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Ye Taliban Kon Hain(Who are these Taliban)


ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)
ye zaliman kon hain (who are these cruel )
idhar yahan udhar wahan (here and there, everywhere)
bigar hai jahan jahan (instability is everywhere)
qtal ki hai dastan (story of murders)
ye qatilan kon hain (who are these murderers)
ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)

samajh k bher bakriyan (treat like goats and sheep)
ksi ka sr koi zuban (anyone’s head anyone’s tongue)
jla rahe hain aashiyan (burning our homes)
ye buzdilan kon hain (who are these cowards )
ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)

karen ye soda jan ka (they are trading our lives)
zaeef ka jwan ka (no matter who is young and who is old)
nahi ye kam khan ka (this not the job of KHANs)
ye jhoote khan kon hain (who are these duplicate KHAns)
ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)

junoon ko pukarte (extremism is their slogan)
mare huwon ko marte (they are killing them, who are already died)
qatal pr ubharte (stimulating on murder)
blaye jan kon hain (who are these enemy of lives)
ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)

na jeet par na har par (neither on victory nor on loss)
nikal pare hain mar pr (they are ready to kill everyone)
tuly huye shikar pr (ready for hunt every moment)
sar e machan kon hain (who are these on tower)
ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)

ye nafraton ko ddho rahe (dividing hates everywhere )
sitam ka beej bo rahe (sewing the seed of cruelty )
zameen ka bojh ho rahe (they are only weight on earth)
wabal e jan kon hain (enemy of humanity)
ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)

swatiyon ki adaten (habits of Swat citizens)
dabi dabi shikayaten (unsaid queries )
wahan ki hain riwayaten (traditions of Swat)
ye drmiyan kon hain (who are these between us)
ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)

shariyat e Muhammadi (teachings of Muhammad PBUH.)
sabi ko ilam o agahi (everyone knows)
guzar rahi hai zindagi (spending our lives)
ye tarjuman kon hain (who are these translators )
ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)

ewam ko btayen ge (we will tell the nation)
awam ko sikhayenge (we will teach the people)
ye baz kese ayenge (how can we stop them)
ye sahiban kon hain (who are these unwanted persons)
ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)

bari bari ye hastiyan (these noble personalities )
bulandiyon main pastiyan (ups in downs )
ye be aman bastiyan (who are these enemy of peace)
sar aman kon hain (who are they head of peace)
ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)

inhe lgam dijiye (stop them please)
sza tmam dijiye (give them punishment)
koi to nam dijiye (give them any name)
ye hukmaran kon hain (who are these rulers)
ye taliban kon hain (Who are these Taliban)

by:Ikram Arifi


jap21's picture

It will take incredible courage

Thank you for making me realize how you feel about the talibans. Although the world knows about their deeds, we do not realize how awful it is for women and children who have to live with them around every day. We must all create a new concept on the amount of violence our societies admit as possible.No one should use the name of their faith or law or anything to kill and spread terror amongst normal people.

The first step towards defeating them is as we say in Bolivia 'gain their morale', this means that everyone should let them know that the truth of their deeds will haunt them because good will people are not afraid ot the truth, so they will show it to them. Everytime street people run into them, you should look the talibans in the eye, fiercefully, letting them know they will not win.

Keep up the spirit sister, you and your people will be on my prayers tonight, as every night from now on.


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Qudsia Naseer's picture

We have to speakout

Dear Sister,

there are a lot of problems we are facing it. and no one knows that what is going to be happening in future. but we can protest against it. we can talk about its crulty. and now I and my fellows are doing this.


Qudsia Naseer

aliĝngix's picture


I feel this is correct, to take a non violent path to let your feelings out. I hope this gets somewhere, when they see themselves and what they have become. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Qudsia Naseer's picture


Dear Aligngix,

thank you for ur comment, this is true that everyone konw the bad results and bad coming future due to taliban, but courage is neeeded to raise the voice. n we will do this. thanks again.

Qudsia Naseer

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