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Can South Africa have three first ladies at the same time?

Hey Ladies of Africa, did you admire African culture on display during the swearing in of the newest President on the Black Continent?
While on the eve of the event I was curious over who would stand on Jacob Zuma’s side as First Lady among his three adorable wives, on the day proper, another thought obsessed me. I am talking about the mélange of modernism and the deep rooted Zulu traditional rights that were briefly performed. I don’t understand Zulu but I felt beguiled by whatever the traditionally dressed performer said for over five straight minutes and the response from the crowd in acceptance.
Maybe I should now settle on the issue of the First Lady. Polygamy is a recognized way of life in the African context. It establishes to some extent the strength of the man. Zuma’s heart can accommodate three queens at a go. Meanwhile forms of ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats and Heads of State give room to one and only one state lady. Even before Zuma makes any official statement on that, do you think he should toe the line or set the pace for new things i.e. having three first ladies??? Please tell me what you think.


Just kidding. Maybe the man will settle on one when he goes aboard, having all three stay when he is receiving guests at home. I am just befuddled by this as you are.
To me, it sound like his three wives are "trophy wives", property to be considered rather than as three woman.
I don't know.
Haa...I guess that wasn't much help. Oh well. At least you know that two people are confused as to what they plan to do in Public Relations aboard.

Edithlum's picture

and the other women??

If he picks out of the hat where do the other ladies fit in. Personally if i were to wear their shoe, i would be jealous. Nice drama unfolding


Nelly2.0's picture


It certainly is a new one. Not that it's the first time a president has had more than one wife but in most cases it has hardly been a democratically elected present like Zuma. I think that if South Africans have elected him president, they are okay with his having three wives. I wonder if he is a christian because that would make things a little more complicated. Personally, I am not a a fan of Zuma because of a lot of other reasons, like him saying that he avoided HIV after having sex with an HIV+ lady by taking a bath. In a country like South Africa with high levels of HIV and AIDS, what kind of example is he setting for thee rest of the populace?

Edithlum's picture


Hi Nelly, thanks for your prompt comment. you have just raised another issue there the HIV thing. I am indifferent about Zuma though his people love him much. I got more infoe today that he has five and not three wives and so i am still all ears.


Dando's picture


Why is it that us women at times sink so low, is it because of money or tradition that these beautiful women decided to get married to Zuma when am sure they knew he had a wife at home? we need to think twice about our traditional.

I for one, am not of the idea of polygamy.

I had a wealth relative who married more then seven wives, he kept on marrying even in his old age, most of the young women he married accepted because of his wealth. He later on married a young woman, who was the same age as his own daughter, this person was believed to be HIV positive, after some time, the man died in his old age and his wives started dying one after another due to HIV and AIDS. Image how polygamy can affect the lives of other innocent people including their own children.

It is not only HIV but a lot of other evil thing occure,poverty, jealousy, envy, murder, hatred and a lot more.

Thanks Edith for such a waken idea!

Edithlum's picture


Yes Dando you just raised one of the petinent issues we need to take a look at. why will one even have a large appetite for women when the HIV virus is so wild now. i wish the women stay faithful and why not Zuma himself to avoid what befell your rich relative.


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