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Introducing myself and my journal: P V Ariel's Voice

About Me:
A follower of Jesus Christ. A free-lance writer and an editor of a Christian monthly. Born and brought up in Kerala, India. Now based in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Married and having two sons. He can be reached at

My Passions:
Reading, Writing,

My Challenges:
To face the future with boldness for Christ's sake

My Vision for the Future:
To proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ through my writings

My Areas of Expertise:
Editing and writing


Maria de Chirikof's picture


I would like to welcome you and also make a small comment too that I hope you will not take the wrong way. While I have nothing against Christians it makes me very, very uncomfortable to feel like I am trying to be converted to that religion. So please do not take it the wrong way when I say that my thoughts are that the ants you mention in another post were/are not Christians and yet we can learn so much from them as you say!

I do not come here because I lack spiritual wisdom, I come here for more down to earth reasons that are separate from my spirit. While I agree we are all free to talk of ourselves in relation to our religion, it is important to stress that each person is free to choose it for themselves. It is maybe the strongest thing I have against Christianity as a religion is that it is not content to just be happy being it yourself but must feel you have to force it onto others. That makes me very uncomfortable so please do not think I am anti-Christians individually! I believe God/Goddess is a personal decision and how you live your life will reflect that and "preach" for you.

That said, it is interesting to see a man on here. I look forward to reading your thoughts on subjects even if I do not respond to them.


pvariel's picture

Hi Maria, Thanks for the

Hi Maria,
Thanks for the welcome note.
It’s really good to meet you here at wp. Yes of course, I will not take that point in a wrong way; instead I take this as a genuine searcher’s doubt. I appreciate your concern. It’s very unfortunate to note that many in the world got a wrong notion about the real Christianity, but in reality as you said and I quote: “It is not content to just be happy being it yourself but must feel you have to force it onto others.” This is a sad and misunderstood statement. Christ or Christianity never force someone into this faith; instead tell about the great truth, the coming calamity and the solution to escape from it. That’s all my dear friend, and note that it’s the bounden duty of every Christian believer to tell about this great good news to others around the world. That should be the ultimate purpose of a genuine Christian. Jesus Christ himself commanded this to His followers. Let me quote that statement from the Holy Bible:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew Chapter 28 verses 19 and 20).

Please don’t get uncomfortable with the thought of being forced into that religion, it never happens, because if that is the case it’s not at all a genuine conversion. It should create or develop within the heart of individual; it’s not on somebody’s compulsion.

Coming to the ant’s story, years and years back the wisest of the wisest man ever lived on this earth pointed out this universal truth. I re-told the same truth here to the general public for a better unity among the people. And of course this truth is very well present in Christ and His teachings.

Thanks for the comment. If time permits pl. do visit this link:
With Prayer and Christian Love

Maria de Chirikof's picture

Not a Searcher

Hi again, thank you for the friend request, that was very nice of you to add me to your community. I do not doubt my faith at all nor am I in search of a "real" or a "better" one, but thank you for your genuine concern for my soul. But mine is in good hands and I do not fear or worry for it, I have found my true faith already.

I do talk a bit about my own beliefs in my posts so can understand wanting to share it since it does form a part of your world view. I believe it is important to embrace and respect all religions and all Gods/Goddesses, though I do understand that Jesus said to worship none above himself for Christians. I believe this part speaks to accepting and embracing other people's beliefs too.

You just missed a very interesting thing we did but to find the start you will need to go back about 70 or so pages but it is really interesting and will show the views and ideas of around 100 woman from all over the world. It just ended so it seems very quiet here but you will enjoy them I think. Each week had a theme and each wrote their own take on it. It was informative and very interesting to read all the different voices of the amazing woman on here.

How did you hear of World Pulse? We do get men on here from time to time and I am always interested in how they heard of it.

Take care my new friend,


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