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We Want Answers




The aftermath of the March 3 attack on the Sri Lankan team has created an uproar amongst not just cricketing fans but the peace loving people of Pakistan as well - especially it's youth. And this has led us to believe that more answers are due to us. With that in mind we're embarking on a journey which will question those who are answerable for our current state of affairs.

No longer are we going to sit back and accept the eventual anarchy our country is falling into. Nor are we going to be blamed for acts of terror perpetuated by stateless elements.

We are going to ask the government of Pakistan, who WE THE PEOPLE have put into power, for answers.

The idea is simple. We plan on collecting 1 MILLION pictures of you, the people of Pakistan, demanding answers. The answers are to issues that we as a nation face on a daily basis.

When will be actually safe for us to travel within our country?
When will it be ok to drive late at night?
Why is that we look at one another in suspicion?
Why are there "Beware of the Terrorist" signs all over CAA/Govt airports and places of travel?
Why do I need to protect my family from the lack of security?
Where is our income tax going?
Why are there hundreds of ghost schools all over in the rural areas?
Why is the higher education far from recognition?

All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself holding up a sign with your name that says : I WANT ANSWERS. But make sure your name is there so the sign will read eg IMRAN WANTS ANSWERS or MAHEEN WANTS ANSWERS. You can check out the picture gallery for a better idea.

Once we reach our goal we will go to those responsible and demand what is our right ! We will then show to the government of Pakistan that our youth will not sit back and watch our country be taken from us without a fight ! We want answers and we want action and want our country back.

As a friend of mine very aptly said : It's time that the Youth of Pakistan roar like lions !!!

Note : This event takes place on facebook and is being covered by Dawn News.



Lisa's picture


This project gives me chills. Is there a way to follow this campaign outside of facebook? I'd love to watch this develop but I don't have a facebook account. Also, could you share more info about what happened on March 3rd? Is there a link?

May the youth roar!


Tanya's picture


Hey Lisa,

I am not aware of this campaign being developed outside facebook. It is very much a facebook generated activism initiative so unfortunately you will need to follow it up only there.

3rd March - The Srilankan cricket team was touring Pakistan - this when Australia and India had refused to come to Pakistan due to security threats. SriLanka's acceptance to send it's team during such a time was perceived by a large section of Pakistanis as a gesture of support and much appreciated. The first few days of the tour passed without any security glitches. However, the SriLankan team was on their way towards the Gaddafi cricket stadium in Lahore for the second test match when their bus was attacked by terrorists and attempts were made to kill or take them hostage. Luckily, all the players survived with minor injuries. However, Pakistan lost 8 of its nationals - 6 members of the elite police force and 2 others. The players were flown out the same day and it caused much uproar. Tarnished Pakistan's image significantly - or should I say even further on the international arena; and caused much distress, especially to Pakistanis because this was a horrific act committed on our soil, clearly meant to violate our sense of pride and isolate us on a global platform.This was not meant to be an attack on the Sri Lankan team but was an attack on Pakistean and as I mentioned earlier, meant to show that we as a nation are dangerous, filled with extremists (this ofcourse is my personal view but one that is shared by many Pakistanis as well as quite a few other nationals). Just to add to the above, hospitality is something the Pakistanis pride themselves on and when this act took place, it upset us - obviously because of the nature of the act- but also because to a team/friend who had supported us in our hour of need.

I would like to add though. Our security was terribly lax - the bus was not bullet proof to say the least! The only saving grace was the fact that our elite force put it self forward while the attack was taking place and sacrificed their lives. Not to mention, the brave driver of the bus in which the SriLankan team was traveling, who sped towards the venue while under attack. I think I would be amiss, if I dont mention the gracious and extremely mature response of the Sri Lankan team after the attacks. They showed restraint and a much needed sense of objectivity when Pakistan was facing a lot of flak from all over. Infact, a SriLankan newspaper issued an editorial saying " Lankan press criticises demonisation of Pakistan" - because unfortunately many parts of the Indian media & politicians and even some Western outlets did just that in their reportage losing sight of all objectivity.

You can check out a host of links here. They are all different outlets so you make form your own opinion rather than relying on mine -

Hope this helps!

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