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"Enough is Enough:" 3,000 demonstrate against neo-nazism


In 14 cities across the Czech Republic, about 3,000 people took to the streets to protest neo-nazism and racism today in an event entitled "Enough is Enough."

The demonstrators gathered to say no to the rising wave of extremism and to show solidarity with the Roma community, which has recently been shaken by a near-fatal racially motivated attack that left a whole family -- including a two-year old girl -- severely burned and struggling for their lives.

To read more, please go to my blog, Roma Rights.



Maria de Chirikof's picture


I don't know why I thought you were talking about Italians in the other post the other day, I guess Roma/Rom is the same thing? I think it was in a mystery book I heard they call themselves the Rom or Romany and was confused.

I love that people are working hard to get their rights that all humans deserve, it really is inspiring to see people taking action. I don't know much about Gypsies but have always loved the idea of living free and traveling here and there. I hope your protests help raise the awareness of the discrimination they face! A lot of people say I am like a Gypsy and I always took it as a compliment.

thank you for posting this! Adding my voice and support in saying "Indifference? No more!"


aliĝngix's picture


It's good to share this information... I read your blog. It's a nice sum up about what's happening. What we could do to help besides putting pressure on them.
The part about no politician showing up struck me, because of the nations leaders do not say that this is wrong, cut it out, than it almost seems o.k. to harass an entire people.
Do you know much about the Roma? I found some article on Wikipedia, and I'll be looking other places, but I always much rather get it from someone who is actually a part of it. I think a major thing is that no on (being average people, I mean, not anthropologists and the like who get to know them) really knows about the Roma, because they like to keep to themselves.
This in turn inspires silly ideas and creates misunderstanding, like they are thieves and such, and are this and that when really they are people with a way to their own.
I'm Native myself, so I can relate to how the Roma feel. We've never had out right hostility since just around just my mother's generation, but we are being controlled and subdued slowly, even have our "numbers" our counted slowly until our many cultures "die".
Thanks for sharing. That generated a lot of thought.

teachergirl's picture

thank you!

Thank you Maria and aliĝngix. I want to share with you a great website that explains a lot about the history and culture of the Roma people. Here is the link:

I agree with you, aliĝngix. It's essential to read about marginalized groups from authentic sources. That is why in all my blog posts I always include the viewpoints of the Roma community members/activists.

I am still -- and probably always will be -- searching for my place in this struggle. I want to be an ally; not someone who overshadows or parachutes in with my own agenda and ideas. I continue to read, learn, listen and question the status quo. (By the way, do you know damali ayo's amazing work? Here is one of her projects: But there comes a time when one can no longer afford to just take in information and quietly think about the issues. Especially at time like this, when violence is becoming a real threat by the day as right-wing extremism grows, one must take a stand. I feel compelled to do that and to help put useful information out there to counter the destructive stereotypes or the silence that surrounds the issues of racism in Europe, my home continent.

aliĝngix, your insights are so important. I think a lot about the power of sharing of stories, experience, and wisdom internationally; how powerful it has been and can continue to be to form transnational alliances and create a network of support across the borders for people who have historically been oppressed.

I think the bulk of my work is probably cut out for me in my own community - and by that I mean the white community, both in the US, where I've spent most of my life, and in the Czech Republic, my motherland. We white people are the ones who must change; who must work to eliminate white supremacy and related structures which stifle and destroy. One conversation at a time, one article at a time, I plot along, forming alliances with like-minded people and people I can learn from or teach.....

And so it goes...

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