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On behalf of the group of Art Portal Group initiative, of which member I am,
We decided to organize in august the Woodstock Festival as to commemorate the 40th Anniversary.

Please find attached the project proposal “Woodstock 2009 Kishinev Festival (2days of Peace & Music)" .So far we are ready with the program and bands are ready to perform for free.
But in order to enlarge the festival - transforming it into a real Woodstock with more than 1000 people coming, we look for urgent financing for installing sounds, that can be rented and open air stage for performing. It is a non-profit project. Since people here are busy concerning the election process many inner sponsors stagnate to support us.

Victoria is Open World Program Assistant at the moment and volunteers all her free time in developing the associations, organizations and initiative groups of future importance to Moldova development, among them, the Association of Professional Women of Moldova, Union Press of Affairs, Art Portal. Victoria is alumnus with the United States Internationl Visiting Leadership Program. She graduated with a degree in “Teacher of Foreign Languages and Literature” from the Moldova State University in Chisinau in 2005.

In 2008 she worked with French filmmakers from ARTE in an anti-trafficking film about Moldova. She is an adviser and journalist for the Union Press of Affairs in Moldova, has volunteered for 12 months in Denmark, and returned from Africa where she volunteered in the making of a documentary on social/humanitarian challenges in East and Central Africa. In 2008 she co-produced the documentary: Ca La Moldova - a slide of interviews and opinions on Moldova.

Within the Union Press of Affairs - Victoria Coordinated the Project "Women Voice for Peace and Democracy" that was supported by the US Small Democracy Grants Commission. The projects main idea was to provide awareness in Peace and Democracy issues for women in rural areas as well as Encourage women to participate in elections and the right to vote and speak out. (06/2008 -02/2009)

Summary: The Initiative Group Art-Portal is requesting a grant to carry out in the city of Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova the 40th anniversary of the legendary Woodstock rock festival with the name "Woodstock 2009 Kishinev Festival (2days of Peace & Music)". Woodstock Festival became a symbol of peace, freedom and democracy for many people and generations. At this time of economic and political instability in the region during the ongoing informational war, we want to remind people about the universal ideals of democracy through art. These «2 days of Peace and Music» the Initiative Group Art-Portal will act in accordance with its motto «Peace, through the Arts». 20 musical groups from different regions of Moldova, its city capital - Chisinau and Transnistria will be performing songs of the «Summer of Love» times of the 60-ies. Such an atmosphere will help people remember what was best about their rights and freedom and peace. The Whole event will include joint activities of Improvisational Theater that will start a Carnival in City of Chisinau with a Parade and 3 Performances Presentations in the antique parts of the city as well as Trainings on Gender, Human Rights, Poetry, documentary and Dance and Performances from the Initiative Group Arts-in-Activism.

Justification: Woodstock Festival was born in 1969 in America and being a part of American culture, became for several generations living in the territory of the former USSR and the post-Soviet space the symbol of freedom, love, peace, and goodwill. In our time would be very logical and timely to remind people about true ideals and the spirit to help the younger generation find the correct orientation and appropriate vector of social activity.
The number of visitors to the original Woodstock festival in 1969 in America reached about 500 thousand people, among them 1500 journalists in the country's population of 308 million people.
With an average population of Moldova in proportion to 3.5727 million people could be expected around 5 thousand guests. If we take into account the concern of Citizens of the Republic these days, and a significant percentage of population migration up to 2.5 thousand people are expected to participate. As a non-profit project we have no access to major mass-media resources, still - we focus on the free post-outreach project through the visiting journalists and the media. Thus we can cover 2 / 3 the population of Moldova.
At this time, the action teamArt-Portal is ready with draft of the 2009 Woodstock festival in the “Bodhi” Club with capacity of fitting 300 people. For two days around 600-700 people including the participants of the project will fit for the event. If one day 10 musical groups will be performing, only the musicians and organizers of project would be approximately 100 people and the festival will be able to take 2 / 3 fewer people. Thus maximum capacity of 300-400 guests festival is not sufficient taking into account the significance of the original brand and the Woodstock anniversary date - the 40th anniversary Festival. The effect of the project could be much more noticeable if we focus to create an open space for organizing such event. Thus we, come with a proposal based on fitting the bigger capacity of guests to event.

Goal and Objectives:
To organize in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, a two-day festival of Music and Art Woodstock 2009 Kishinev on the 40 th anniversary of the original Woodstock Festival of the 1969th year of
Slogan «2days of Peace & Music»

O1: To involve citizens in active 2 days atmosphere of music and peace by inviting them to participate at 2 days concert based on 40 years anniversary with the reason of promoting a better understanding between Moldova and American People.

O2: To create a joint stage for 20 bands of musicians and performing groups from Transnistria and Moldova in Chisinau - an active inspirational moment for communication through art

O3: To acquaint visitors of Chisinau on Old Chisinau Architectural Position and beauty of the old times.

O 4: To develop for participants their own voice as they concurrently investigate the relationship of the art to community building.

O5: To investigate the role the arts can play in helping a community articulate its identity and the role community voices can play in inspiring artistic expression.

O6: To provide participants possibility to attend workshops, to learn how to use practical arts to create performance pieces - Social Theater/ Street Theater

O7: Drawn from Augusto Boal’s “Theatre of the Oppressed” workshop participants will learn to use theater as a means of transforming and altering reality.

O8: To Dance, Arts in community development, Documentary Film on human rights, Photography, Storytelling/Poetry

Activities: 1) 14.08.2009

from 18.00 to 21.00 in the Woodstock Festival the group Arts in Activism conducted by Peace Corps Volunteers will organize the training of social and theatrical improvisation and provide participants possibility to attend workshops, to learn how to use practical arts to create performance pieces in the field of Social Theater/ Street Theater
From 21.00 to 24.00 Art program for training participants, continuation with Music for Soul.
Space for training will be provided by Bodhi Club and any willing participant will be able to register in advance.

2) 15.08.2009

from 9.00 to 12.00 the Theater of Improvisation will organize a Carnival with elements of the city's streets performance. (from the place of the founding of the city towards the Renasterii avenue before Moscova Club)
from 13.00 to 16.00 Carnival procession of acts of theatrical improvisation with participants of youth subcultures of Chisinau.
(from Club Moscova through the streets of Old Town, through the Center, Stefan cel Mare, Pushkin Park)
from 17.00 to 20.00 Improvisational Theater will show the elements of theatrical improvisation on the streets of the city.
(from the Park of Pushkin towards the State University up to the Tower Museum on Mateevici street and the entrance to the park zone)

3.) From 21.00 Woodstock Fest - in the Club Bodhi. Speeches and Performance by musical groups and rock groups. Demonstration of a famous movie Woodstock, activities and improvisation of Artists.


4.) From 14.00 to 17.00 in the park area around the Green Theater - the continuation of Woodstock Festival provided by Arts in Activism. With the help of Peace Corps Volunteers the participants that attended the 1st day workshop will (on 14.08.2009) will provide Presentations and Performances, within the festival, together with other representatives of youth subcultures.

5.) From 17.00 to 23.00 Final Grand Festival Concert “Woodstock 2009 Kishinev”.

Monitoring and Evaluation:
Information on the number of organizers, participants and guests of each event during the festival will be monitored with the help of volunteers. Volunteers will be conducting monitoring of the Festival through surveys as well as counting participants in training/workshops, on the streets during Carnival and at the entrance to the concerts, later providing all the data to the Organizational Committee Festival on the 17-20. 08.2009. After Analysis the data results will appear in the media, and the final report of the organizations involved in supporting the project.

If we take into account when assessing the project the lack of activity of the citizens in our day and a significant percentage of population migration we expect in reaching a direct number of 2.5 thousand people. As a non-profit project and having no access to major mass-media resources - we focus on the free post-outreach project through the visiting journalists and the media. Thus we can cover 2 / 3 of the population of Moldova as indirect beneficiaries.

The successful results will be shared on the WWW and the supporters of Festivals as well as Beneficiaries and interested people. The team of organizers will be sharing the experience with the organizers of these festivals in other countries, for a future art activity in Kishinev.

Key Personnel:
O.M - Founder of Initiative Group Art Portal. This goup has been working actively for 6 years in organizing cultural events of different trends, including concerts, contests and shows connected to Art and Music. In the future they will register as Non-Profit Association. Oleg is the creative brain of the Woodstock 2009 Kishinev Festival (2days of Peace & Music). He will be main monitor and organizer of activities related to concerts program and bands playing as well as supervise the whole event development, fundraising, sound equipment and host of the event.

VV - PR, Project Coordinator, and report writer. Victoria will partially deal with logistics, consultancy, communication, interpreting and project reporting.

KJ - Peace Corps Volunteer - Arts in Activism Initiative group representative will organize and supervise the activities dealing with Social Theater, Trainings and Seminars as well as coordinate other Peace Corps Volunteers in securing the Event and volunteer with specific tasks for a successful project development

NR - Art in Activism Founder - will monitor running of the event, will provide active trainings during Festival in Social Theater

CE- Carnival Organizer from the Theater of Improvisation Initiative Group

Project Partners:
Project's Partners will be determined, we still look for them.
So far we work with Peace Corps Volunteers, Pro FM, Unimedia, Club Bodhi, Arts in Activism, Social Theatre of Improvisation

Strength and Innovation:
What is important for the activity of the majority of the population of Moldova, to educate younger generations and reminder of the ideals of elders? Peace, kindness, and Democracy will be a very innovative approach if we offer it through 2 days of music.We already have the possibility to make the Festival Happen, and it will happen. There are around 20 performing bands, all playing on volunteer base, and we have a strong organizing team that believes in the possibility of organizing this festival in such a short time. It has appeared as an idea one month ago, and we work hard already towards its implementation. We work hard in finding source to implement the Plan B Festival; we need to attract additional resources and funds. We have noticed that usually there are some preparations and info campaigns long in advance, but our innovation in this matter is the Concept of Involvement People's potential in this matter of organizing non profit concerts with limited resources and convincing clubs and people to offer us what they have for the benefit of all people in our siciety. There are seldom-organized open-air concerts for the past few years where people can relax and not hear about politics or specific campaigns. Today we have obtained a space in Bodhi Club to organize the Festival but the place can fit 300 people. We hope to make it possible for more, thus being able to move out door. The success of such a project is inevitable and we guarantee 2 Days of Peace and Music.

The beneficiaries of the project will acquire new competences and skills in organizing joint projects and Festivals. Once they create new contacts with all Participants, there is a certain result in their farther collaboration. The organization of Festival in the future can be guaranteed if successfully organized. The workshops are planned in such a way, that our beneficiaries can train and organize same activities and workshops later trying to develop their improvisational skills. The investment will not be lost, because people will become more active and gain more positive attitude, giving interviews ant talks to Mass Media about Woodstock they will Promote the Peace and Freedom issues. Sustainability of the project will continue through mass-media that will constantly spread the word, publishing articles based on the outcomes of the project and success stories of this given project. The organizing team will share the experience, the success and the innovations with other organizing teams of such festival from abroad and will be constantly focusing on the further cooperation for future manifestations of this kind. The Internet Art Networks will receive food and topics for discussions based on Woodstock Documentary and The Woodstock Kishinev Festival thus offering ideas of interests and improving the art quality.

Budget: The amount requested will help us in moving the festival outdoor to the Green Theater and thus will provide a bigger space and fit more guests during the projects. A very insignificant honorarium is needed for cleaning lady, sound editor and those that work with installing the equipment. They already committed their work will be done and for the amount of time, work and including their extra volunteer commitment we consider important providing them these support.
Even though we got agreement with some bands to provide the equipment they have for sounds or lights, that is not enough. Thus some companies agreed to provide us the equipment at the lower cost, which we requested in the budged. We already have available - rent the Club, as well as rehearsal rooms for rent, rent the musical apparatus for the Club, working actors, directors, sound engineers, designers, site of the festival and online support, the work of technical consultants, musicians, scene, managers, photographers, t-shirts with the logo of the festival, recording commercials, producing flyers, posters production, food for the actors, the existing transport and props - make up roughly $ 12000




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