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Understanding the feeling

I was reading Yahoo news and came upon a story from the NY Times about middle-class people facing eviction for the first time. In a way, I am sad that it is happening to anyone but in another I am also kind of glad it has happened to them. Before you start to think I am cruel or unkind it was reading this one line written by a person who was finding it hard when he and his roommate fell into financial difficulties. The one guy had to take a job at a much lower salary then he was used to and the other had been laid off from his over $30,000 a year job and this is what the guy said who had lost his well paid job:

“It’s kind of dehumanizing,” Mr. Brewster-Streeks said of the experience. “They see you as a certain kind of person. We’ve never been that certain kind of person.”

One can only hope that they finally start to realize that no one is that certain kind of person though they used to think of them that way. Now that the know how unfair and unjust it is to be thought of in this way maybe they will finally change the way they think about others in minority/marginalized groups!

It is circumstances and maybe partly how the person was raised with the belief that they are not worth what others are that leads to this vicious cycle that we really need to change. So, I am a bit glad that these people who used to be the worst ones in feeling that those less fortunate then themselves were a certain kind of person are now tasting it for themselves and seeing how unfair it is to label people according to circumstances over which they had little to no control of. Of course I do hope the economy in America picks up and that people will wake up from all these false models and false beliefs and embrace what it is real and true about the world.



aliĝngix's picture

Experience Builds Empathy

Perhaps this is good medicine to ignorance, and perhaps as you hope, they will hopefully treat "others"(I mean that in a dual sense, how it seems they have divided themselves into us and them category) with more respect and understanding as humans. A better economy model too.


Hey Maria!

Congrats you did it. I guess your daughters will now be happy and proud.

Maria de Chirikof's picture

thank you

Thanks for your sweet words since I thought I came very close but that I would not get it. The girls always encouraged and believed in me and we did "The Happy Dance" and a group hug. We are thrilled!

hugs and love,


katea's picture

let's go and celebrate!

You know my feelings already for you and the rest of our friends who made it to the 30 Correspondents! :) I knew you'd make it and actually, I knew also that I would not be chosen which is totally ok. It really does not matter to me for I know whatever all of you will do, I will definitely be part of it. :)

let's keep the spirit alive!

love always,

Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

Maria de Chirikof's picture


I thought you would get it too but I can imagine how hard that decision was for them since there were all deserving of it! I wondered where you have been, everything going ok?


JaniceW's picture

This type of comment fires me up

Maria, I had read a similar article in the NY Times about wives having to deal with their husbands who had been laid off from their 6-figure jobs and how they felt that people now looked down on them. It was ironic that the recently unemployed couple did not see that by their very words, they also looked down on the unemployed. I find it so interesting how myopic some people are and how even when they are in similar circumstances, still see a separation between themselves and others in the same situation. As if the nature by which they became unemployed makes them better than other people.

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