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Feeback Requested for Book Proposal!

Hello PulseWires’!

I have been sitting on a book concept for a couple of years now and have finally taken the initial steps to assemble a proposal.

The book, which centers on feminism and fashion, will be a compilation of interviews and photographs with self-proclaimed feminist women around the world who also share a passion and love for fashion. As (Canadian) summer approaches, I would like to be in touch with some publishing houses to see if/where there is interest. My hope is that a portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to a deserving, inspiring women's organization (WorldPulse, perhaps?).

I am attaching a short introduction to the book, as well as potential interview questions, and would greatly appreciate your feedback. Does this concept/writing grab your attention? Whether or not you, personally, are interested in fashion, would you be interested in adding a book such as this one to your collection? Do you know of any other books like it? Do you find these interview questions engaging? What else would you want to ask these profiled women?

Again, I greatly appreciate any and all insights, and look forward to your global, empowered perspectives!

With love and admiration,


P.S. If you have any interest in getting involved with this project, or know someone who may, please let me know! I am on the lookout for change making women with a passion for fashion and an inspired sense of personal style, as well as in-country based photographers who may be interested in volunteering their talent and time for this project!



Maria de Chirikof's picture

feminism and fashion

Hi there, I never open docs so haven't read your ideas in depth but wanted to give encouragement to you. I don't really care for fashion so much but do love seeing new ideas and such. I believe each woman should be free to explore her fashion side. There are so many looks I love that differ so much but what I am most comfortable wearing does not resemble them!

One of my all-time favorite looks is that sort of business suit look with the hat with short veil, gorgeous!

Another favorite look is a sort of Goth-ish one, or several of that kind actually, but that is probably being a product of the 80's...

Another is that sort of Renaissance look of long flowing sleeves, that damsel look.

I think it is why I enjoy Halloween so much even though I don't buy the costumes I love seeing the kinds available! My youngest is very into fashion and wishes we could afford to get her all the ones she wants! I am not sure I would buy the book for myself but it is the kind my daughters might enjoy. I used to think of opening a little fashion boutique as part of my mini-shoppes idea all under one store. But the turnover rate would be too slow to make a living at it but someday if I ever get to a position where I do not need to worry about making money I will pursue this idea.

I look forward to hearing of your progress on this!


Cultural Correspondent's picture

Fashion in all Forms


Thank you so much for your feedback. I understand your hesitation with opening unfamiliar documents. How many daughters do you have? How old is your youngest? There is so much creativity in fashion; I hope she is able to play off of this as she grows!

I appreciate your interest in different looks and would like to share an excerpt from my introduction that highlights this eclecticism:

The plain truth is that fashion means very different things to very different women. Fashion is not just about what you see in magazine spreads or on the runways of Paris, New York, and Milan or adorning that trendsetter at school/in the office/frequenting the hippest hang-out in town. Style is personal, indeed; it varies from woman to woman, from culture to culture. It inspires and it is inspiring, like so many incredible, successful, change-making women out there.

It is fun and it is fearless. It is about embracing flaws, realizing your femininity and your force. I’ll never quite understand those who underestimate the power of fashion; who claim that there is no rhyme or reason behind why we wear what we do; who cannot comprehend the power that our favorite go-to piece has on our ability to take on – and conquer – the world. Its power is priceless. Really. Fashion is an art form that too often does not receive the recognition it well deserves, and those with the know-how to work its elements are the artists behind the creations you see before you. What we wear is an extension of who we are, and who we are is as diverse and dynamic as our carefully chosen attire.



Maria de Chirikof's picture

Sounds interesting

I think my favorite clothes for comfort are the 'lounge outfits' that are a step up from pajamas in matching top/bottoms, that is my normal wear but when I want to feel powerful I choose a 1-piece dress, no idea why but it speaks of confidence to me. Long flowy skirts that you can do a twist and they spin out are also a favorite when I want to dress up just a bit.

My girls are 19, twins are 18 and graduating this year (with honors the proud mom says) and the youngest turns 16 this summer. All but the youngest are now on here so I will let them find and reply to this if it interests them. The youngest is currently in love with that "Gothic Lolita" look like in that movie "Kamikaze Girls" but we can't afford to buy her all the pieces to create that look. Funnily enough she also loves wearing aprons as an accessory and not for cooking... Someday I will buy her one of those chef outfits with hat that she also loves and wants to wear as fashion.

Please keep us posted on this and how it is going!


jap21's picture

I read your introduction

You have a very nice page there, witty, smart, full of vivid images, passion and sense of humor. I think it will be a fun book to read and I would like to have it in my bookshelf. The only thing I would add, is some historical value, so as not only name the persons and show their stories but also to link them with the evolution of feminism and the lives of women, meaning our lives have not been the same in the 20's, 50's, or 90's and fashion has reflected these changes. I am sure you will end up with a way of mixing some more value with beautiful fashion, as the good feminist you are.

If you want to include something about this southern part of the continent, I'd be glad to help, as I like fashion myself although not very fanatic.

Cheers to the project!

I could also show you some indian fashion, if you want.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Cultural Correspondent's picture

Excellent Input

Hi Jackie:

Thanks for your valuable input! You have given me the idea to start off every woman's story with a historically relevant introduction pertaining to her home country (of course, I need to find these awesome women first!!!).This way, we may learn something about the evolution of women's fashion in different regions of the world. I'm sure these histories are rich and diverse in nature!

As for your offer to help, it would be wonderful to see some Indian fashion. Do you have any photos you could share with me? Any particular woman you have in mind who might be a powerful addition to this book?

Thanks again!

With love,


P.S. I am still considering a trip to Bolivia in the next several months. Hope the offer still stands :)

jap21's picture

Of course!

Dear Jackie:

Of course the invitation stands, and will stand for always, so please come over!

As for the pictures, I will look them up and send them to you, but I would rather send them to your private email, so write to me so I can have it.

When you come over, I will have you a list of wonderful women you should interview. Just tell me with some anticipation and I can even try to contact them so you can have appointments set up prior to your arrival.

Love ya,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

katea's picture


I would like to say that the book is interesting and it would certainly be included in my personal library! :) This is also a good gift items for my girl friends. Well, I love fashion and feminism.

Little things that I think of about the project:
Feeback Requested for Book Proposal! | World Pulse

As the title suggests, the target group is very specific, or rather groups. Dr. Martens and Dior immediately connote the West and the middle and upper classes. Although, I also know Dr. Martens' signature products are footwear that can be used everyday by simple workers but the connotation is there. (Not that I mind but some people might).

Fashioning the Face of Feminism, maybe "faces" of feminism as you want the book to be multi-cultural. Also because there is no single face of feminism. :)

Can I just ask what's the gauge to be included in the book? I'm just thinking because this will include a lot of countries too.

I also like the idea of "sense of fashion" from different countries but can it also be different women's occupations? I just remember the book I gave to a friend, "Teen Goddess: How to Look, Live and Love Like a Goddess", which combines feminist spirituality and fashion (especially how to put make-up, which is fun). I'm sure there are Spiritual Female Gurus who are hard-core fashionistas as well.

Do these fashionable feminists have to have a position in their own right? Like known in their country or should hold a position in their community?

Which should come first: being a feminist, or being fashionable? (I'm just thinking if I were to choose people to interview or give your interview questions to). Should they qualify what makes them feminist too?

I'm just curious (and excited to know) on how you're going to divide the section of your book. Is it by country, or by category; say, preppy, classy, sporty, punky, hippie, gothic, casual, formal, indigenous, etc.

Will help you with the research if you like, no problem with me.


Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

Cultural Correspondent's picture


Hi Katea,

You raise some good points, and I would like to thank you for your insights. The title of the book is certainly not meant to be exclusive/Western, though if it gives off that impression, I might need to rework it. I do agree with you that "Face" should be replaced with "Faces". After all, my objective is to include a very diverse group of women, not just representing one "face"!

May I ask, what do you mean by "gauge to be included in the book"? This question is unclear to me, and I will need some clarification before I can offer you any answer(s).

The book, as I mentioned before, will focus on women from all different backgrounds, occupations too!

The question "Which should come first: being a feminist, or being fashionable?" is excellent! The best answer I can offer is that this book is not your typical fashion book. In other words, the women featured must have strong feminist inclinations. They mustn't be known by every member of their community, but they should be outspoken about their desire to work with and on behalf of women.

The categories, if there will even be any, have not been decided. I won't be classifying these women based on their style preferences, that's for certain. I'm not even sure I want to categorize them at all, in any way. The book is about celebrating what makes us unique; to pigeonhole women into specific categories might defeat the intended purpose.

Thanks again!!!



Kizzie's picture

Fashionable veiled women

Hey there,

I'm from Sudan and I live in Egypt now. A lot of foreigners are surprised when they come to this part of the world when they see "stylish" veiled women. You should include a part on that. Many Muslim women are fashion-conscious. Feminism and fashion is an interesting topic. Some think that the mini skirt is oppressive and some think that veiling is oppressive.

good luck!:)

Cultural Correspondent's picture

Fashion in Muslim Culture

Hi Reem(?),

Thanks for pointing this out. I'm happy to report that I am already well aware of this fact! A few years back, Marie Claire magazine featured an article on the stylish women of the United Arab Emirates. There are many, many Muslim women, veiled or not, who have a real passion and flare for fashion.

I will be sure to include this in the book.



JaniceW's picture

A connection for you

Jackie, I am thrilled to connect you with a new member, publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art, along with a growing collection of blogs, podcasts, interviews, and other media. All the best with this connection and keep us posted with your efforts.

Cultural Correspondent's picture

Connected Writing

Thanks, Janice!

I checked out their website and WritersDojo publishes an online literary magazine. I will look forward to keeping an eye on their progress, and will keep you updated on mine, as well!

All the best,


Maria de Chirikof's picture

Here is one

Here is one I thought might interest you, it is Peruvian Connection and here is their blog site:

And here is a page showing links to other articles about them:

How is this going?


Cultural Correspondent's picture

Great info!

Hi Maria,

Thanks so much for this valued information! Where did you hear about Peruvian Connection? Do you personally know the founders of the company? I will definitely look into it in greater depth...

You know those weeks when you feel overwhelmed with work? Well, it was one of those weeks ;) Needless to say, the book proposal was thrown to the back burner for a bit. It's a long weekend in Canada too, so I am going to cottage country for a few days -- it's a girls' weekend! :)

Once I return to the city, it's back to the bump'n'grind...and the book development!

Will keep you posted.

With love,


Maria de Chirikof's picture

dont know them...

I don't know them I just drool over the clothes and look to the day I can afford them! Such gorgeous clothes! I half wanted to recruit you for that one idea I had of the "scream heard around the world" since you had just posted about organizing one event but felt you might be too busy doing your own things and then feel bad for having to say no to me.

Enjoy your weekend!!


Cultural Correspondent's picture

I hear you!

Thanks, Maria! I read about your initiative and it seems very worthwhile, although I wouldn't want to give you my commitment and not be able to follow through.

I will look into the Peruvian Connection and see if the founders are fit for this kind of book. Thanks again for passing along this info. to me!



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