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They Never Stop, so neither will I...

Wow, just when you think they have learned their lesson that they are not fooling anybody they come out with another attempt at it, this time in an article called Senate GOP plans attack on Obama health care bill at this link:;_ylt=A...

We really need to send the clear and strong message that they are not fooling anybody and that we know that their goal is white male power. I have nothing against white males, in general, but I do have a very big problem with them thinking they are anything but a subgroup of America and the world. It makes you really have to wonder if they really feel so inadequate in themselves that to feel "big" they have to oppress the rest of the world as they repeated try to do.

You can see it in children when you have a bully and it is usually because they feel somehow "less" then the other kids do so try to intimidate them by using or threatening to use physical force. Just as in grade school when you learned if you stood up to them they got scared and went off, it is the same with this group. Admittedly, their methods are more sophisticated then in elementary school but standing up to them and challenging them will make them back off. They have to because they know 100% that their positions are not supportable and will crumble to nothing with exposure.

In Alaska it is especially hard to combat this oppression since the Natives here are still getting over the effects of their actions towards us. Things like taking the children and putting them into isolated boarding schools to "teach them" what (not how but what) to think. We are learning though, step by step, we are learning. We are learning how to ignore their repeated attempts to make us think little of ourselves. It is prevalent here and doubly so since we not only read in history how American Indigenous peoples "lost" (without mentioning it was not honest or fair fighting, mind!) but we Alaskan indigenous peoples were so inept and primitive that we could do nothing for ourselves so they (meaning America and yes that includes the American people) did a major power/land/resource grab.

I understand why they did it, they decided to ignore common sense and just take everything and consume without guilt or thought. To do this, though, they had to get the resources from somewhere, so things like getting minorities to do the labor while paying them pennies became popular and is still something we are fighting to stop. They had to run around the world and oppress everyone they could and do things like take Alaska from it's Peoples. They called this ignorant and abusive lifestyle "Greatness" instead of the shameful thing it was.

As the rest of the world learned to speak up they found it harder and harder to ignore the truth of their actions, especially when many Americans were saying it too. So America found itself waking up with a doozy of a hangover. Some felt shame at what they had done and decided to change their lifestyle, we saw these same ones help us create the wave of change in America in the last elections. Yes, they made a huge mistake but are now working to clean up after themselves so we should embrace them since it is together we will do the work necessary to fix and heal our country.

But what of the ones who woke up just as disgustingly hung over and reeking of their wild party and thought 'Wow, that was fun! Let's do it again!" instead of realizing the effect of their actions on others? Any parent can face it when it is our own child who maybe behaved in an irresponsible manner at their first party. You sit them down and talk to them about behaving in a responsible manner and how drinking and partying is an adult behavior and they need to act mature and practice discipline. You don't throw them out of your house for making that kind of mistake but you do teach them about maturity and integrity and responsibility. Some you need to have "the talk" with a few times and you consider it growing pains and a part of maturing to adulthood.

Just as you have seen some teenagers not caring about responsibility or maturity and only wanting to party, there are adults this way too. You also know that you can not help them until they are ready otherwise they will just pretend to listen and go on with their behavior and you will be wasting your time. Remember though, just as you would not hire them to work in your business, especially in these economic times, are you really willing to elect them to public office?



aliĝngix's picture

My Goodness

Yes, as a Native I understand this truly, this bullying on an extreme level just because they want this, and this... you find this everywhere in the's sad...but not un-amendable! Just as they gain, how far they've pushed everyone can only snap back sometime, and this is done peacefully with an understanding you can't do this anymore. It reminds me of a movie, Labyrinth:

"My will is as strong as you, and my kingdom as great. You have no power over me." Ha ha..Nice thoughts, thank you for sharing.

dr edonna's picture

Powerfilled Indeed

Yes, Maria, you are speaking truth. However when the issues involved the double edge sword of race and gender, then it is a sack filled with unwanted creepies and infested insects the come crawling out of the bag so fast that it is difficult to catch and crunch, kill or destroy them because there are so many. And this is the problem when you have to deal with the double jeapardy issue of race, and gender. How will we ever begin to deal with such issues, except as a community of indigenous people who have been wronged and refuse to deal with the results of not freeing our minds from the minority trap when in fact, we represent the majority of the people in the world. Until we begin to address these issues as empowered people with the ability to change our destiny and future, we will forever allow our anger to blind our solutions to dealing with such issues, we must move beyond blame and begin to shape our destiny to deal specifically with such issues of injustice in order to restore peace, harmony and rightness to our people groups.

Maria de Chirikof's picture

The Minority trap

I know what you mean by The Minority Trap, where we can get caught up in just accusing and not taking actions to change ourselves and our peoples. What I hoped to show here is that it is necessary for the other republicans to speak up too since they are the ones who are getting fooled by this, not you and I. Until they learn to speak against this type of thing themselves they will continue to try it.

It is very encouraging to see the changes in our communities where we are working very hard to become doctors, lawyers, scientists and such to make our contributions to society in a 'modern' way. Here is an email I jut received that I would love to attend and will try to budget for but doubt I can make it this year:

The correct steps are being taken and we will help shape the world where it is more fair and Just. I can see a world where my and my daughters live as Aleuts next to a family of Irish people and so on. Where it is as a community we work together for the betterment of all.

But the anger at it all is there, that I can not deny. I agree and truly believe that we need to embrace all cultures as we work toward a better life for ourselves. I think part of the problem is they are afraid of what "we" will do to them when we really need to show them that "Hey, my people have known this for hundreds of years and have been waiting for you to be ready to accept it too." I think once they realize that peace means they find it too it will become more widely embraced. It is not revenge but Justice we seek and a better world for the woman and children and that will naturally include men since they are our fathers, our brothers, our sons and our friends.

Thanks for you interesting post and I look forward to taking this journey together!


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