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The Scream Heard Around the World

One thing I have been thinking of is we need to change the image of "Justice" as blind or blindfolded. I thought we have many tech-savy woman on here who are into media and film and can probably get it worked up into a real event.

My starting ideas for it are we should open a web page with a big title page "Justice is Awakening" and under that "Are you ready?" and under that a countdown clock type of thing. I am unsure what date we should set since I have no idea how long it would take us to put it all together.

and at the bottom links to other pages to show how to get involved. My idea is we have a woman dressed like the Justice statue in a blindfold on a small pedestal type of thing. Right in front of her is a sort of wall of tv screens like you see in electronics stores and images flashing of some of the worst events happening around the world.

We have people suggest clips to use for this since there are a lot to chose from, sadly. Maybe limit each one to 10 seconds or so, but someone more experienced will have to work that part out for us.

To her other side we have a set that isn't showing yet but of good moments showing happiness, hope, etc. and can let people send in short clips for it. Again someone more aware of how it works will need to decide how long each should be or have the right to shorten clips sent in if needed. This side is not a solid wall since it will start a bit off the ground and you can see the feet of many people in the background, sort of a good feel image I guess.

That part is not shown yet though, it would have her on the right side of the screen and the wall of monitors on the left. When the countdown finishes people can watch it online as she takes off her blindfold, smiling and happy then sees this wall of shame. She lets out a scream that sounds terrible. Then there is someone gently tugging on her sleeve to get her attention and she looks to see a friendly person (not sure exactly who this should be since I picture it as an American/Alaskan native but that is just me and can be easily changed).

They tell her that Hope is not lost and directs her attention to the other monitors showing happiness and goodness still exist. The monitors turn a bit so the people behind it can come forward as the person explains to Justice that we have always been here working for her. It should be young, old, male, female, all races shown, that sort of thing.

It should end with her glowing with Hope again as she looks at the people and screens showing good things to show it is not too late to heal the Earth and it's peoples.

One idea was we could have local peoples in other countries set up their own version of it and have it times so they all scream at the same time (which might be hard since it might end up being really late in some places) and in this way we bring it into a more powerful feeling. Someone more into film and media will have to guide us though, if anyone else is interested in trying this I mean...

I tried explaining this idea to my girls a few months ago but they had a hard time picturing it. But thought I would share it here and see if it interests anyone into media enough to see what we can come up with... Let me know your thoughts on this or if you want to take it and run with it even! Since I want to see this done and do not have to be running it myself since I lack too many needed skills and we do need one clear vision to set the tone for it! It should be a very fun and interesting event that we can grab the worlds attention with.

Changing the mood of the peoples is the first step to us bringing about the true Peace we want... Maybe this is one way to do it...



jap21's picture

I have a question

Dear María:

My question is if this page intends to be a web 2.0 site? Or is it that people can only post their screen and be responded by the site but they cannot respond to each other through the site?

I think it is a good idea to focus on the objective of the page, so what would the objective be?

Warm regards,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

It is an idea I have that I think would help create a better and more hopeful feeling in people and send the strong message that people care and are raising awareness of problems so we can find a way to solve them.

I am open to suggestions on how to go about it. I am not really up on internet tools and such and realized that there are many woman on here who are and also many woman with great ideas so together we can figure out how to do this.

I guess we should ask if people know a good free site that is easily accessed by everyone to set it up then decide what exactly we need to do to make it work correctly. I figure we will have to find one of the video savy ones to advise and guide us since I am not sure exactly what will work and how to frame it so it is easily understood by people reading it.

I am open to suggestions and to someone who understands that side of things to begin drawing up guidelines for us to look over! I think it is easy to get one of those forum boards added to a site since they come ready to use. I think the main problem is security so we would need someone who understands it better for doing that part of it.

The main page is just the countdown and a link at the bottom to another page where we can state the idea and goals we want to accomplish. How we want to change that idea of "Justice is blind" when that is not a good image for it. At least to my way of thinking. I believe that creating a feeling of hope and a positive feel will be the main goal. How we want to raise awareness of things happening in the world but how it is not Hopeless at all. We can have links to "how to get involved" or sites of interest or maybe articles from here even, I am still trying to figure it out and realized the woman here know a lot of this stuff so I thought I would throw the idea out and see what comes of it.

Beyond that I am open to suggestions on how others think it would work best...

thanks for responding and I would love to hear any ideas you have,



Here is yet another article showing a gross miscarriage of Justice and makes me feel we need to do something dramatic like this to capture their attention and let them know we see them for what they are! If you do disgusting things knowingly then it means you choose to be disgusting and therefore should not be surprised when others feel disgusted by you! Here is the article:

The white boys were cleared by an all-white jury of the fatal beating of a Mexican, instead of 3rd degree murder he got charged with "simple assault". It makes my blood boil and I have to remind myself I am above resorting to their crude methods and have a much more powerful weapon at my disposal, my words!!!!!! Simple assault is something like slapping someone's face and NOT beating them to death... or even to near death or even to a pulp or even just simply kicking their ass, there is a difference unless you are a white male, of course. Every white person in America should really protest this or admit to yourselves the truth about yourself since WE can see you as you are though we may be too polite to say it to your face... Silence is no longer an option though when this type of thing continues to happen.

Once we can get a clearer picture of how we will go about this we can contact groups that might be interested in helping us. Anyway, sorry for the ranting but really, enough is enough! It is one thing I learned from that woman's resource center that the abuse will not stop unless I make it stop. This is my non-violent way of protesting the lack of Justice in the world. I want the scream to be so loud that no where on Earth can they avoid it! I guess we will have to work with what we have and can do ourselves for right now though. All suggestions and ideas are welcome and even if you have a better idea, please share!



Here are a few ideas to get us started and please feel free to offer your own ideas or to change mine, I am truly open to working together since mine is only the "starting idea" and for it to be real it must be more universal then my own personal thoughts on things. It is one of the reasons I love this community is our diversity and broad range of ideas and ways of expressing ourselves.

Mission Idea 1

Justice as a symbol of mankind's Hope for our future is a powerful image and therefore should not be blindfolded in thought or in deed. To bring this symbol of Justice as alive and well in our hearts we seek to provide a moment in time where the whole world together can embrace this idea. Understanding through non-violence is the key to this goal and why we chose this method of bringing Justice to life again. As America's revolution began with "the shot heard around the world" our renewed faith in each other and in Justice will be another sort of revolution, one that is all the more potent since it happens inside each of us individually.

Mission Idea 2

The world is turning into a global village is the current trendy saying and we hope to bring deeper meaning and understanding to our new "next door" neighbors by awakening Justice in our hearts and minds. Justice is about fairness and equality for all no matter your age, race, occupation or personal quirks, there is room for us all. At some point in our lives we must choose who we are as an individual and it is our goal that we bring about a wave of true Justice to the world and to ourselves. Let the injustice that currently lives in the world die with the last note of Justice's scream at what we have become and show the world how we want to be instead.

Ok, so you can see my starting ideas are not perfect and need work. I hope to interest everyone in helping shape this idea into something beautiful and powerful.


aliĝngix's picture

Forever Justice....

That sound like a good idea. So, like jap21 said, wonder what's going to be the focus. I mean, I can see it in my head, I guess I am just thinking web design. It's on it's own site where we can share across the world stories of where justice prevailed, or miscarriages of...or...share you stories, you ideas to create a better world...O_O (I'm not being very helpful, am I?)

I don't have any skills on the computer media, but this does sound like a cool idea, the scream heard around the world...
Keep me posted of any up dates.

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