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Introducing myself and my journal: Midi Files

About Me:
My name is Midi and it feels as if I have been working on trying to develop myself and the world ever since i arrived in this lifetime. I love 'joining the dots' and helping make sense out of apparent mystery and mess. I enjoy linking big picture dreams with practical action. I'm always looking to see how to make 1 + 1 = 3 and more. I find it obscene that 27,000 children each day die from entirely preventable diseases and I'm no longer willing to accept the inequalities of basic access to human rights, food, shelter, healthcare, education etc etc that exist in our world. So I just feel it's up to me each day to make whatever infinitesimal difference I can in leveling our global playing field.

My Passions:
Africa, Corsica and Corsican polyphony, Wales, my children, my friends, mountains and sea, blue skies and sunshine, music, seeing people and plants grow, my rumbunctious rock musician partner's creativity and humor

My Challenges:
remembering to breathe if I am excited or scared, trusting myself, daring to dream great dreams without becoming megalomaniac, timing - being willing to wait,

My Vision for the Future:
i trust in evolution and I feel the future is happening now - it's an extraordinary time to be alive

My Areas of Expertise:
management and organization consulting, project design and management, facilitation, networking, Africa, rural development, fundraising, writing, research and analysis, psychotherapy & mentoring


LauraB's picture

A warm welcome


We are so glad you have joined us here at PulseWire, a dynamic, powerful global online community.
With your many passions, areas of expertise, and interests, you will have a great wealth to share with the community.
Joining a group is a great way to connect with other women here.

What a great line! I love 'joining the dots' and helping make sense out of apparent mystery and mess. Yes, I feel this too.
It sounds like you have such a full and interesting life that we will benefit from greatly.

Warm wishes and a big welcome.


midiberry's picture

Thanks and...

Hi Laura
I so appreciated your welcome message - and I really enjoyed just visiting Red Aphrodite's website. Do you know about
They're based in Kigali, Rwanda, and I think you would love their work. I wonder if there is scope for some kind of alliance between your organizations? I'll be in Rwanda next in october/November, so if I can facilitate anything for you there please let me know.
Are you in Portland Oregon - if so (and anyway!) I lived in and just adored Portland in the mid-seventies. Some of my favorite people in the world, Arny and Amy Mindell, co-founded the Global Process Work Institute which is now based there.
I just love this website and what it stands for and will publicize it wherever I can.

Midi Berry, California

JaniceW's picture


Midi, thank you for letting us know about and Global Process Work Institute. We are always interested in what other organizations are doing. I look forward to you sharing more about your work and your trip to Rwanda. We have a few members from Rwanda so let me know if you would like me to connect you to anyone.

Again, welcome and I know that you will find PulseWire to be engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking.
PulseWire Community Director

midiberry's picture


Hi Janice and thank you so much for your welcome! I'm always happy to connect with people in Rwanda, since the majority of my work now is focused in this beautiful country. I've been involved with fund-raising for various information, education and health projects, and also designed, developed and managed a rural energy micro-enterprise project. I'm connected with individuals and groups who are engaged in different forms of social enterprise and economic development. Also I support a foundation in Musanze engaged in rebuilding community through helping child-headed households, young mothers, widows, people affected by HIV/Aids and deaf/disabled youngsters claim their rights and receive the support/development they need to survive and flourish.
Thanks for what you are doing with PulseWire!

Midi Berry, California

JaniceW's picture

Connections in Rwanda

Midi, I am thrilled to connect you with some of our members from Rwanda. I have no doubt that they will enjoy exchanging ideas, concerns and dreams with someone of your experience.

Dennis Karamuzi is the Programs Manager of Heifer International Rwanda and can be found at:

If you speak French, you can connect with Philomene Cyulinyana who is the President of FRSL+ Femmes Rwandaise Seropositives dans la Lutte Contre le VIH. Philomene can be found at:

Another french-speaking member, Judith Mukagakwaya is an NGO director and self-employed Rwanda AIDS advocate. She can be found at:

Charlotte Nyiraneza is the project leader of Global Grassroots and can be found at:

Member Pacifique is the Community mobilisation coordinator of WE-ACTx. She does not have a journal so the best way to connect with her is to ask her to be your friend by clicking on the "add to my community" button under her profile image. She can be found at:

Shamsi Kazimbaya is an Executive Secretary for SWAA-Rwanda. You can also send her a message by adding her to your community.

Brigitte Naohma Irene Kehrer is a consultant in International Communications, Negotiations and Media-Peace Building and spent 4 years in Rwanda. You can send her a message by adding her to your community.

And finally, Becca travelled to Rwanda on a humanitarian trip last year and you might like to connect to share experiences.

Best wishes, Janice

midiberry's picture

Thank you!

Hey, I've only been here a few hours and I feel as if I am saying a long non-stop thank you! :-)
Janice, this is such a rich list and I have been very touched already to read the stories of so many amazing people. Thank you foropening the door for me :-)
i now have a new challenge - how to stay away from when other priorities call!
One thing I am aware of as I read is the extraordinary privilege of having easy computer and internet access here in the USA. We so need to find ways to share that privilege...?

Midi Berry, California

monimambo's picture


Welcome to the club Midi I love what you talked about children dying of preventable diseases it hurts me alot if you came to Kenya you could cry your life out because of the many agonizing scenes I personally crave for my fellow women folk and wish there is something I could do to make a difference in their life especially the housewives who are so much oppressed and are helpless left out by men who fathered their kids and dont know what to do they don not live in the same world as others. I hope on one day I could make an impact in their lives.

midiberry's picture

Hello Monicah!

It's good to meet you here. Yes, I have shed many tears in and for Kenya, and especially during the difficulties of the last few years. I am touched by your desire to help other women and wonder if you have had any contact with any of the women's groups and for example the micro-loan agencies that are operating in Kenya? Your love for information technology is so valuable - I wish you well to be able to continue your studies. If I come across any education grant opportunities I will surely let you know. And i wish Shadrach Mutiso well too! I have five children and I love them all very much too!

Midi Berry, California

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