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Event Date: 
February 28, 2014 (All day) - June 10, 2014 (All day)

Yesterday we launched a programme called "sasa naweza" (Now I can) after realizing that early child pregnancies, rape and low performance of girls in primary schools was prevalence in most primary schools in Tanzania. This programme is aimed at empowering and uplifting young girls in primary schools in order to get quality emerging and future women leaders. We are thankful to Coca Cola Kwanza Tanzania and Cowbell milk who provided some support. This is a three months pilot and research project.




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In the Suorthern part of the country, 40 percent of girls who start primary school drop out and fewer than 30 percent of students then go on to attend secondary school.
Unlike boys, they’re given very few opportunities to further their studies. As a result many girls in local communities in Tanzania are illiterate.
Unfortunately, girls who are not in school are more likely to be exposed to sexual exploitation, trafficking, and unwanted pregnancies, which can harm their chances to lift themselves out of poverty and can be having lasting negative effects on their health.
And studies have shown that girls generally perform better in school than boys, especially given the enormous challenges they go through. If they are given the opportunity and time they need to concentrate on school work, the benefits to their communities – and even countries – could be huge.
The problem is clear. So what are organizations in Tanzania doing to solve this pervasive problem?
We have been working on literacy, affordability, inclusion, and technology in communities in Tanzania . We hope to give girls the chance to learn, and in turn inspire other young girls to follow their path in the future.
Our lofty goal: 80% of girls receive a primary education by 2018.
And our innovation is simple: Including parents in on important conversation about how education can transform the lives of their daughters and their communities. Educating parents about how keeping girls out of schools hurts both the girls and the family has been a key component in ensuring that girls can – and do – attend school. In order to make schooling affordable, which is one of the greatest barriers for girls to attend school, and we think to give scholarships to girls excelling in academics.

In addition, the Tanzania Women and Youth Development Society (TWYDS)focuses on opportunities that matter most to the students. For example, they can study development issues, social sciences, or anything else they are interested in as a way to keep them engaged and to keep them coming back to the classroom.

With academic counseling the opportunity to do student exchanges, young girls are encouraged to participate in society and stay in school.
One unique way TWYDS hopes to combat illiteracy is through establishing an audio-visual center that is free to all women and girls. This center will be connected to the Internet, so women and girls can access effective tools for learning.
While using computers and new online programs are unique ways that will engage girls and keep them in school, it’s also just plain smart. Computer literacy is an important component to learning, as these types of educational programs will make learning more accessible and less elite. Additionally, computer literacy can help their job prospects in the future.

While it is a challenge, TWYDS believes in a better future for girls and women – free of violence, and filled with education and learning. And they’re working every day to make that future a reality.

The provision of vocational training in income generating activities like marketing, tailoring, market gardening and managerial and technical capacity building to enable them to run a business; Also help in activation of value chains in the transformation of primary less expensive products to more valuable products such as converting cassava to Garri which has high demand in the market.

Let’s join hands together and move towards a better future. We can do it.

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Early pregnancy

Thank you for this sharing. What Tanzania is experiencing is exactly what KENYA is facing. Lets us work hand in hand to come to the end of having young mothers. It can only be possible when we engage these young girls in some activities (skills), have most of them if not all in boarding schools, empower the young generation etc. It is quite a pity to have a mother at the age of 13 years. Mothers, I hope you understand and know the pain that we always bear while delivering. Something has to be done!!

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Yes we need to work hard

Yes we need to work hard



10TH JUNE 2014

After having confirmed the quorum, the Executive Direct Sophia Mwakagenda opened the Event at 11:30 am. All guests were thanked for their attendance and introduced the purpose of the event in brief. There after introduced the Guest of honor Mbagala Kuu Ward Councilor Hon. John B. Malawandu, Kim power and Paul from Australia, and our sponsors SABODO, STRABAG, BOOK WORLD TANZANIA AND PROMASIDA (T) (PTY) LTD, as well as Head Teachers from Mbagala Kuu and Chamazi Primary schools, the lucky star group and other guests.

The Executive Director Sophia Mwakagenda explained the general concept of the project, targeted group, the process in which the project was implemented, and the output of the first three months. The opening remarks were concluded by asking all participants to concentrate on the event activities so that to observe various issues which will be considered being the best inputs to Sasa Naweza Project.

3.1. Facts Presented by Executive Director Sophia Mwakagenda
Executive Director presented the fact on the status of girls in academic performance starting by describing efforts which done by TWYDS team with teachers from Mbagala Kuu and Chamazi primary schools in improving the academic performance, awareness on early pregnancies, truancy and sexual health. The executive director pinpointed out on the main purpose of the project with slogan SASA NAWEZA that it intends to emancipate young primary school girls to see their dreams come true by studying hard from primary level to secondary level, since the project started so many things have changed to the girls in the identified school, we have been able to reach 400 girls and give them motivation, this is just beginning and a three month report we expect more since this project is sustainable, as our main goal is to make sure girls in primary schools get the awareness on different issues and definitely reach their dream. She proceeded to say, “Now pupils who were scoring 0-5 are now able to score 8-10 in both English and mathematics it is our great achievement, we are expecting to see further changes to the young generation”. Executive Director also said, “It is time now we invest to this young generation so as to have the better generation in the future, government is now fighting to upgrade the status of women in the society it cannot achieve it if we are not investing on these girls who are the future generations and decision makers. She also encouraged sponsors to recognize and support the efforts which different non-governmental organization show, along with that she thanked the efforts that some of sponsors show towards the TWYDS activities.

TWYDS Executive Director giving speech

3.2. The Speech as presented by Guest of Councilor Hon. John B. Malawandu
The guest of honor started by thanking the efforts done by the TWYDS and cooperation which teachers from the identified schools have shown in the achievement of the project, He said, “It is honor and respect to see this project is undertaken in my domain my municipality, I respect the efforts and the presence of the project, the government is fighting to increase teachers and others resources but very minimal supporting children like this especially the girls. So I’m pleased to see this support and improvement. He encouraging girls in primary school to show respect and accepting what TWYDS and teachers as well as other sponsors do.
3.3. The Fact Presented by Kim Power, the President of Sunflower Foundation from Australia
Kim power appreciated the invitation and all preparation which was done by TWYDS on the day of event. Kim power came with revelation about the fact that women in the world are facing with the aid of statistics she brought a very concrete comparison of the phenomenon. She said the suffering which women have today is caused of the mistreatment form the very bottom stage, if we want to eliminate all kind of harassments, mistreatment and embracement towards women, it is important to do something now to the young girls who are the leader of tomorrow. She said, “About 30% of women in Tanzania are experiencing humiliation and sexual harassment, where they cannot even tell or having chance to report somewhere. She proceeded to say the reasons which hindering primary girls to perform well in their classes is the behavior of early engagement in relationship which results to early pregnancy under 16 years, Due to this women lacking their basic rights like going back to school after maternity, or sometimes not going back due to lack of sponsoring of the victims. Kim Power proceeded, in this century the humiliation and harassment has been reduced due to efforts and fights given by different organization, including the human right organization, courts as well as media by spreading the awareness. 60% of women in Tanzania they have the ability of read and write but if compared to Australia where 99% they know to write and read, so more effort in Tanzania nation is needed to have many literate citizens.

The president of Sunflower Foundation-Australia Kim Power giving speech

3.4. Other Activities
There were some entrainments from various groups, the lucky star presented their skills and dancing NGOMA as to preserve our culture practices, also Drama from different groups the action was branded by the theme of the project, there was group from women and pupils acting and delivering the message. The event was astonishing

The Ngoma dancing from Primary girls of Maendeleo on left and on right the Lucky star

The project is sustainably means that it is continuing to undertake its activities to Mbagala Kuu and Chamazi primary schools with 200 pupils from each school. The program is sustainable since wants to see these young girls succeed with education life and their well being, from where they are to secondary schools. The project has extended its activities by adding sports as one way of intervention. Sports should encourage and unleash the talents within pupils, it includes, football, netball, jumping rope, athletes and others educative games. We cannot get all this done without the support from sponsors, TWYDS is encouraging different stakeholders to see our efforts and help in one activities.

The Event was closed at 1400 HRS by the word from The Director thanking the members for participation and ensuring continuous participation with other members around Tanzania and outsiders to achieve human development in Africa as far as Tanzania is concerned. The closing remarks were concluded by asking a great assistant from parents, teachers, society as a whole, civil society organization and development partners in accomplishing the current and next project phases.

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