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What am I going to do?

What am I going to do?
What am I going to do? was a question that have been complained by many innocance girls who live in the rural areas of Cambodia. They were affected from groups of cheating people. They were sold to people who were the sexual hungers like pigs and cows. Maybe, pigs and cows are more value than them though!! As this consequence, people should anxious because there are many negative impacts to the societies if human trafficking spread all around the world without any control.

As Cambodia is a developing country, there are many inadequate facility for citizens especailly for people who live far from the city. Education are the most needs for those people but they do not have chance to called for it because they do not have schools or instructors. Therefore, alot of people espailly women have no chance to carry the books or pens to school. There hands are used only for cutting plants and crops in the fields.
They are the vulnerable group of being sold. Thus, those girls are cheated by the bad people easily. They do not have knowledge to extinguish what is right or wrong. They just deside and judge only outside parts of people. They do not know inside of those people of how they think or they want to do.
As in Cambodia, people can farm only one time per year so, during dry season they do not have work to do. They need to money that It was the good time for cheating groups to show their terrible implicit attitudes. They came to provide them jobs by telling those girls and their parents that there are many jobs in the city that can provide a lot of money. Those girl do not need to do the farm and stand under the heat. They can have beutiful dresses and and comfortable places to sleep . Their admire words encourage those girls wanted to go to the city.
It was the time that they face with miserable lives. The dreams that those girl imagined become a clound that flown away. They could not see glimmer of lives,because they became protitude. Every day they need to complet the needs of the sexual hungers.

Everyday, they could only cry inside their them because they could not go any where but room that full bad smell of men. They could only complain to themselves. They though about home, that what are they going to do? How can they go out. As this most of them felt so frustrated that they could see only one way to finish their miserable that was suicide. Ohh my God!! they killed them selves how miserable they had!!
Consequenly, education is very important for the people in Cambodia the same as the world. This negative impacts could be stated as a big motto to rouse all the people around the world to rethink about the people who live in the rural areas. In my view, we have not to ignore them , if we want to eliminate the Human trafficking. As I am one a students who have this strong desire to stop human trafficking in the world, I am asking you from my hart that we need to work together and change the wold to be a better place.


LauraB's picture

I agree!


Well said! Innocent girls around the world need us fighting and protecting their rights so that they can have the power to protect their own. You are fierce, strong, and wise to care about this deeply.

Thanks for the post.

Your friend,


mompol's picture

Thank you!!

It's true that we need to help them only in this way, we need to be strong in fighting so that we can conque that cruel situation... Thank you for giving this comment!! This comment can strengthen my feeling and also reinforced me to be more challenge breaking this chash and we are able to change the world..

Thank You again.
Mom Pol

JaniceW's picture


Mompol, it is heartbreaking that this continues to be a problem around the world and even here in the United States. I would like to introduce you to some members whom I think you would be interested in connecting with on this issue.

Kathleen is a Human Rights attorney who has worked as a visiting legal professional on war crimes appeals from Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Since returning to Oregon, she has been working on trying to change Oregon's laws on trafficking to bring them up to other states', federal, and international standards. She can be found at:

Sophorn, is the Vice President of the Cambodian-American Community of Oregon. Having grown up most of her life in Cambodia and with less than a decade living in the United States, she has witnessed poverty, corruption, and crime. Being blessed with the opportunities in America, she is now giving something back to this world.

ReaksmeyArun is the Executive Director of Mekea Strey, an NGO fighting for women's rights in Cambodia.

Best wishes and thank you for raising this issue with us.

mompol's picture

Thank you!

Your idea of connect with the members is powerful, thank you!!! In present, I could only raise the voice avout the inequity human right in the world.. the way to connect with them in order to seek the solutions

Thank you so much for this information
I hope i will connect and able to solve and can raise the women's voice to the world.
Mom pol

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