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I'm sad...


I am totally disgusted with the morality level of men. I heard about a girl who was executed for killing her husband. She killed him because he was trying to sleep with his 4 year old daughter... That is very sick! Don't they have morals...? When I become really powerful one day I will stop that stuff someday!!

I really hate the fact that men anywhere must have "smex" all the time. I don't understand why they have to have it... Or even with girls way younger them... They are undisciplined, stupid, and just plain .. GRR!! Mina is quite angry with the behavior of men! They absolutely DISGUST me! (Only they act like that either then that there okay.)

This is Mina's plan for the future! Tell me if you agree with me.

For every 50 year men will be sterilized so they can't give babies. The human population will go down and the world problems would go down. If men try to rape girls there would be something in the sterilization that would identify who did it! Then instead of rapist going to Jail, they would get castrated! YEAH! That would be beautiful!

Mina will rule the world one day and it would be totally equal and justice would actually prevail! I know it's Mina's destiny to do this! One way or another! (Determined face.)

Bye- bye!! With a positive attitude and a burning fire that will never die out, Mina!!!!


Maria de Chirikof's picture

this article

She is referring to this article and I was saying if the daughter is 8 now she must have been very young when this happened and I can't imagine a jury finding her guilty for killing anyone trying that with her child.

We have talked about this before and you know I disagree with this idea a lot since it would lead to many problems. I do agree that a real and not chemical castration should be the universal law for men who rape anyone, male/female/young/old, it does not matter who or even why since rape is not about sex but about power and control.

You know I feel that we need to first heal the people's and end these cycles of abuse and only then can we truly see the way forward. Anything before that is more reaction then thought out. About the world population, it happens that a woman can truly believe that the world is too populated and still end up having many children. I believe it is important to stress how overpopulated it is and how we really need to actively try to stop the boom of people. But I do not think that penalties should be put on people when things like you 4 happened. We talked about this before and imagine if we applied some of your ideas to me/us. You know you and your twin were a rough pregnancy and I almost died, imagine them deciding on arbitrary factors that the resources needed to save my life and to bring you guys into the world was not worth it. You say you would not choose people like me but you know historically that the ones in charge of this kind of thing are usually not the kind you would want to be in charge so you really need to seriously think of what you say and what you "condone"!

Science is NOT the way to govern people, my love, you know I am against such ideas very strongly! I know research attracts you and you need to really think seriously about your ideas and what would happen if "the wrong people" take your ideas and use them against others. It is easy when thinking and writing down ideas or theories to forget that there are actual real people you are talking about, each one living and breathing and you do not have the right to decide for them how they live their life. General rules for a society are needed because people stray from what is right for many reasons and it has to be a case by case basis and not a "one size fits all" like scientists always want to try. It always fails because we are real people and not mindless "things".

Sorry if I sound harsh but I think this kind of thinking will lead you down the wrong path. You know I think you can be a great scientist and know you want to fix the worlds problems but do not lose site of the fact that 'the problem' includes people like me, you, our friends on here! It is how we learn though by questioning and wondering things so do not feel you can not achieve greatness. Compassion and empathy should always be in your mind though when you are thinking of how to solve the problems! It will be easier for you when you get to college and find other people with a scientific mind like yours to help you think through your ideas in a better way then I can! Never give up, never surrender!



aliĝngix's picture


Ai, yai. I know how you feel. I guess we need to work out things like this, eh? We'll all talk on here and bounce ideas back and forth.

JaniceW's picture

I agree with Maria

Sorry Mina, but I do not feel that sterilizing all men over 50 and castration is the solution. I agree with Maria that we need to look at the root cause of why men rape and come up with solutions to prevent this behaviour from happening in the first place. I am sorry that you feel so strongly about this and am sure there have been some expereinces that have led you to be so determined about the topic but please do not place all men in the same category. After all, right now we have a male President of the USA who displays great empathy and concern for women's rights.

I also thought you might be interested to read a post by a male PulseWire member that begins "I am heartbroken".

"I must confess am not a very keen reader of testimonies from women..because sometimes i assume i know what to expect..i mean typical of a patriarchial society like my own! However, since this PulseWire forum was created,I have spent a lot of time after work reading stories from our world..and I must say I am ashamed, challenged and really feel exposed in the sense of w[h]at we the men have caused our sisters, mothers etc! ..."

Reaching out to men and presenting a strong argument can go a long way towards gathering their support for our causes, without alienating them and causing an even greater chasm between "them" and "us". I appreciate you speaking out though and am sure many others have thoughts on this too.

Maria de Chirikof's picture


Sorry! Mina was feeling a little righteous! I had a talk with Mom and she says that that sterilizing men all over is a little extreme! So sorry! I know now that action isn't the way to attack the issue. Thanks for being honest! I wonder did I worry or make people feel odd when I said that? I must apologize again...

JaniceW's picture

No worries

Mina, trust me, we all feel indignant at times and call for extreme actions but then realize that we are speaking out of emotion and not rational thought. I like that you are honest and it's good to provoke discussion as it makes us all reflect on our individual viewpoints, but one needs to keep an open mind and realize that generalizations such as "all men are evil" only serve to create greater rifts between peoples, instead of bringing them together.

We have male members on PulseWire who are very supportive and empathetic, and I would hate to think that just because of their gender, one cannot see their merits. Just as we hate it when we are stereotyped, so do men. This however, can be turned around to be a discussion about rape and what can be done, as it is a topic that needs to be addressed. So, I thank you for opening up the table for debate and look forward to reading other viewpoints.

Maria de Chirikof's picture

Oh that is cute

I see what you mean when you said you forgot to check which of us was logged in. That was a very weird moment to see my name and your words!

Wow, tomorrow is the big day!!!! Congratulations for staying with it through all the hard times! if I had a metal I would surely give it to you guys! Like the military has the Purple Heart for our people inured in the line of duty, I would have the Purple Crossbones for children injured during a broken marriage.

all my love,


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