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When does Genocide Stop?

Please read this, and offer your thoughts on it (sorry if the link doesn't work, you can always copy/paste this ion the URL):

In short, the Iranian President was first on the platform, and for half an hour, he spoke about Israel: "They resorted to military aggression to make an entire nation homeless under the pretext of Jewish suffering," he said.

With that, 40 diplomats from various Europe nations as well as America walked out. Two protesters wearing rainbow wigs threw their clown noses at the Iranian president, calling him a racist. Later, they explained that their outfits were to show what this conference was. In another protest, Jewish groups outside the venue read out some of the names of the 6 million who died in the Holocaust.

This made me mad. Not their right to protest peacefully or the article does not specify what his half-hour speech consisted of, but the fact how this was treated.

I can understand disliking what is being said, but when an Iranian reporter threw his shoe at our president, he got jailed. These protesters threw clown noses at him, they are they are just dragged away by security. And all of those people--DIPLOMATS--walking out like that. What about the rest of the day? His speech? Everyone has the right to say what is on their mind, right? I just can't believe that they would just walk out like that. I expected more from our delegates. Especially what he has said is true.

Is it a hate speech if it is true?
*Yes, the Untied States and the Europeans DID "give away" Palestine to the Jewish religion, which is now today called Israel.

*Yes, the Israel are now throwing bombs, missals and their own soldiers on the Palestine in an attempt to control and wipe them out.

WHY do they blame everything on the Holocaust?

Genocide happens EVERYWHERE. Take the Trail of Tears in early American history, when all the "settlers" forced the last of the united lower 48 tribes to move to Florida weather they like it or not. In the "conquering" of America, you can imagine there were a lot, a lot of wars which many, MANY people died. The Inquisition, when Christan were killing each other. Some present world countries are under warlords, having to go through bullets, bombs and rapes and chaos to get anywhere.

America, Africa, everywhere in the WORLD has had GENOCIDE of sorts! America is even doing it to Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq!

It is absurd that these people think they can say "you hate me because I am Jewish" and hide behind that, their propose suddenly becoming true again. "Oh, you are ati-west if you do like us there" etc., ect. It is appalling that all of these leaders are turning their back on the truth.

(Sorry if I am offending any Jewish/Israeli, anyone else on here. It's not your culture, but what the bad ones that pervert and misuse the reason for religion.)

It's just this whole thing is a joke. It is not about religion, freedom, and honor. It is about fighting to get what you want. That's what one who starts a war is: cowards. Profiteers. They would turn an entire nation on it's side to get what they want.

Hate is always going to have a new name. Some new form. But...I guess it is the age old philosphy that let the Romans "control the world" at some point: Divide and Conquer.

Thanks for listening.


Maria de Chirikof's picture

Interesting points

It is true that the Western diplomats acted more like spoiled children upset that their toys are being taken away and 'protesting' this then being honorable.

But people speaking up, American young adults like you, that will help change things for the better and all people can be seen as people instead of as resources we want to take from them!

Thank you for posting this and for pointing out that it is not against the religion or the people but the actions that happen. We can come together with all woman and help create the unity and peace we all want. I can see a day when all religions live peacefully side by side as just people and must believe we can accomplish this to make it more real and happen sooner!

The way to end this divide and conquer is to continue to expose it.


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