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Event Date: 
February 2, 2011 (All day) - June 3, 2011 (All day)

Equal Society for Human (ESH) is directly working with the victims of GBV man, woman and children boys and girls whose husband, father and brother was killed in targeted killing act. Equal Society for Human is working for these extremely vulnerable individual to provide them skilled work by providing them sewing machine, darning, besting, needle, point, stitching embroidery equipment so for better earning to support their rent house, school fees and other basic necessities. Most of these women are head house that work and support her family of four to six children. They work in different houses and schools as domestic servant as a sweeper and dish washer. Their earning 3500 Pkr to 4000 Pkr a month in-which they have to support their family member of four to six children. As a house head the single parent is to take care of their house rent, children’s school fees, uniform, clothing, utility bills and other basic necessities that are absolutely not enough to meet the heavily budgeted bill of spending. By keeping our women’s harsh financial circumstance that might force them into form of sexual abuse that Equal Society for Human (ESH) Baluchistan is made a documentary about our widows and their orphaned children to let the United Nation and the government of Pakistan about their tough financial situation and find help for them.

One of our widow story.

I Tahira Abid am the widow of martyred Dr. Abid. I would like to share some story of life to you. Once I had happy life with all the facilities one can think.

I had well established home with my small family. And today I no longer am as happy and cheerful as I was with my husband’s.
I have got two beautiful children one son and one daughter. My daughter is student in first year in college. And my son is class eight in an elementary school. As a single headed person without support I, am fight-on challenges to provide best motherhood to my children.
It was 17 August 2009 evening when the terrorists have killed my husband on his way out of his clinic door to his car. Shortly after shooting I, have received the ever woeful message of my husband’s death that was killed in targeted killing act by the terrorist in Quetta city.
Thus my son at the age of 12 and I have rushed to the causality department in the hospital. When I got in the hospital I, have found my husband with several shots and blood that made me feel like my entire life was robbed.

After his death the life is not easy at all especially in the male dominated society. It was the most difficult time of my life with my two children. The 1st and the most important work at that very frightened moment were to arrange his funeral but I was unconscious and was not able to distinguish the traditions respect. But it was my son who copes excellent at that horrified situation. At the same time I have found my daughter in coma. The worst part of my life has yet to begin from my own closed relative my mom, sister and in-laws who ignored and kept us all alone without mercy. Keeping the fear inside them from one way to another and if we continued maintaining our relationship with her means jeopardizing our life and we may get trapped in the same act by the terrorist.
Thus my two children and I were left alone and kept on the perpetrators mercy. Then the land owner started harassing us. Threatening and harassing us has become the land owner’s daily routine.
One night the land owner has called me downstairs for something to talk. I was not able to follow. I only understood that he is crossing the limit. I fall down and my son has picked me up.
Thus I started to have the fear from him. I was not only afraid of myself but also my young daughter and son that he had bad eyes on us.
In this grotesque moment I, always needed the help from my own closed relative who left us alone. It were those I, have severed the best by taking good care of my mum. Sister and in-laws and today where I, am in need of their help are turning their face from us. But here I, think what have happened to us in this distressed situation was good in some extant that that has provided us a chance and an experience to recognize their true faces. You must be thinking that why do I, introduce my mum, sister and in-laws pessimistically. I, have obeyed and carried all my duties as a responsible daughter to my mum, sister and in-laws and I, still am. But unfortunately I, regret to mention that the relatives declaration has just became the word and nothing more. When you are trapped with the most desperate situation of a time you, then look forward to have your relatives and well-wisher’s support. But in my case I have found myself the most unfortunate lady to have my relatives support. It was 11.00 pm in the night when I was called again by my land owner discharged us from his rented place. I came down along with my two children leaving his home in the night. I called for help and a shelter where I can spend the night but no one has provided us one night stay. Every day I was leaving home at 9 am and returned at 9 pm looking for help and shelter but no one was willing to provide us shelter as a help. I didn’t have anything in my good old days no food no shelter etc. But when I saw my two beautiful children who were raised with extra care, love and cautious their father has stirred my will to fight against the bleakness. I have jumped on the ground to face the challenges. I was auctioned by the male. I have become fearless and start facing the worst that I have already been through. I have decided that I will do any job that is well out of my level of quality. I, was never reluctant to do domestic work and that all for the sack my two children. By being the widow asking for shelter the male reaction and demand was more than help a sex, showing his home way than offering shelter. But today I am no longer that Tahira who was afraid of the harshness. I fight all the challenges for the sack of my children I leave no doors of the government department closed from civil secretrate and other government department. I have suffered from the entire government department from police station to hospitals the purpose of sexual harassment but I have never given up and lived with self-respect because I am the responsible mother of two children. The life I lived in the male dominated society was not easy at all. You will face those perpetrators who claimed and recognized by the society as respected families that drives you to accept indecency. There are still good people who have helped us with honesty. I believe that there is God somewhere and if he was not though I would have survived amongst the beast. I am still facing and fighting the starkness all alone but with the help of my God. I also believe that God’s help appears in so many ways that some good people and families have step forward and provide us their help and we are thankful to them. In this rough time all I needed was their sympathy and good words and I was provided that has changed our way of life from discontented to joy. I have never stopped us fighting for my rights. I have struggled and suffered for eight months in order to arrange this flat where we can live with peace. My struggled for our rights has turned my poor situation into positive change that today I live in this rented flat with my two children with respect and dignity. Now I am satisfied in some extant. You can never deny uncertainty from God but when human creates such a miserable moment on purpose though you can never forget and forgive there evil act.
Today I appeal every individual that please, do not join hands with evil minded people who purposely intending destroying some innocent’s life.

Please, copy, pest or click "Widowhood" in Quetta province of Pakistan.

Thank you

Down town, Alamdar Road
Quetta, Baluchistan 87300

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