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Offer: Mama Cash Funding Opportunity through Grants


Mama Cash supports ambitious feminist and women's rights organisations and initiatives led by and for women and girls.

Mama Cash also supports the human rights movements of transgender people. We welcome applications from transgender organisations that fulfill our eligibility criteria, regardless of the gender-identity of their members and leadership.

General information
1. Mama Cash offers both general support and support for specific programmes, projects, or initiatives. However, we encourage groups to apply for general support.
2. Mama Cash gives both single-year and multi-year grants. Each multi-year grant period runs for a maximum of three years.
3. Each organisation or network may have only one grant per twelve-month period.
4. We most often offer grants ranging in size from €5.000 to €50.000 per year.

The support we give

Mama Cash offers step-up support to help ambitious organisations and networks grow their capacities and take or make strategic opportunities to create fundamental change.

Step-up support includes:
financial support to help your organisation progress to a new stage of development
help with overall programme development strategy so your organisation can build stronger structures and systems
sharing learning with other grantees and helping you to build cross-movement bridges
introducing your organisation to new donors
What we do and what we do not fund

The groups we support

Mama Cash funds women and girls' groups that push beyond the status quo and develop strategies to bring about fundamental change.

Groups we fund ‘take or make' strategic opportunities by doing one or more of the following:
increasing their potential to fulfil a role critical in the women's rights movements and to grow in power, influence, or scale and move forward
using their vision, analysis, and skills to take the lead and expand women's rights activism in a critical area
using their vision, analysis and skills to take advantage of an unexpected event or shift in circumstances and make a critical change happen for women's rights

Mama Cash supports organisations and initiatives that:
Are not-for-profit organisations, or informal groups of activists, networks, or coalitions
Have as their primary mission the promotion of women and/or girls’ rights
Are led by women and/or girls
Include in their leadership positions the women and/or girls they serve
Work on issues directly related to one or more of Mama Cash’s themes: body, money, and voice
Work from within a feminist and/or women’s rights perspective
Want to grow in influence, power, or scale
Are based and working in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, or across multiple regions in the Global South and East
Push for structural and fundamental change, and not only for improving the lives of individual women or girls
Have a long-term strategy for achieving their vision and mission
Have politics and practices that are inclusive and foster alliances with women and girls at the margins of societies and movements
Understand their strengths and weaknesses and want to strengthen their capacities
Demonstrate a commitment to collaborating with others in women’s rights movements and other social justice movements

What we do not fund

Mama Cash does not fund:
Organisations whose mission and primary focus are not the promotion of women or girls’ human rights
Organisations led by men
Organisations based in the United States and Canada
Organisations based in the Global North that are leading partnerships with organisations based in the Global South and East
Organisations whose primary focus is development work, humanitarian assistance, poverty alleviation, or basic charity, such as:
income-generating activities and credit programmes
formal education, literacy programmes and traditional skills training
providing social services or regular medical care
Organisations founded by, or structurally or economically dependent on, political parties government agencies, or religious institutions
Academic research
Stand-alone travel grants. Costs for travel can, however, be part of broader applications.

Mama Cash has three priorities

Priority 1
Mama Cash makes grants to organisations and initiatives working at the crossroads of the themes of body, money, voice (see next paragraph).

Priority 2
We believe that lasting change happens for everyone when women and girls who have been most severely discriminated against are enabled to take and make opportunities to gain power over their lives.

For this reason, our grantmaking prioritizes organisations, movements and networks initiated and led by those such as:
lesbians, bisexual women and transgender people
adolescent girls and young women
women living with HIV/AIDS
indigenous women
migrant, refugee, displaced, and undocumented women
sex workers
economically disadvantaged women
older women
women from ethnic or religious minorities
women with disabilities
refugee and internally displaced women, and other groups that have faced the most severe discrimination

Priority 3
Mama Cash mainly funds organisations and networks with annual operating budgets under 200.000 euros.

We have three themes

Mama Cash funds organisations working from a feminist or women's rights perspective to empower women and girls in the areas of body, money, and voice.

Body, money and voice are connected. For example, women's lives can only be free from violence when they are participating equally in economies and in setting political agendas.

We prioritize organisations that make connections between issues of body, money, and voice.

1. Body
Mama Cash makes grants to women and girls' organisations and initiatives fighting for:
safety at home and in public spaces
full agency over our bodies, sexuality, and reproduction
the right to choose our partners freely
the end of practices such as female genital mutilation, ‘honor' killings and dowry deaths
the right to decide about our gender identity and expression

2. Money
Mama Cash makes grants to women and girls' organisations and initiatives fighting for:
economic systems that don't exploit women, girls, or anyone
equal pay for equal work and health and safety protections on the job
the enforcement of local and international labor laws
building leadership among the most disenfranchised women workers, such as domestic workers and sex workers
stopping the trafficking of women and girls
winning the right to control our finances, own land, and inherit property
sustainable economic practices that don't damage or destroy the environment

3. Voice
Mama Cash makes grants to women and girls' organisations and networks fighting for:
decision-making and leadership in families, communities, nations, and international forums
using arts, media, and popular culture to transform attitudes and behaviours
participation in peace building and peacemaking
strengthening and sustaining the human rights and social justice movements of women and girls

If this seems of interest please go to the website and it will have details on what you need for applying.

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