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In 1994 ,a very handsome and cute baby boy Kamran Yaqub was born to me ,he was very cute and handsome, wheatish complexion with beautiful features ,he soon became a star of my eyes and the centre attraction for my all the affection ,so as of my sisters and brothers used to love him so much as the time passed and he grew older his features seems to improve more ,he was indeed a very nice little angle,he was always chirpy and used to enjoy his life with smiles all the time on his face. Despite some of my family problems i was very happy with my kids .
On the warm afternoon of july 2000,when my son was 6 years of age ,we all were sitting in a drawing room ,watching a movie suddenly Kamran Yaqub (my son) eyes went red ,and he got a high temperature, i noticed that and let him to bed,and gave him some syrup, after a while he wanted to go washroom but complained about trouble in walking i let him to washroom ,when he returned he complained about the pain and blood on urine,i was very tense to know it , i had no idea what suddenly went wrong to my son whom i love more then any thing in my life,i talked my husband about it ,we were already puzzled by the sudden temperature of Kamran, and now about the blood ,the next time he wanted to go washroom ,i observed him, and i was shocked to see that instead of urine it was blood coming with clots of flesh and my son was yelling ,Oh God...i quickly told my husband about it ,we rushed him to hospital,where doctor started to perform his all the tests, the whole day passed in the tests he was admitted to Combined Military hospital ,mean while his condition started to deteriorate as clots of bloods were coming out of his urine ,my husband who was a military officer despite of being so strong couldn’t resist crying so as i,after all he was our son ,i controlled my self and made my self strong because i knew if i couldn’t control my emotions what a 6 years old kid will feel? He needed our strength in pain, but my husband couldn’t control his tears,we knew it was some thing serious ,after the tests the doctor revealed us that my son had a tumour in his kidney and this is very serious this news just shook us from inside, they referred us to big city which was about 200 km from there for further tests and treatment.
My husband asked for leave in the office it was granted, we rushed to Lahore the big city ,and admitted our son there ,it was also a combined military hospital, my son was in a lot of pain ,we had to rush him in the different departments in the hospital for some tests,some time ultra sound ct scan bold test and all some time my husband used to hold him in his arms some times i used to as he couldn’t walk.i used to kiss him and pray to God that ‘’Allah make my son alright” you can imagine how hard it is for a mother whose son is at the stake of losing life ,i used to wake up all the night kissing his legs arms and forehead so that he could feel that his strength is with him all the time,he didn’t know how broken his mother is from inside ,i could see the sparkle in his eyes as if he wanted to say “ Mama i know u will save me”, after details of test doctor revealed that he has a cancer ,his kidney needs to be removed ,in order to save his life how ever because of small age ,the risk of losing life will always be and my husband were shocked to hear this ,my husband couldn’t stop crying all the time hiding his tears from my son, but i controlled my self and told my son that he will be alright after a small operation he will not even know about the operation can’t explain merely my words used to bring life on his face ,he used to be in a lot of pain as he was under drips and had cut on his side of tummy for ease of urine and all but he used to smile and he knew that that his mama can never lie to him. every doctor nurse and even workers of hospital used to come and love him ,this love and affection used to boast his moral.
After the sequence of tests doctors planned to remove the kidney ,having tumour, the operation was supposed to be major one ,we need to sign the papers before undergoing operation, that in casing of losing life ,we will not point anyone for being responsible. My husband cried before signing them.
Before the operation i kissed my son a lot,i asked him that i will be with you, u need not to worry, i didn’t wanted to show him that as a mother how meek i am though wanted to burst in to tears but i kept myself calm ,and asked my son to be brave ,miraculously he didn’t show any signs of nerves, or worry despite being just 6 years of age he was cool and calm didn’t even cried for once .
As the doors of operation theatre closed my prayers started to begin, for every single second i was praying for my lovely son ,after 7 hours of operation by highly qualified doctors they removed the kidney having cancerous , doctor came out of operation theatre and congratulated us that our son is safe, he told us that it was a 5 kg of tumour in his kidney.
We were very glad i thanked God for it ,after a while we were allowed to see Kamran, though he was in pain and couldn’t speak but as his senses came his eyes and face wanted to thank his mama that “mama you were right i am gona survive ,and nothing will happen to me “
We had seen the tough time of our life its not easy to see the one whom you give birth at the stake of losing life ,however the operation was not the end it was the start of new phase a tough phase ,doctors told us that now as kidney is removed we have to do cameo- therapy so that cancer ends completely and it doesn’t spread to the other kidney, cameo-therapy phase is the most toughest phase ,kid needs to be strong mentally otherwise there is still a chance of loosing life because the dose are of high potency it will effect the patient.
Cameo therapy was not easy one after operation, we returned home but we had to travel on every weekend to a city which was about 200 km from where my husband was posted, it was very tough,a we had to tell our kid that he needs to be more strong,he has already beaten the death, we told him that he had a cancer but now he is recovered he needs to be more strong for these doze.
Those potent doze adversely affected my son and they were too ,my son lost all his hairs, after the doze he mostly vomited and ran a high fever,but i always made my son strong by my words now the doctor had given us some doze we can have those drips on local hospital as well,but still i had to stay with him at hospitals some times when his condition used to deteriorate because of doze ,i had to neglect my other kids due to all this so as my home but some how i used to manage all that.
After a year thankfully my son completely recovered he is now having one kidney though but he is leading wonderful life he takes active participation in every sports and other field of life,he is very tremendous at his studies .he is now in his 17th year and is very strong lad physically thanks to God for showering his blessing upon him and giving us a courage to stand all the things with patience.
My message to all the women,we make half of the society and we are more strong then men. We should never give up,we should never get disappointed anywhere,we are the strong creature we should trust in Almighty God he is there for us all the time




gingerhooper's picture

Thank you for the story

A really touching story and I am glad there has been a happy ending to this one. I hope your son continues to lead a long and healthy life.

nusrat.yaqub's picture


Thanks for your encouraging words.please keep on the good work i read ur profile.glad to know you


Stella Paul's picture

A strong mom

Dear Apa

First of all, sorry for reading this late. I was out of station for sometime, and have returned only now.

I read your story. Its a touching story and I give thanks to god for making your son healthy again.

But while reading, I could feel one thing again and again: You are a lovely mother with so much strength within your heart. Your son believed completely in your inner strength and I think this is also gave him strength. I am happy to know you here and wish you and your family a healthy, happy future!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

malba66's picture

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your story. God bless your son and your family. May he be blessed with a long, healthy and joyous life, and may you and your family enjoy it with him.


Jency's picture


Thanks for sharing your story Nusrat. It is touching and also I am sure your story is a source of courage to many women. God has blessed your son and will continue to do so.


Pavonne's picture

Thank you for your story

Hi... I am new to worldpulse and I have been reading for the pas 2 - 3 hours. When I saw your subject, I had to read. thank you for telling such a beautiful story about your love and strength for your son. I am so glad that everything turned out good. Your story can inspire others to be strong and trust in God. I am grateful to you and I pray for the best for you and your family.


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