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Petition against law proposal of EU on animal testing

The European Union, specifically the office in Bruxelles, at the beginning of September 2010 wants to approve a law proposal on behalf of which, animals who are living on the streets and don't belong to nobody, can be caught and used for testing. The same animal can be used for more than one test on different issues. Some of the tests done on them are really cruel:

* swimming until the heart stops beating
* test of different drugs and its effects

I am asking myself, who in first instance put the dogs, cats and all the vagabund animals on the streets? Especially in summer in Italy and surely in other countries, too, families and people with pets, want to go on holiday and so they feel that they don't like and need their dog/cat anymore and leave it on the motorways, on the streets, in front of supermarkets or elsewhere and expose the animal to many risks (by human beings, cars, other animals). Eventhough Italy introduced the duty of putting a microchip on dogs on which the name of the owner is listed and registered, there are still people who don't do it and so, when they abandon their pets, they can not be held responsible for their misdeeds.
I think we can learn a lot from animals and if I look around and see how people are treating each other and the cruelty present in the world I think that the human being is the worst of all animals.

If someone of you has a heart for animals and nature and feels that they have a right of living please go through the petition, read it and then decide with your conscience what you think is best.

On the left side of the page there should be a button on which you can switch to English to read through it.


lenka1st's picture

i do not know what to say

One side - any experiment is not a game, science cannot improve without such experiments.
I am a doctor (surgeon) and my first patient was a god, and this god died after the third or fourth operatin, but this way a few doctors recieved experience of throat-cutting and, maybe, will rescue real man's lifes.

Another side. It will be better to put money in special simulators helping surgeons to be professionals. But can we make simulators for testing drug, ect. I know that most of drugs are duplicate similar drugs, people never need so many drugs - but what we really can do? Using drugs is simplex, to be healthy - is work! And most of people choose drugs.

The third side. People wants to have pets. So we will have a problem of homeless animals. What shall we do with them - globally? Lull? Try to find new home? Maybe the way is - prohibit the keeping of animals? Or everybody who wants pet, must pay great money at first in special Fund or can take pet only from the center of homeless animals?

Two of my pets run away (asking for freedom?). I hope they were free and happy but i don't think so...

Я твайго не вазьму, я свайго не аддам! - I shall not take your, i shall not give my.

Eliana's picture

For sure as a surgeon you

For sure as a surgeon you see it the other side. But there are experiments and experiments and I think there should be made a difference between things that are for humanity sake and things that belong to the area of simple cruelty because letting a cat or a dog swim until his heart stops beating, is only cruelty and in my eyes, I am no doctor, it has no real sense and does not follow an aim. Nobody let's a human being run until its heart stops and animals and humans have different heart beats and resistance, I suppose.

I think people generally should think first before they buy or take with them a pet (cat, dog, rat, snake, lizzard, bird...) and think about what it will take them to care for an animal and if they really have the time and the attitude to do so and they should also consider if they are ready to give up some of their loved habits for their pet or if their hobbies and jobs fit the need of the animal. Animals are human beings and have their needs. Unfortunately they can not express them with words. If a family or a single person is not ready to share his/her time with an animal I would suggest they don't take one and let others take care of it who have the time and the happyness to do so.

I myself grew up in a family where we used to have cats and they stayed with us for more than 20 years and now I have a dog since 4 years. I know what it means having animals and I know that there are slight differences between a dog and a cat and that both deserve different treatment and have different needs.

If people were thinking before there surely would not be so many vagabund cats and dogs. Because before they became vagabunds, they had a home and they found themselves on the street from one day to the other without sometimes knowing what was going to happen. And they did not choose. Nobody asked them. But this does not only happen to animals this happens to people too. And are we using them for some cruel experiments for medicines and drugs? (Well, maybe some pharma industry does but I hope and wish this is not the rule but a horrible and deplorable exception).

I am against any form of testing or violence against animals or humans. That's inhuman. Everyone has the right of life and who are we to decide upon animals as if they were no human beings and they don't have right to live. That's maybe a reason why I avoid any form of medicine and try to rely on nature for curing my disease and I don't use cosmethics except natural and cruelty free products. But that's my opinion and I understand that some people according to their work and experience think differently.

Unfortunately I could not read what was written in Cyrillic alphabet underneath. I hope it's cyrillic.


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