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"In the Name of Honour" by Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

"In the Name of Honour" is an oil painting by Shaheen Sultan Dhanji - depicting an image of a woman whose voice has been silenced. She is made to understand patriarchy as the rule and its positions -- hence the necessity to struggle against patriarchy and the desire to be an independent woman.

Secondly, in rural villages where girls are given away in marriage as a form of "compensation" or "in the name of honour" to male who are 20+ years older to the young girls - this type of arrangement is termed as "Swara", where such a marriage is ordered by a village court called 'jirga'. To settle disputes between men, often the young girl is "compensated", at times killed in the name of honour if the girl/woman should seek to escape such an atrocity.

We cannot continue being spectators to heinous crimes against women, as such, we must collectively unite in solidarity to seek creative, intelligent and sustainable solutions to end Honour Killings around the world.

- Shaheen Sultan Dhanji


LauraB's picture

In the name of honour

This is a powerful painting that depicts a sense of being locked in with its strong black lines and enclosed spaces.

Great to post artwork here that inspires conversation.



Jan K Askin's picture

Raise your Voice

Dear Shaheen,

The proverb "A picture is worth a thousand words" comes to mind in viewing the painting you have shared with us.

Your words are also valuable. If your words can turn the minds of even a few people to struggle against cultural norms that allow girls and young women to be used as a form of money or reward, it is well worth your time.

I urge you to continue to speak out. Thoughtful people around the world hear you and seek ways to lift up the status of women.

Your sister in the United States,


Jan Askin

SSD's picture

Thank you, Jan K

Dear Jan K Askin,

Please accept my sincere apology for a delayed response !

Thank you very much for your imprint on my post ! It is people like you with whom I wish to seek creative and intelligent dialogue in addressing social, political, cultural and economic issues. We MUST look for space to cultivate a platform to raise and bring awareness of issues that need our voices, pens, paint brush, music, film, etc....

I hope we continue in solidarity and unity to join hands, hearts and minds to uplift those who have fallen in life.

Blessings to you, my sister.

Jan K Askin's picture


Dear Shaheen,

I want to let you know that I continue to "honor" your writing. I also continue to keep you in my thoughts as your address heartbreakingly difficult issues.


Jan Askin

sallysmithr's picture

Very inspirational

The painting and the story really are inspirational. It is so hard to believe that this occurs in today's world and I am in total support of this stopping. Women are not property and should not be treated as "compensation". There is no honor in that.

Thank you so much for sharing.

SSD's picture

Thank you, Sally

Dear Sally,

My sincere apology for a delayed response !

Thank you for your inspiring message. Together, we must hold strong in unity, words, actions and perseverance to address global issues and seek creative and intelligent dialogue for bring changes and differences where most needed in society.
Absolutely, I agree, "women are not property", hence, it is women who also must come forward and help make changes - thus, we are trying in our small ways -- small but I believe it to be meaningful, no?

Again, thank you. And, I hope we continue to exchange our thoughts.


ChicagoGirl's picture

Thank you

One of the best ways to start a change is to speak out. By telling others, through words and paintings, you are making a difference. Thank you for being brave and wise!

SSD's picture

Thank you, ChicagoGirl

Dear ChicagoGirl,

Please accept my sincere apology in a delayed response !

Thank you kindly for leaving your imprints here ! World Pulse is an excellent platform to address and seek creative and intelligent dialogue as a team. I am hoping we can commence mutual projects in the future!

I am only brave, because I have people like youself sharing that equal courage to voice out on atrocity in society, my friend!
Cheers, Shaheen

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