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VOF Week 2: Reality of my times

Typically I am not that different from the other 24year olds residing in the urban areas of my country. I had been fortunate enough to avail education that has given me independence, individuality and confidence. Unfortunately I do not represent the millions other 24 year olds, who are victims of domestic violence and forced marriages, who bound by meaningless traditional value systems are suffering various social evils and stigma for no fault of their own.I do not mean to sound immensely negative but my briefest contact with rural areas of my country has made realize the vast disparities, taboos and constraints women and girls face in the country.
Caste , Community, Religion, Class are the determinants of the fate of individuals. In addition to these GENDER plays the cross cutting factor binding women at various levels.
My personal story began when I involved in various volunteer work during my college days. What began as an extra curricular activity changed my perspective, likes, dislikes... making me more interested in attaining equality for the voiceless and the conveniently forgotten/ignored people living within as well outside the so called civilized society. My line of work in the development sector enabled me to understand the complexities of the Indian rural terrain. I have come to realize the "one size fits all" method is ineffective to the challenges.But unfortunately the prevailing biases in the system remain unfavorable towards creating/implementing sustainable solutions.
The silver lining for my story however comes from the fact that I can recount the stories of the nameless many because I have the access and the ability to do so. I firmly believe writing about the the injustices that happen can create the first step towards recognition of the numerous senseless taboos, customs and so on. It is only when light is shed on issues will people in power start to acknowledge them and start working towards erasing them.
Today's insensitive media often shrugs its responsibility as the FOURTH ESTATE, it is instead happy to remain the namesake spectator obsessed with television rating points. It is at this juncture that I find platforms like blogging, WEB 2.0 , social networking communities/groups, discussion forums a more effective medium for communication and change.


Nzasu's picture

Miss India

And the west should understand this "one size doesn't fit all".Taboos, customs and cultures can never be senseless.They are your identity.The interpretation of these cultures is the problem, if you dig deep and seek to understand your real culture, and not the culture that has been influenced by the west am sure you will feel differently.

Theres nothing as bad as shedding negative light on your own.The west is already doing that, so start with some positivity and build from there.It can be all bad and no good I challenge you dig deeper!

Ambica Priyadarshini's picture

dont quote me wrong....

customs that a girl should be married even before puberty,
taboos that make women undergo delivery alone, legitimizes domestic violence
culture that glorifies the untouchability/segregation, (SOME EXAMPLES OF WHAT I WAS ACTUALLY REFERRING TO)
......I am proud of my culture but I am ashamed at these practices: I have the acceptance to see these taboos for what they are i.e: simply systemic biases set against women.I understand very clearly that there is misinterpretation but also want to bring to light the practices and customs that are prevalent. I feel that you seem to have created a wrong perspective of what I really wanted to convey.

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Silver Lining


"The silver lining for my story however comes from the fact that I can recount the stories of the nameless many because I have the access and the ability to do so. I firmly believe writing about the the injustices that happen can create the first step towards recognition of the numerous senseless taboos, customs and so on." Your words are clear, strong, and personal reaching into me and I am thinking Ambica has a story to tell- that story of the women she knows. I love to hear the stories here at PulseWire and when I hear someone capable and passionate about telling the stories of other women, then I am riveted. I hope you are able to finish your Week 3 and 4 posts because you have important stories to tell.



I also know number of stories where women forced to be dumb.I really appreciate your efforts and courage to bring down these issues to the public forum.The domestic violence is not created only by men.It is by everyone in the society.The caste system ,forced marriages, illeterate, ignorance and poverty made their life worse.The violence against them become normal to them.I am not talking about 5% girls in the city who are representing another 95% women in rural and other parts.My concern is on 95% of women.Still they are struggling to get their rights.I just want to give few examples to use.

In my village, if any violence happen to a woman in a family, no man cas intervent.if we do, then the brutal husband will abuse her with that is not toleratable.THe only solution for these things is that the women has to be educated.She must have a confident to live doesn't mean that she has to separate from her husband.But make him understand and cultivate him.

This is my opinion on this issue

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