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Introducing myself and my journal: Loitering in Tuti Island and Eating Cake

About Me:
A Sudaniya who is in love with her country,her people, her food, her culture, her music , her religion, her family and her work. She likes walking around Khartoum, talking to witty grandmothers, drinking lemon juice, going to subheyat (bridal-dancing) and admiring the brides and the special treatment they get. A full- time student majoring in Mass communication. She wants to make documentaries about her beloved the Sudan and Africa. She wholeheartedly loves Africa and believes in her. She likes traditional accessories from developing countries, talking to strangers and smiling at random people. She is interested in women issues, human rights, photography, writing, poetry, nature and other people. She digresses alot and is very talkative. She is not proud to admit that she is big fat procrastinator but she can't change that about her. She drinks alot of water and she can't resist galaxy and after eight. She uses lipgloss obsessively and she loves bollywood. A big fan of summer dresses and colorful shawls. She owns an impressive amount of bags and is a proud shopaholic. She believes that she is going to make in difference even if it's a slight one and she is willing to make the Sudan a better place for future generations.

My Passions:
Sudan,peace,women's issues,bags,books,literary magazines,the BBC,collecting bookmarks,eating cake,travelling

My Challenges:
Sudan, peace, finding an interesting graduate school

My Vision for the Future:
I want to live in a Sudan at peace with itself. I want to open a bookstore with a little cafe inside. I want to start a project to help war orphans express their creativity

My Areas of Expertise:
gender issues,sudan,africa,human rights,Islam and democracy,non-fiction books,politics,research,communications


LauraB's picture

A warm welcome to World Pulse

Hi Kizzie,

Your enthusiasm, humor, and desire to contribute will be welcomed and honored here. You've joined a powerful online global community that will support you and your dreams.

It's fun and helpful to browse the site seeing the many avenues for involvement and connection. Just as you have introduced yourself in your journal, you can continue to post and to comment on others journals. Lively discussions and friendships will be formed, I'm sure!

Joining a group is another way to get involved
I searched our group to see if we had something centered around war orphans and expressing creativity, but I didn't find a group. Maybe you would consider starting one.

We are so glad you have joined us and I hope you will find many rewarding friendships and discoveries here.

Warm wishes,


Kizzie's picture


Hello Laura,

Thanks for your inspiring message, I will remain in touch and I will try to be active as much as possible this May. You will see much more of me after my finals!:)

I will discover the World Pulse community right now.


Like HI-I-I-I-I-I!!! How are you? I am finishing High school and do ye have any advice for Mina? That is cool ya finished College! Way to GO!

"Fight fire with fire, you'll end up with ashes."
"A charming lady does not follow the crowd, she is herself."

Kizzie's picture

Hello there!

Hey there,

When I finished high school, I took 6 month off and I just chilled out, read and had fun then started in the spring. I think you just do something you like at university , join all kinds of activities (clubs/intern somewhere/write for your university's newspaper, meet new people and have a lot of fun!

It's a great experience and when you graduate, you are going to find out that your interests are completely different:)

Jensine's picture

Welcome Reem!

It is my joy to personally welcome you here. We are so thrilled that you'll be joining us and spreading the support, goodwill and collective power of all of us to shake the earth with the power of our voices. I can tell I love your writing and voice already - what a fascinating life story you have. Let's get the party started!
Love & gratitude,

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

Jennifer Ruwart's picture

Welcome Reem!

Your introduction has me laughing out loud. I love lipgloss and shopping, too. I always say, "Just 'cuz I am saving the world is no excuse to not look good!" Of course, that was before I had a baby. :-)

We are thrilled you are here and look forward to reading more from you.


Jennifer Ruwart
Chief Collaborator
JR Collaborations

Kizzie's picture

Hey Jennifer, he he, lol I

Hey Jennifer,
he he, lol I totally agree with you!:) Thanks for the warm welcome.

enDhruva's picture


Hmmm, let's see, cake, shopping, lip gloss, bookstore with cafe, bollywood, procrastination, dancing and smiling and colorful shawls.....yep! You are my kind of girl!! Welcome to World Pulse! I can't wait to hear how more alike we are! :-)


Kizzie's picture

Hey there, Also, let me add

Hey there,

Also, let me add that I'm also struggling to learn a new language. French is such a difficult language! I think I need to live in a French-speaking country to learn it well!

I started reading a lot of books on India, I've recently read the white tiger and the namesake. Do you recommend any other books?

I also want to go to Kenya. My sister lived there and my parents visited once. I really want to go! I've been to California though. I've travelled to San Francisco, LA, Santa Barbara, Solvang, Santa Ynez and other small Cali towns.

JaniceW's picture


If you are able to make it to Kenya, please let me know as I can connect you with many incredible members who will welcome you with open arms. Before you know it, you'll be exchanging greetings in KiSwahili over cups of tea!

Kizzie's picture

I will definitely let you

I will definitely let you know if I'm able to make it to Kenya! I would love to visit sometime!

Fatima Waziri's picture

Welcome to pulse wire

Welcome to pulse wire Kizzie.


katea's picture

Hi Kizzie

I enjoyed reading your introduction! It's so alive, light and fun. If ever we meet somewhere, I will bring traditional accessories from my country and give them to you!



Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

Auma's picture

Welcome Kizzie!

Welcome on PulseWire! I love to see you here,and your profile makes me expect to hear so much more of you! I love Sudan,and recently made a friend from there!

Can i have a glimpse of your collection of bags? I love bags though i own few! About eating cakes...hmmmmm...i love 'em!

Welcome aboard!


Kizzie's picture

Hello there! Thanks a lot. I

Hello there!

Thanks a lot. I hope I can measure up to your expectations lol
I'm happy you have a friend from Sudan.

I will take a pictures of my collection of bags and upload it here. lol I really love bags! I have bags from all over the world. My sister and mother share them with me, they always come to me when they want a special one. I'm also very careful with them!

I'm going to start a diet soon and Tuesday is going to be my day off, I can have cake every Tuesday! I will go for carrot cake, my favorite is cheese cake, but I rarely find good cheesecake! Have you been to cheesecake factory? yummmy!

Kizzie's picture

Thanks Katea, I liked your

Thanks Katea, I liked your page too! lol, please do so! I'm sure you have a lot of interesting traditional accessories!

jodelight's picture


Hi Kizzie,

Thank you for the kind words you shared with me. I would love to hear more about your time working with refugee women. I read your intro journal. I love the way you see the world. I love to smile at strangers, I love eating cake and bollywood films too. I feel your love for your country and people; it's so powerful and inspiring. I hope to see one of your documentaries, keep it up sister!
I would love to go to Sudan one day. One day. It's an absolute treat to connect with you and hear your voice, I appreciate how you vocalize your perspectives. You have a lovely way of "speaking", and I look forward to talking and connecting with you in the future.
I also am so interested in you and your life in Sudan, I am fascinated. Do tell more...

your new friend,

Kizzie's picture

Hey Jode, I'm happy we have a

Hey Jode,
I'm happy we have a lot in common:) You can stay with me when you come to Sudan, I made sure we have at least one guest room, I love having people over! So, I live in a city called Omdurman, it's an old city, very cultured and most of the big names come from there (this is something we always mention:) ), it's about 30 minutes away from the capital. The capital has two twin cities, Omdurman and Bahri. Sadly, Omdurman is the hottest of the three cities, it's also not the cleanest:(, but it's a cool place to go. We have really cool markets, the best lemon juice in the world and the best apple-flavored milk! I live in my family neighborhood, all my mother's family live there, so it's pretty nice, you always have people over and stuff. I live 10 minutes away from this university for women, it's a great intellectual center, we can go there:) My cousin's wife is from Tuti, it's an island 20 minutes away from Omdurman, so we can take a boat to Tuti and hang out there!

I look forward to reading more about Cambodia:)


jodelight's picture



Thank you for the warm invitation, you are so sweet. I would love to go to Sudan one day. It would be an incredible experience, I'm sure. I love the pieces you have shared about Sudanese life. Apple flavored milk...sounds so delicious. So you are in University? or you have finished? What are your goals in that regard? I'm so interested:)

Well, I welcome you to Portland, Oregon. I would love to have you stay with me, and would love to show you the beautiful peoples and places here. I know that you have many many people that would want to offer their hospitality to you here in Portland. I think of the day when after writing for some time, we may meet. That will be a neat experience. Until then, please tell me more about you.

I'll leave you with some small facts about me. Hmmm...what to say. I love to read, ride my bike and meet amazing new people. I have traveled quite a bit in my life, and have found that all those things I can do in other countries also. I love it! I love biking, I biked through many parts of Asia. I have read my way over the mountains and rivers, and have met the most breathtaking people in every new place. I am certain of a few truths in life. While there is so much sadness and disapointment in life, I so strongly believe that their is so much beauty. I look for the beautiful. I look for the light in people's eyes. I've seen it everywhere, and have learned so much about love and compassion by the greatest teachers. Other People. I am a student of the world, I have the world to learn.

With much care and sincerity,

LauraB's picture

Come to Pdx

I open my arms and home to you as well in PDX- you will have WorldPulse members coming out the wood work showing you about town! I love reading your comments on line- I just feel happy everytime I read something by you.


Kizzie's picture

Oh, thanks a lot Laura:) I

Oh, thanks a lot Laura:)
I appreciate your support for the book club:d I have a feeling we are all gonna have a great time!


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