.

Hello, Mia! When i will tell my girl-friends about your idea, how can i explane? One person - one letter, or one person - many interests and problems - a lot of stories?

Я твайго не вазьму, я свайго не аддам! - I shall not take your, i shall not give my.

ArtByMia's picture

Letter Writing

one letter per person... can be about the situation they live in like politics, personal, love, sadness, children... anything they like. If they do not like the current situation of their country they can writye a letter about that or how they treat the women in their country. I would like real life personal stories.

Hope this helps.

Peace, mia

erica's picture

artwork exhibition

Hi Mia Roman Hernandez,
Its with great to learn of your project.I will like to contact to exhibit our fair trade handcrafts products at the exhibition.
NDOP HANDICRAFT ASSOCIATION(NDOPCRAFT) is a fair trade organisation based in Cameroon.The main object of NDOPCRAFT is to improve the welbeing and safeguard the livelihood of marginalised artisans especially women in rural communities to become economic independent and to contribute positive in their communities ,through the production and sale artworks .
We will be grateful to have our artwork exhibited through your project.

you can please find our products at

We look forward making a small change big difference in the lives of our producers through you r project

We look forward to working with you.
Best regards

ArtByMia's picture

Art Exhibit

Hello Erica,

Thank you so very much for responding to the call for this project. At the moment we are not exhibiting visual works of art only letters from women from around the world. I want to share the voice of women globally while educating others of their culture, conditions and inspire others to help. I love all the work posted on the Fliker site and wish you all the best!!! I quite often have exhibits of visual art pieces and would love to keep your contact info for a future exhibit for showcasing.

I thank you and wish you all the best!!! If you think this project of letter writing by women would be of interest to anyone you know feel free to pass it on. I would love to hear from those that make the masks and their dreams.

Blessings, Mia

mamaAfrica's picture

Dear Mia It is a wonderful

Dear Mia

It is a wonderful idea that you have here. I have always wanted to have women exhibitions that showcase the development being made by women in rural Africa. I wish to share in your exhibition by proposing if women in our Rafiki clubs in rural kenya can be allowed to participate in your exhibition.

The Rafiki Club an initiative that I started with an aim to empower women through establishing global friendships. Most Rafiki are recruited through and we have seen such great testimonies coming through these connections like the Case of Dr. Araceli who recently started a health post in Kenya in honour of her rafiki Mama Mariamu nad other women in rural kenya

Please visit our rafiki club journal on
or our website

Let me know what you think

ArtByMia's picture

Letters from Women

Hello my dearest MamaAfrica,

Thank you for your response and support in this project. I would be honored and most joyed if the women of the Rafiki Club could join me in this effort. Thank you for sharing the website information with me. This is a wonderful cause and incredible project on its own. I am currently collecting testimonies of all kinds from all over the world and would love to read and exhibit some of the Rafiki.

Please let me know what you will need from me. They can be sent hand written (preferred) or emailed. The show opens on October 7th in New York City and will be accompanied by 6 women that will read monologues of some of the letters.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Peace and Blessings, Mia

Pushpa Achanta's picture

Women's Voices

Dear Mia,

Delighted to hear this interesting idea. I've sent you some of my thoughts and feelings for women everywhere. They are from observations while volunteering with marginalized women and children in urban India, shared here -

Continue the great work!

Love, joy and peace to all,
Pushpa, Bangalore

ArtByMia's picture

Womens Voices

Hello Pushpa,

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful link with me. I will take my time to read them all. Please stay in touch and continue forward with your work.

Peace and love, Mia

Pushpa Achanta's picture

Women's Voices

Dear Mia,

Happy to see your encouraging reply and thanks for that. I'd emailed you my personal message with 2 verses for the exhibition, to your Yahoo address on Aug-10. I've also sent a note on your request for "Her Voice" with a link to your post here, to many of my friends and contacts. Some of them are associated with the struggles and successes of marginalized women while others are artists.


olutosin's picture

So happy to see these responses!

This is beautiful exchange and I am happy!

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Vasantha's picture

Tamil women are happy

Dear Mia,
I am so happy to hear of the exhibit.
I passed the message to the women leaders of our villages and they are also happy. they want this message to be passed on to the 500 odd rural women leaders oriented by us in female human rights. In fact, we may hold a meet of them where they could provide their create presentations.
As for me I will be sending one of mine next week. Quite excited about it.
In Solidarity,
Vasantha R

ArtByMia's picture

Tamil women are happy

Hello Vasantha,

I am happy to hear from you and thrilled that so many women would like to share their voices. I would love to learn and share with all the women. Please let me know if you need anything else from me and thank you for sharing this with your network. We are strong in numbers and have to support one another. Looking forward to your letter and the letters of all the others.

Peace and Love, Mia

ArtByMia's picture

Tamil Women

Hello Vasantha,

Hope you are well. How are the women doing? hope everything is moving along nicely and yu are staying strong!!!

Peace and light, Mia

Vasantha's picture

Undergoing personal shock

Dear Mia,
My friend for 35 years lost her husband last Friday. He became a good friend to all of us. It was an unexpected loss. I am trying to riggle out of the shock, while also helping my friend to pull together.
So I will think of bringing the messages of our women sometime later this month.
Thanks for the reminder.

ArtByMia's picture


Dear Vasantha,

Sorry to hear about the loss. Please my prayers are with you and the family and friends. If you so choose to help with the project you have until the end of the month. I will be honored to have you and anyone else join us in this effort to share the voices of women all around the world.

I will pray for you all.

In Unity, Mia

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