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Palestian questions

One thing I have been seriously thinking about is the Palestine Issues/Israel Issues and how to heal that area. So many thoughts about it and so many questions too.

First off, I am pro-Palestinian because I am empathize with them very strongly. My people also lost their country by one group giving it to another group. My people were forced to try to forget their cultures/language and pride in being themselves and become a minority of minority subgroups of Americans. My people still wish for more self-rule so we can govern ourselves. My people believe the wisdom passed down from our ancestors will help heal the Earth. Luckily, we are not being bombed for this (though I do fear if the Republicans thought they could get away with it then we would be suffering that fate too...) nor are our leaders called "Terrorists".

All of this, though, does not mean I am anti-Jewish. I can also understand their desire to have their own place, to live according to their beliefs. This in itself is not a bad quality since I believe everyone can understand this. So everyone is left asking 'Why is this happening, then?"

Here is an excerpt from a NY Times article found here (I can never get these to work since I always get a log in screen instead of the article but it is called "Palestinian Rivals to Try Once More for an Accord" :

Fatah insists that any unity government formed will be acceptable to the international community and satisfy the conditions of the so-called quartet of Middle East peace makers — the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia. That means recognizing Israel’s right to exist, renouncing all violence and accepting previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements.

The USA, the EU, the UN and Russia, hmmm...

Ok, I can understand the USA and EU's desire to be involved since they want to make sure any new government is willing to give them good deals over their own people, this is historical fact though never highlighted. It needs to be understood though, by Americans and Europeans especially since I am sure the rest of the world already knows this clearly, that these places are not above supporting a government that leans toward them instead of their own people. That they go out of their way to ensure that this is the case even, what some call meddling but the US and EU call peacekeeping.

When one group grabs power like this they can not hold on to it since it is not justified and they will have to constantly struggle to keep their control. This is how Russia serves in all of this since they take the opposite "viewpoint" so they all can remain in power. Russia was seen as the big bad enemy for the US and EU to distract the people in those places and give them a common enemy to work against instead of trying to make their own governments responsible and honest.

The UN also serves this whole system by creating a way to seek "Justice" for groups outside this 3-way orgy of power. It is designed to keep the power system as it is. But this kind of idea will ultimately fail since it is not an honest one. Within the US there is always the power struggle between so-called 'left and right' ideas but both sides work together to keep the basic system in place and call it democracy. You can see the Republicans already working to gain control again since they realize that to keep their system going they must give power to the other side once in awhile so things seem real and honest, like we have a choice.

What caught them so unexpectedly though is people waking up to these facts and wanting a real change. They (meaning us basically) are beginning to understand how things are and how things are said to be. What is called the difference between reality and illusion. True freedom instead of saying we believe in Freedom while taking it away from others. True Justice instead of saying we enforce Justice when the system so often fails those it was designed to protect.

To bring true Peace to Palestine/Israel we need to do a couple of things.

We need to give Israel a way to agree to a Palestinian state without seeming to be weak or bowing to pressure from outside forces. For a government to survive in this dog-eat-dog world it must demonstrate the will to fight for it's survival and Israel has already done that above and beyond what is needed. Now they need a way to share power with the Palestinians and other Arab countries in a way that is honest and fair.

Just as America has the right to survive but so do my people, this is true of the Palestine/Israel groups too. We need to show Israel that they do not need to be so mean and cruel. I can imagine these types of things setting in when the first huge reaction from the Holocaust and all that anger and rage but that does not make it good governing practices to do things when in the heat of anger. So, I can understand how it started but what I think we need to do is show why it continued to them clearly so they can see what other people looking at them see.

Americans and I guess the EU too, boast of lifestyles that can not be sustained by their own will. It requires lots of resources to keep it up. In America the right to own and drive their own car is a "given" and not thought about much. Pressure to ignore global warming and other pollution issues caused by this lifestyle are ignored by saying it is just 'commie' or 'tree huggers' or whatever label will make you laugh the hardest so you do not bother to think for yourself and blindly follow what is said. Make no mistake about it though, oil rich places (like Alaska and my people) are necessary for this to keep on going.

Like the British developed the East India Company to cover their robbing those Asian places of their resources for the UK's benefit since they could not afford to honestly buy all this stuff since they do not create much themselves. They encourage 'leases' in other places but since it is not the government itself doing it they can pretend they are not responsible for it. They try to ignore all this though when it is history and not prejudice against them as a people. Do not let them confuse you since they have lots of practice doing that kind of thing and are experts at it by now.

It is that whole 'divide and conquer' idea. To bring true Peace to Israel/Palestine we must make the Israeli government understand this clearly. They are needed by these "quartet of peacemakers' not to ensure liberty for the Middle East but to ensure chaos and no time to think but only time to react to one dangerous situation after another after another after another. Keeping them off balance is part of why they support Israel so strongly. They took their pain and grief and anger at what had happened during the Holocaust and turned them into a sort of demented killing machine. They never allow Israel to stop and think about things much either so they can continue to work to grab power for themselves.

Once they can see all of this more clearly they will realize that they are the biggest obstacle to bringing true peace because they were allowing their anger and grief to blindly strike out and hurt the Palestinians. If they will stop and think about it they will see it was not the Palestinians who forced the Jewish people into concentration camps. It was the same group who now supplies them arms and money so long as they keep spewing their hatred and anger at those around them instead of stopping to think about what they are doing.

We need a way for Israel to stop their hatred toward their fellow Middle Eastern people and find a way that it will not be backing down. Once they begin to see it was part of that whole 'divide and conquer' idea and how they were being used by it that they will be more in agreement with those who say they want them to stop this violence. We need a way to encourage them to seek peace with their neighbors and one way is to show them how their actions keep all of that area weak.

We also need to show them that unless they begin to bring about true peace there then we will know why it is so too. They can no longer pretend it is anger at the Holocaust that they are fighting for. They will have to admit that what they are truly fighting for is to support an effort to keep that whole area weak so others can gain control over them. I believe we are all willing to give them the benefit of the doubt right now so we must encourage Peace talks.

About Hamas, though, I dont know what to say. I think their desire to have a true government that favors Palestinians over a puppet one chosen by the same people who have worked for years to keep that area weak and off balance is actually a good thing. We need to look past the label of 'terrorist' and see them as people. It is our inability to see them as real people that causes the anger and creates these kinds of situations where they must take up arms to defend themselves. I am anti-violence and anti-killing in general but kind of agree with their desire to have a Palestinian government that actually serves their interests instead of one that leans against them in favor of other people. I can understand their desire for a true Voice for their people. I like many on here are learning how to use our voice and speak up for ourselves and if we can try to see that and apply it to other groups we can do a lot to heal the worlds wounds.

So many questions and being able to see the goal but not sure how to get there is frustrating. From way up here in Alaska where I do not feel the ground shake as bombs drop or hear the sound of guns killing my neighbors, it is easy to say "hey, guys, stop it!" and seem like I do not know what is really going on. To heal the Earth we need to heal the people who are destroying it first. Bringing about true change can seem a bit scary at first since it may sound like I am saying drop your guard and put your weapons away when that is not true. I believe each country has the right to a strong military to defend themselves.

But defense is different from offense and many try to pretend that they are defending themselves when they are really the ones who started it. In a computer game I play, it is possible to make the other person attack you first so you do not go to jail for killing them. This same idea is used in the real world, too. Just as I know when doing it in-game that I am bending the rules to get my own way, those who do this also realize this. What they hope is you pretend to not understand it and keep quiet about it if you also realize what they are doing. We can no longer afford to keep silent though. Bringing about true Peace requires our understanding that all people are people and deserve the same rights we want for ourselves.

My final thoughts on it are a paraphrase of someone who was talking about Nature but I apply to "Peoples" and so called "peacekeepers":
What they require to flourish is not your presence but your absence...



Maria de Chirikof's picture

Is this Justice?

Here is a Yahoo news article that I read today that makes me curious about what others think of all of this...;_y...

This part makes me feel ever the more strongly that we need new and more people with wisdom in government:
"The Department of Justice has now reaffirmed that the law of the United States protects citizens who engage in the everyday and essential work of political advocacy," said AJC Executive Director David Harris. since I do not believe that Justice was served. I feel it is very wrong and part of that Bush legacy where we support evil practices that do not benefit the American people and lead to actual harm coming to us. How many have been laid off, lost their homes, etc as a result of the uncontrolled greed that the Republicans did for 8 years?

It would really help if we send this department the definition of "Justice" since it has become twisted and unrecognizable anymore.

We must ask ourselves what it is that we truly believe since we can no longer pretend we are unaware of events happening in the world. I speak especially to Americans and Europeans (and I guess I must include Russia and the UN as this quartet of power) and the people living in those countries. Call up your leaders or write to your newspapers if you have an open press and express how wrong these practices are.

We do not want anarchy but honesty in government is the message we need to send.

We are not saying to dissolve your military but to use it to protect and defend instead of torture and kill others.

We want our "Peacekeepers" to bring food and medicines and not arms to areas that need our help.

In America we are trying very hard but fighting against groups that love wielding power, especially behind the scenes and we must send a strong message that we no longer support this type of practice. We need to let them know that we have awoken and no longer sit passively watching tv but are watching them instead and that we do actually care what happens to others.

thanks for listening,


As you can guess, I am very interested in seeing Peace and Justice for the Palestinians since my own people are in a similar kind of situation but we are not getting bombed and such. I do believe we need to support each other and encourage being proud to be our own culture even when violence or unjustice happen to us because of it.

I was reading another article about it and it said that the Palestinians in Gaza are losing faith with the Hamas movement because of how stressful their lives are. I believe this is why Israel did this in the first place. They bombed them and tormented them and then denied them humanitarian aide all with this one goal of making them wanting it to stop no matter the cost. Even if it means never getting a true Palestinian state again.

I know Israel is a very powerful lobby here in America and has some sort of thing going on to help keep all these other countries off balance. I believe we need a way for them to stop doing this since I can not imagine that they want their beliefs to be tied to hate and abuse and torment and killing of innocents. They need to ask themselves what it is they truly believe.

If they believe they deserve this because of the events of the Holocaust and that tragedy, they need to reflect on what this truly means. Have they reached out and embraced the other groups that were tormented and killed during the Holocaust? It was not just the Jews this happened to. If they do not feel a bond of sisterhood with these other groups for the shared pain of the Holocaust then they need to stop pretending that this is why they do what they do.

If they believe that they deserve their own homeland then they need to ask themselves how many other groups they have fought for to help them regain their own homelands. I do not remember any Israeli insistence that Alaska Natives be given their true rights to govern themselves. This occurred about the same timeframe that we were losing our rights and ability to lead ourselves. One could say that back then they were struggling with setting up their own government as to why back then they did not help. But Alaska has been a state for 60 years now and I do not recall them using their considerable political clout in America to help us.

One reason I stress this is because we do have so much in common with the Palestinians. They can not seem to be backing down over there since that area is a bit up in arms and volatile. What they can do is help the Alaskan natives achieve their liberties in such a way that it can show how they would truly treat the Palestinians living with them. As the Natives consider themselves Americans yet also want to rule themselves and decide for themselves, helping set up a Just and Fair system will help show their own area that it is not death to others they seek.

It does not even have to be Alaskan Natives, there are many, many groups around the world who are desperately seeking to have a say in their own country that they can choose to help in this way. They have to prove that they are truly willing to live in Peace with their Arab neighbors and this is one way they can accomplish this without seeming to back down. What is happening over there to the Palestinians is very bad and needs to stop. What we need is a way to help Israel accept them as real people with the rights to have rule over themselves and follow their beliefs.

It just makes me mad that they continue to do things like this while pretending their sole intention was not to so weaken and dehumanize the Palestinians they they will agree to anything just to get the abuse to stop. If you abuse people then you are an abuser, no "if ands or buts" about it! It is time for Israel to stop and ask itself what it is they really believe...


Maria de Chirikof's picture

another one

Wow, this is super disgusting to read where the Israeli invited about half the members of the House and Senate and did a "roll call" to name them individually and show what power they had.

The good news is there is a subgroup formed that is intently pro-American instead of pro-Israeli on issues where they differ.

Again, I must say that they need to ask themselves what it is that they truly believe since their violence and killing of innocents is not condoned nor Justice in any sense. Bringing about a true Peace over there is vital as it is all over the world. Because Israel is such a political powerhouse in America and unfortunately helps shape/influence our policies, we need to first start with them in order to bring true and lasting Justice into the world.

They must either admit they are greedy killers capable of using the tragedy of their ancestors to their own advantage or change their way of life. They do not fool anyone by their insistence of killing innocents and saying it is because of the events that occurred during the Holocaust.

Again, I am not anti-Jewish at all nor do I deny them the right to their own place or even to have a strong military to defend themselves. I do strongly object to them doing to the Palestinians, though instead of gas chambers they now use bombs and guns, and trying to say their actions are justified. Just as it was a heinous crime during the Holocaust, it is for them too. Some might even say doubly so since they are founded on the idea that what happened to them was so evil and bad that they needed their own country to be allowed to be themselves and feel they could safely be Jewish. If what happened to them was so heinous (which it was but it happened to many cultures and peoples not just them) how can they possible justify their actions in their own hearts?

It is time to own up to their actions since everyone can clearly see them and they do not fool anyone by insisting it is because of the holocaust that they kill and harm others. They must give the Palestinians all the same rights they felt they deserved when Israel was being formed or the world will know why.


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