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An adage from Eastern Nigeria says, when a man is carrying the corpse of a stranger it is like a log of wood but God forbids that he should carry that of his precious child, it is like the pus from an ankle sore, Nigeria oozes out pus from the conscience of an activist who continually see the majority of women and children thrown into uncertainty and plagued by a plan less government. Who can see what I am see but he that goes through the path I tread daily.

Today Nigeria has no president, although be-devilled with a liability that must be endured while tension is on air though we do not want war, if your stepfather is older than you, you will have to refer to him as my father. We are over burdened with a weak president which we must endure till 2011 in order to cause another commotion with the military junta who are always lurking behind closed door seeking opportunity to seize power.

We groan in silence because we know that soon and very soon a new president will emerge, presently, we have a mirage, someone is beating the drum for him, all he is doing is dance to the rhythm, we do not mind, during the election though our votes were not counted because our votes did not count, but the new slogan is ensure your vote counts. A thousand miles begin in a day and time flies; therefore we remain excruciatingly in pain as we number our days in order to apply our heart to the path of wisdom.

We pass through sleepless night, just waiting that we awake from this nightmare, the worst democracy is better than the military gag, where we must not utter a word. I respect my president but not his snail ideas, people are being sacrificed at the altar of our ignorance and gullibility, yet we must remain silent, we must bear in mind that silence does not always bear good children especially when you are almost burst with beautiful ideas. Perpetrators of evil thrive, when purposeless men reign.

A man without agenda can not perform miracles, according to my instructor an Indian volunteer to Nigeria, for a project to be successful; you need 80% planning, 10% implementation and 10% evaluation. Planning then is crucial; can the world ask the present Nigeria president his manifestoes before election and his achievement afterwards? If a trap cannot catch a rat, it should as well return the bait to the farmer.

We are not deceived by meltdown because it does not affect Nigeria, what the developed countries are lamenting about has always being the way of life in Nigeria! No economic meltdown here, we are always hungry only very few can afford good things of life and we are fed up with watching them throw our bests into their garbage. I am an advocate of peace not gullibility, we keep our peace because women and children suffer most during war and these are the people I fight for.

Nigeria deserves an energetic president because of her numerous problems and population, we cannot shy away from the truth, a young leader who will spare some hours at night to reflect on the day’s job, my mother said that to be the best in life I must work while other laze about, read while your mates her sleeping, it worked for me though, an emaciated one can grant the emancipation from the load of past leaders who wait patiently for death while feeding on our blood, yes after politics some are only good for death.

Next Nigerian president must be someone who can break from the shackles of past military and civilian leaders nominated by bigotry uninformed few. The new leader would be about 40-50 years not the ones who always giving out their daughters as fourth wives to retain political relevance spending lavishly on a wedding to a man whose fist set of wives are forced out of the nation.

One hundred and fifty million people need more than continual darkness in this age when our counterparts are thinking of technological advancement, we can not continually live in dilapidated economy with seven points agenda that proffers importation of electric generating set as the solution to epileptic power supply.

Our women need sensitive leaders who will not privatize mortuary while forcing women to powder the faces of their dead babies, strap them on the back and pretend they are carrying healthy babies because the amount for the mortuary is enough to purchase half plot of land in Lagos state.

We do not demand for a Messiah but an understanding leader who feels that our children deserves the best in life, just as he offers the best for his children who unfortunately did not come into the world with two heads. Nothing stops our children from watching Television too and attending classes under the tutelage of a qualified teacher, attended to by a qualified doctor in a hospital that offers truly free medical services after correct examination and prescription, not one prescription fits all while we suffer from diverse ailments.


LauraB's picture

Steps for Nigeria

You comment that the "Next Nigerian president must be someone who can break from the shackles of past military and civilian leaders nominated by bigotry uninformed few."

Are there candidates that offer this opportunity? How will this come about in Nigeria?


olutosin's picture


Dear Laura,

Thanks for the question, there are candidates that have offered and are still offereing this opportunity, they are the progressives, activists fighting for the emanciapation of the Nigerian child but the power that be are frustrating all efforts of these young men and women, those ruling are not the ones we see physically, the ruler is just a carcass in the hands of these power, the power are the past leaders and when they are leaving, they replace themselves with toys they can manipulate any how, those who dare to speak out are snuffed out in a jiffy.

May God liberate Nigeria from oppressors.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


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